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As stated above this is such a cute little item to add to your toy box. It's fun and wild all in the same night. If used properly you will find sheer bliss. Remember though, it is glass! Be sure to either warm it up or go full throttle with it cold if that's something you and your partner enjoy :) I myself prefer it either way!

Overall, it's a great toy and more than worth the money spent. I love this toy, and you won't be disappointed, trust me!

I definitely think this product is worth the price, sale or not. I mean a great dildo, that not only pleases you sexually but also appealing to the eye, and the great red velvet storage bag that it comes in...wonderful.

All in all, I'd only recommend the Rainbow Heart to a particular group of audiences. This slender, highly-textured, and rigid toy doesn't thrill everyone. If you happen to like these features, then this may just be the toy for you! Personally, I wasn't that bedazzled by this dildo and have moved on to bigger and better toys.

The Rainbow Heart is fun to use. I enjoy the nubs, and my partner for sure finds the heart handle convenient! He found it very interesting the reaction he was able to "draw" out of me by simply rotating the dildo in slow, sensual circles while slowly thrusting it in and out of me.

At 1 inch thick, the Rainbow Heart is a surprisingly large toy. It is made of a delightful glass material and the nubbed texture feels really good. The handle is somewhat unnecessary, yet it doesn't affect the dildo's performance - I'd still give this toy a go.

Having a glass toy at a good price that is fun to look at and use is what makes this toy worth buying. I'm glad to add this one to my "rainbow pride" collection.

The Rainbow Heart is a beautiful toy that's definitely worth the price. Not only is it amazingly beautiful in terms of aesthetics, but it also offers a wide variety of intense feelings due to the nubs. I'd recommend this toy to intermediate users who are familiar with glass toys and would like to kick it up a notch.

This is a must for any sex toy collection. It is adorable while still doing an amazing job with the never ending nubs! Lube is a must, or some serious rug burn will be in your near future.

For anyone who already likes texture for vaginal or anal play, this would be a great toy to try. It's beautiful & has a heart shaped handle, as well as plenty of nubs. The size isn't intimidating & should be good for most people. In addition, as with all glass, it is good for temperature play & has such easy cleaning & maintenance. The only drawback, is that the texture is much more intense than I expected & therefore, I would not recommend this as someone's first textured toy.

This is the cutest and most colorful glass dildo I have ever laid eyes on and it certainly laid me flat on my back! The Rainbow Heart is an extremely textured glass dildo with an adorable, pink, heart handle for easy use. If you love texture then this toy is perfect for you! It might be a little too much for people who are sensitive to texture or to beginners who are not used to texture and length/girth. However, this was my first dildo and it is now one of my go-to toys for solo play!

For those of you that love texture give this a try. It is just great for temperature play and very easy to clean. It can also be used for anal for those that like that. It is a great addition to my collection and I hope it lasts many years to come!

This dildo is fabulous and adorable! I would recommend it to anyone, beginners or someone with experience. If you've been thinking about buying, just do it already! You won't regret it!

This is a beautiful, unique toy that is perfect for those who love texture or might be bored with traditional smooth dildos. It's great for either vaginal or anal penetration and the texture is something you won't find in most other toys. It might be a little too much for beginners, but once you've warmed up to it you'll be glad you did! I definitely don't regret adding this beautiful toy to my collection.

This toy is great for adding some variety to your toy box. Also, the cute colors and design make it look great with that school girl uniform hiding in the back of your closet. If you like texture, you'll love the Rainbow Heart dildo. This toy gets quite a bit of use around here, but I have to be in the mood for it. In general, it's awesome for the occasional playtime, but probably won't be your everyday favorite.

The Rainbow Heart glass dildo by SSA Glass is a great, highly textured dildo. It's extremely versatile in its uses and is a great addition to any toy collection. As long as you enjoy texture on your glass dildo, I'd highly recommend the Rainbow Heart.

If you like pretty glass pieces and love texture I would recommend grabbing this wand. I personally am glad that I added this to my collection.

I absolutely love this piece! I own a few glass toys and this is my favorite. If you love textured larger toys this is a great buy. If you take care of it, it will last you a lifetime. There aren't many toys that you can say that about.

