Orgasmic Gold at the end of a Textured Rainbow

This is the cutest and most colorful glass dildo I have ever laid eyes on and it certainly laid me flat on my back! The Rainbow Heart is an extremely textured glass dildo with an adorable, pink, heart handle for easy use. If you love texture then this toy is perfect for you! It might be a little too much for people who are sensitive to texture or to beginners who are not used to texture and length/girth. However, this was my first dildo and it is now one of my go-to toys for solo play!
Beautiful, multi-use, textured, easy to clean, awesome during solo play, temperature play.
May be too textured for some, may be too rigid/straight for some.
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This beautiful dildo is a wonderful and pleasing toy that just screams "OH BABY!" in the throes of multicolor orgasmic passion! joke, I love this toy and highly recommend it for anyone who enjoys a lot of texture.

The Rainbow Heart is not just another gorgeous piece created by SSA Glass that is pleasing to look at, it has a purpose and it gets the job done! The Rainbow is great for deep vaginal penetration for those who love texture. The Rainbow may be a little too much for those who are very texture sensitive, its colorful nubs are not playing around (well, they are, but they mean business!). You can also use this dildo for anal penetration if you like extreme texture because its large, heart-shaped handle will keep you from losing it in down the rabbit hole. Don't worry, no embarrassing trip to the doctor claiming you need to shit a rainbow and stat!

However, for either penetration be careful and know your limits. The Rainbow is made of glass, so it is very rigid and could bruise or tear sensitive skin if you're not careful. Don't let this deter you though, it only means you need to be aware of what you or your partner is doing! The Rainbow is not harness compatible. This toy is great for solo and experienced couples play! Just make sure that you and your partner are able to openly communicate during use so you can let them know how to use it safely.

I do NOT recommend this toy for couples who are brand new to toy play. The Rainbow has no give to it and needs the person handling it to be extra careful not to accidentally injure his/her partner. It would be a terrible shame if a couple got turned off from toy play simply because the Rainbow needs more experienced hands. On that note, this toy could be a wonderful addition to the couples routine when in experienced hands that know how to work a glass dildo.

You don't just have to use the Rainbow Heart for penetration! This dildo can be gently rubbed against the clit for some intense stimulation or can be used on those sore muscles to ease the pain of a long day. Just roll and rub the Rainbow across back, leg, arm, or shoulder muscles and watch the stress just slide away...then get frisky!

If you are thinking about making this your first dildo and/or first glass dildo, let me just warn you again: This toy has A LOT of texture and might be very uncomfortable for those don't do not like/are not used to texture. If you are not used to a little girth/length and don't like things to be a little rougher, then you should probably wait on getting this one until you explore with other dildos. On that note though, this was my first dildo and I adore it! I love that this dildo was my first because it has a completely different look than all the others I have seen and it is so functional (penetration, decoration, and massager all in one)! I personally love that full feeling and don't mind having to thrust a little slower or sub thrusting with twirling, so this dildo was perfect for me.

The Rainbow is wonderful for temperature play! It holds heat nicely when heated and maintains a chill temperature for a fair bit of time. Cool the Rainbow down with some cool water or warm it up by placing it in warm water for several minutes, it's easy and enjoyable! Never microwave, freeze, or boil your Rainbow when you intend to use it for temperature play. While the glass can withstand that kind of intense cold and heat, your tender skin CANNOT! Be sure to always test the Rainbow's temperature on a sensitive area like your wrist when prepping for temperature play.

Because the Rainbow Heart does not vibrate or have any motor, you don't have to worry about it making noise in more public places. This dildo is fine for roommate/family living, the only sounds you'll need to worry about will be the ones you're making! Want a quickie in the restaurant bathroom? How about the pool? This toy is waterproof you know. Or Maybe the stairway? SURE! This little Rainbow won't be alerting anyone of its presence except for you.

