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Take a great dildo and add a handle that makes solo play easier and less strain and you have the Goddess Handle! Make it out of medical grade materials and you have a super toy that will last and give great value for the money.

The Goddess Handle instead of a traditional base (like the regular Goddess has) has a long handle ending in a flared bottom. This simple but ingenious design makes it anal safe, easy to manipulate whether using it on yourself or on your partner, and great in a dildo mount. The shaft has a phallic head followed by mild but simulating ripples. Overall, good texture plus an amazing design makes this one of my top three favorite dildos.

The Goddess Handle is a very lovely and wonderfully crafted dildo from Tantus. The handle is an awesome thing for plus sized women who need to get a little extra grip on their toys. Very firm, perfect for thrusting and any type of play you may want to use it for be it anal or vaginal.

Diana the goddess of Hunt, the Moon, and of Chastity, swore off all men. I'm sure if she ever was looking for her big "O", she'd reach for this lovely toy. The texture is heavenly, and the handle is extremely convenient. It's lacking in the girth department, but with a compatible butt plug, it's divine. Anally, this thing is a must have for all players.

If you are looking for a quality handled dildo that feels great then the Goddess Handle is a great choice. If you are looking for a handled dildo that delivers G-spot orgasms I would probably suggest looking at a different dildo. The Goddess Handle is very easy to use for solo or partner play and while it has a whimsical shape it isn't so textured as to make it uncomfortable for some uses. Overall the pros far outweigh the cons, but I would be lying if I said I wasn't a tad disappointed.

This is definitely a must-get for the handle, though if you love your silicone lubes, I would get a different toy.

Wish it Had More of a Curve...

The Goddess is a super long dildo with a great handle. It can be used anally and vaginally. Although I wish it had more of a curve for my G-spot, I still had lots of fun with it. The ripples add a little bit of fun texture without making it overwhelming. If you're looking for a new super long dildo, the Goddess may be the toy for you!

The Goddess Handle dildo is great for for thrusting because of the awesome handle. Since it can be sterilized it can be shared with your partner. Feels great vaginally or anally. The only thing that bugs me about this dildo is that it attracts hair, and fuzzies pretty bad.

Goddess Handle is a sleek and well crafted seamless beauty from Tantus. The addition of a handle makes this a wonderful thrusting dildo. It's wonderful for either solo or partnered play. The toy offers firm silicone and mild texture. It's perfect for either vaginal or anal play.

This new take on the Goddess by Tantus not only adapts the design by adding a handle, but it also features a less prominent texture and is manufactured from a far firmer silicone. As always it's another high quality product from Tantus, and overall I'm pleased with it, but the changes come with their own unique pros and cons.

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