The Rainbow Heart classic dildo is beautifully made, and it's a great new addition to any toy collection. It has tons of texture, so if that's not what you like, I suggest that you look elsewhere. If you enjoy tons of texture, then this may become your new best friend.

The rainbow heart glass dildo is a wonder! I love the way that all of my glass looks, This one is no exception. I have found that I love textures and the rainbow heart delivers very well. This baby has risen through the ranks as my 2nd favorite glass only the swirls beats it! The rainbow heart has an awesome handle for confident anal use.

The Rainbow Glass is a gorgeous hunk of colorful glass that just begs to be lovingly displayed and made love to. Seriously! It has girth, textures, an amazing handle and is glass. It's everything that I love in a toy.

Ba-bump, Ba-bump, Ba-bump. Is that your heart beating out of your chest? No! It's the feeling of your heartbeat in your lady bits! The Rainbow Heart is perfect for vaginal perfect in fact that this toy is on your vagina's wishlist. Enjoy!

One of the most gorgeous glass toys I've come across on Eden Fantasys. It was in my cart the moment I laid my eyes on it.

Are you looking for a great toy to show your insides a nice time? This is the toy for you! It’s cute! It’s Fun! This will quickly turn into one of you Favorite toys. I know its mine!

This item is definitely for more experienced users just because of the nubs on the glass dildo. First timers can try something new but only if they are more into using lube and more stimulation on the rough, good side. It is a very cute item and easy to store with the rest of your toy collection. This toy is also affordable.

Joy down in my heart

The Rainbow Heart Dildo is a great dildo for people who like intense stimulation combined with an adorable design. Probably best used for experienced customers, it offers spice in the bedroom with little or no effort required.

This lovely glass dildo has a heart-shaped handle, making it perfect for play with a partner! It is also great for anal play so men can enjoy this toy as well! There is loads of texture with this toy and it's not lacking for a neat look to it as well, with all of that color!

The Rainbow Heart is like a massaging stick for your vagina (or anus). The shaft can be rolled up and down the back for a nice little massage as well. The texture can become overwhelming, especially to those who are not used to the texture being so pronounced. As long as you heart texture and lube up, the Rainbow Heart can definitely make you fall in love.

If you want something gorgeous, very stimulating, and easy to clean, this is the toy for you! Also, it is quite versatile. One minute you will be experiencing an amazing orgasm and the next minute you can wash this toy off and then brandish it like a wand to grant some dirty wishes.

This rainbow has my heart

The rainbow heart is beautiful, textured, and reasonably priced. I would recommend this for the more advanced user. A glass dildo every lady should have.

While not a beginner toy, the Rainbow Heart is definitely a top pick for those who love texture or who just want to try something new. This little rainbow is certain to capture your heart in no time at all!

If you know you like texture (or think you may), I really can't suggest the Rainbow Heart enough. It has quickly become my go-to toy. It is form meets function and it feels absolutely wonderful. It's hygienic glass and requires no batteries, which means the only thing you have to worry about being loud, is you.

I absolutely love my Rainbow Heart dildo, it takes my heart away. There are so many good qualities in this toy that it's hard to turn down. Especially with the amazing price it's at and how beautiful and stunning it looks. This Rainbow Heart toy is one of my favorites and I'll always treasure it!

What better way to celebrate gay pride then by being experimental and trying something new? Though this glass dildo is not for a novice, it's a great choice for those looking for a non-threatening addition to their collection, and it's ready to use anytime you feel curious for it.

This item is definatly worth every cent so modern and lovely and its upkeep is a breeze very nice It is a truly fabulous product I would reccomend to anyone

The Rainbow Heart is a beautiful dildo that's as appealing to the eye as it is to the touch. It's handle makes it great for insertion, whether it's being used vaginally or anally. The texture also feels nice when used externally on the body. Since it's made of glass it's easy to clean and retains temperature well.

I love that it can be sterilized with ease. The stimulation is wonderful from the hardness and the colorful nubs. The little nubs can stimulate the g-spot wonderfully. The downfall is you easily bruise your insides if not using caution while thrusting.

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