Those who know that dildos come in all shapes and sizes will be able to tell what the Rainbow is right away, but to those who are less in the know it will just look like a strangely thick piece of colorful glass. I would still hide it when family are over and check it when I fly though, just to be safe. The Rainbow would be great for travel as long as you can keep it hidden until you're ready to use it. If you have kids it might be hard to get this "pretty princess wand" away from imaginative hands, so hidden is best in my opinion.
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    • Couples
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    • Temperature play
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    • Anywhere
    • Tub/shower/pool
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    • Anal
    • G-spot

Material / Texture

The Rainbow Heart is made of Borosilicate Glass. This beautiful, rigid material is rated a whopping 10 out of 10 on Eden's material safety scale! Borosilicate toys can withstand high and low temperatures and are much more resistant to shattering and breaking than ordinary glass. If the Rainbow were to break, it would not shatter but it would instead break off in large pieces. Don't worry though! The pressure of muscles is nowhere near enough to break this toy, so play away! Borosilicate glass is nonporous and does not attract lint or hair to it. Borosilicate pieces are extremely easy to sterilize and clean. They can be cleaned with soap and water, isopropyl alcohol wipes, and toy cleaner, and can be sanitized with a 10% bleach solution, boiling hot water, and putting it in it and/or running it through the dishwasher on the top shelf without dish soap. The Rainbow is compatible with silicone, water, and oil based lubes.

Because the Rainbow is made of glass, it is very smooth and needs very little lube to be easily inserted. In general, I think a glass piece would be a wonderful first dildo for anyone! However, keep in mind the Rainbow's extreme texture. If you are looking for your first piece and you want glass, you may want a different piece to take your dildo cherry.

The Rainbow does not have any particular taste or smell and its color vibrancy and rainbow-like pattern is exactly as shone on its product page. The Rainbow is not a realistic looking toy and it is insanely textured with its little nubs. The Rainbow is equipped with about ~81 fairly evenly spaced nubs. Yours may turn out differently though because SSA glass pieces are all hand crafted. Each of the little nubs are a little different in size and shape. An interesting thing about the little nubs is that it makes the piece feel girthier once inside you than it really is. I personally love that full feeling, so this was yet another huge plus!

The rigidity and the texture come together to aid in a full and exciting sensation! While the Rainbow is a straight toy with no special curve to reach the g-spot, I was able to hit mine with little difficulty. As stated before, the texture on this toy might be too intense for those who are sensitive to temperature or for beginners, though I must tell you that this was my first dildo ever and I enjoyed it wholeheartedly!
    • Bumpy
    • Not porous at all
    • Rigid

Design / Shape / Size

The Rainbow Heart is 8.5 inches long including the heart handle, and has 6 inches of wonderful, insert-able length. The Rainbow is longer than the "average" penis length of 5.1 inches, so it may be too long for beginners who are not used to deep penetration.


The Rainbow has a diameter of ~1.1 inches which is slightly less than the "average" penis diameter of 1.25 inches.


Unlike a real penis, the 6 inches of insert-able length are covered in tiny nubs that are around 1 cm in diameter width-wise (they are not all the same size). The length of the Rainbow is straight with no curve for pinpoint g-spotting. If you need direct g-spot stimulation you may need a curvier toy, but I found the Rainbow to be more than sufficient.

I found that, while the nubs on the Rainbow were too intense for rapid thrusting, they were perfect for slow thrusting and twirling.

Overall, the Rainbow Heart is beautiful in appearance and function. Some may consider this toy more "feminine" than "masculine," but it can definitely be used in one way or another by anyone (as long as they love texture!). The large heart handle is cute and easy for all hand sizes to use. I am able to fit my first three fingers into the handle comfortably. I was able to hold this handle for a fairly long period of time without it being uncomfortable. A large handed person could comfortably maneuver the Rainbow with one or two fingers holding the handle. The insert-able end of the Rainbow is blunt and rounded to be smooth and easy to slide in. The whole length of the Rainbow is completely straight with no variation in girth except for the nubs. As I said before, the nubs are not all the same size but are distributed fairly evenly.

The girth of this toy along with the length and texture will be awesome for experienced users, people who like a lot of texture, and beginners who are used to some girth, length, and texture.
    • Partner play
    • Whimsical / artistic


This toy is great for a night in when you're all alone and you just want to get off screamin'. Be aware of how temperature sensitive the Rainbow is though, I didn't think about it and grabbed it out of my fun drawer for a quickie and brrrrrrr! It was so chilly!

As I mentioned before, this toy is AWESOME for temperature play! It holds both cold and warm temperatures for a good chunk of enjoy able time. The best way to warm the Rainbow up is letting it sit in mildly hot-warm water for several minutes. The best way to cool the Rainbow down is by letting it sit in cold water for a couple minutes. You NEVER want to microwave, boil, freeze, or oven heat your glass toy! While the borosilicate glass can withstand high and low temperatures your tender parts cannot! ALWAYS test the temperature of your glass on sensitive skin such as your wrist before beginning your temperature fun.

