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Goliath reviews

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23 reviews

The Goliath is a girthy toy sure to please size Kings and Queens alike. Given its craftsmanship and the premium materials it is made from, it should provide years and years of service.

The Tantus Goliath is a great addition to our toy box. The size is very filling and should make any advanced users happy. Its size makes it intimidating to beginners. Since it's silicone, it's very easy to care for and store. At the end of the day, if your looking for a toy without the need of condoms that will fill you all the way up, look no farther. Tantus delivered yet again with a solid larger toy that doesn't sacrifice on quality.

Thick and semi-realistic in shape, with a smooth head and heavily veined, textured shaft. Thats it, I have to update my top five list of Tantus toys again!

Goliath is an amazing design from Tantus. If you are looking for a big and meaty toy, look no further.

Basically this toy is not for the faint of heart or for beginners. Call me a wimp, but it was just too big for me and my partner to enjoy.

On the whole, I rather like the Goliath, mostly for its size. As a matter of preference, I'd prefer it not to have so much texture, but I can overlook that. It's definitely another quality product from Tantus, worth the consideration of anyone who likes things on the larger side.

The Goliath is a quality dildo, but don't think that the picture makes it look bigger than it is. It's a handful - whether for discomfort or for a world of fun.

Bottom line: Goliath is substantial enough to feel VERY filling yet has enough "squish" to slide in easily. I'm still smiling! I have a feeling Goliath and I are going to become very good friends!

With a 1.75" diameter and thick textured veins all along his shaft, Goliath is a dream come true for the gal or guy who likes girth and firm silicone. The ability to add a bullet to turn this into a vibrator is a real bonus as is the fact you can use it with an O-ring harness. Goliath will give plenty of fun to those who need plenty of texture and girth.

This item is definitely worth the money I spent on it. I would go to our local shop and look at this thing. I went and checked it out a couple of times and showed it to my boyfriend. He was a little leery at first due to the size, but now it's one of his favorite toys to date. His second favorite is the Echo.

It's a really good dildo. I suggest anyone in the market for one should get it while the sales are around.

If you're a size queen with a pussy of steel then definitely go for this toy, however, if you get sore after a hard fuck, then think twice. You still may want it though, as it can be tons of fun.

Overall, I was impressed with the Goliath. He lives up to his name without being intimidating. It is a high quality, and it feels like it. However, this is not an everyday toy for me.

If the Tantus version of Goliath had taken on David, maybe the story would have ended differently. This thick and realistic toy is one of my favorites, due to the amazing texture. While this toy may not be large enough for some size queens, I find it gives a deliciously full feeling that leaves me purring and sated. It's definitely worth the investment, and is my favourite Tantus toy I own!

The Tantus Goliath is the perfect toy for someone who likes to feel full, but doesn't want that painful stretch some of us size queens are after. It's made of 100% pure platinum silicone, which means it's can be bleached, or boiled. It's veiny, and thick, and long, and dense. And it comes with a bullet. A dildo lover like me can't get much better than that.

FABULOUS INVESTMENT! It was just what I was expecting and more. There are no words to explain its amazing abilities!

Overall this dildo gets my vote for anyone who wants a dildo that is on the larger size, both in length and girth. It may not be for everyday use, but I know that when I do break it out it will definitely make for a mind-blowing and unforgettable experience!!!!

Goliath is a super firm dildo with a nice shape, a beautiful head and a space for a vibrating bullet. For those looking for a large, very firm dildo, this is the one. Just be aware that for many people Goliath may be too firm for such a sizable toy.

I think that this is still a great toy for someone who is more comfortable with large size and firmness than I am. There are some size queens who would probably think he is too small. But I think if you like firm toys and decent size, he could be your dream man (or toy). Goliath is a beautiful toy made with quality materials by a company with a great reputation. I think he is definitely worth a try.

The Goliath, like all Tantus pieces, is a well made and beautiful toy. It's thick, with detailed veining that makes it look almost alive, other than the opalescent purple color. It's harness compatible, anal safe and, overall, a solid, good piece for those who like a bit of texture, girth and realism, but didn't blow me away.

Upon removing it from its package it became immediately clear that Goliath was exactly what I needed. It was large, and yet not overwhelming. So far it's provided hours of intense ecstasy, and more than a few "Giant-like" orgasms. Forgive the pun.

Consider me a convert - I know now the appeal of larger toys, and while I'm not quite a size queen, yet, I can say that there are times when bigger is definitely better, and the Goliath is one big, bad dildo - it fills you up, keeps your satisfied, and the bullet vibe adds that little bit of extra to take you over the edge!

The Goliath from Tantus is a quality product for when size really matters. It is 100% silicone, thick, heavy and firm, with a large head, pronounced veined texturing, and a removeable bullet. Goliath is not a toy for beginners, but should satisfy the seasoned user who is craving a little more in a dildo.

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