This toy is fine for foreplay but I've found it's even better after warming up with another toy or you can just start with the Rainbow. I have noticed that if I'm not warmed up enough, the texture of the Rainbow can be a little too much. But, once I do get warmed up, the Rainbow is a magical ride! The Rainbow is not compatible with any harness nor does it have two ends for duel penetration. I think this toy would be hard to use along with oral just because of it's size and large handle, plus the angle of your body plays a huge part in enjoying this toy. Though in a 69 position with gentle hands, this toy could be wonderful!

Since this dildo is not battery powered, you don't have to worry about it guzzling your batteries.
    • Easy to use

Care and Maintenance

The Rainbow Heart is extremely easy to clean after use. Soap and water, toy cleaner, or isopropyl alcohol wipes will clean it after normal use and 10% bleach solution, boiling water, and putting it on the top rack of your dishwasher and running it through a cycle with no soap will disinfect it! Be sure to sterilize your Rainbow Heart between partners and orifices. Surprisingly, the nubbies on the Rainbow are really easy to clean!

If you take care of this toy correctly you could not only be in the awkward position of explaining to your teenagers what that colorful glass "wand" is that they found while raiding your drawers for cash, but their children and their children's children too! This glass can last forever when taken care of properly.

Because the Rainbow is made of borosilicate glass you can store it with any other toys but you should make sure to keep it covered so it does not get scratched. If your Rainbow gets scratched or chipped you should throw it away and order a new one.

The Rainbow comes in a red, velvety pouch that you can use to store it and protect it from getting scratched.

The Rainbow is compatible with silicone, oil, and water based lubes.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


The Rainbow Heart was shipped in a plain shipping box with the sender simply labeled as Web Merchant. As soon as I had a moment to spare I tore the box open like a kid on Christmas! Inside was full of insulating brown paper used to keep the item from knocking around in the box and getting damaged. I ripped all of that out to find a tightly wrapped cylinder of bubble wrap protecting my new toy. After getting that off (and popping a bit of it gleefully) I found a velvety bag containing my Rainbow Heart. This bag is unmarked and has a draw string closure. It is perfect for storing the Rainbow Heart but be sure to make a knock in the ties to ensure that your Rainbow Heart won't slip out.

There were no instructions but the Rainbow Heart is pretty self explanatory: insert and enjoy!

This little red bag and it's fabulous toy inside would be a great gift! It's so pretty and elegant!
    • Good for storage


At first I was a little intimidated by the Rainbow and all its nubby glory. When I finally had time to take it to bed I started up with my vibrator before moving to the Rainbow and boy that transition did not disappoint! Less than a minute after starting with the Rainbow I was moaning with O's!

Since then, the Rainbow and I have gotten to know each other quite well and it has become a favorite part of my solo play!

I decided to rate this as a 5 star toy because it has never left me wanting, it can be used for penetration and as a massager, it is amazing for temperature play, and it is so beautiful! I can't think of anything that would make this toy better. The only thing I did not like about it is also one of the reasons I like it: my experience with it during couples play was not very good due to its rigid and extremely textured surface. But, like I said, I love this for solo play, so I would not change anything about the Rainbow Heart.

So far, my SO and I have only tried to incorporate it into our couples play once and it was not a huge hit. The position of my body made the Rainbow hit my cervix so we stopped using it pretty quickly. I think the fact that it's so rigid made my SO slightly nervous as well, but we will definitely be trying again in the future with me in a better position for such a textured, rigid toy.

Oh! The Rainbow also happens to be a great prop for foot and back massages! My SO gave me the BEST foot massage of my life with it after our attempt at using it (after I cleaned it of course, and I certainly sterilized if after the massage). Even if you get this toy and find out it is too textured, it will not go to waste! Use it as a massager!

I highly recommend this toy for experienced users who love texture or more adventurous beginners! This toy is wonderful and will hold a primary spot in my playtime from now on! If the Rainbow breaks I will certainly be saving up for a new one.
Follow-up commentary
I still absolutely LOVE this toy! I paired it up with a c-ring and wow!!
Since getting the Rainbow Heart, I have used it every time I fly solo.
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