Goliath - strap-on dildo by Tantus - review by Carrie Ann

Goliath Lost the Fight, Remember?

The Goliath, like all Tantus pieces, is a well made and beautiful toy. It's thick, with detailed veining that makes it look almost alive, other than the opalescent purple color. It's harness compatible, anal safe and, overall, a solid, good piece for those who like a bit of texture, girth and realism, but didn't blow me away.
Girthy, gorgeous color, sanitizable, shareable silicone, harness compatible
Weird pitting in head, included vibrator doesn't last long
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review
Every time I get a new toy and am not super fond of it, I wonder if I'm jaded. With the Goliath, I believe that may be the case. I've simply tried too many things and it doesn't stand out as one of the best.

Regardless, the Goliath just didn't do much for me.

It's a nice dildo; mostly straight with just a hint of a curve, flared base (so it's harness and anal compatible), a girthy 1.75" diameter and 7" length, gorgeous opalescent plum silicone with lovely veining thru the shaft that makes it almost seem alive, pulsing...

And yet...

Meh. Using it was just not a spectacular experience for me.

The head is thick and bulbous but has a minimal ridge -- excellent for those who find ridges get caught on their pubic bone. The shaft is a bit more narrow than the head and gorgeously textured yet not too extreme in feel. The silicone is firm but squeezable, solid all the way down to the last inch or so of the shaft where it hollows out to hold a bullet vibe. The flared base is fairly flat and very comfortable against the body in a harness. The bullet hole in the base means you can insert the included mini bullet (watch battery powered) and the Goliath will buzz moderately along its entire length.

It's a good dildo, a solid, well made piece that should have been wonderful - and is probably a great addition to just about anyone's toybox, if they like a bit of girth. I think I am just spoiled and, unfortunately, compared to the Tantus VIP and the Vixen Lone Star - my two favorites at the moment - it just can't compete.

Remember to use only water based lubes with silicone toys unless you do a patch test first and that you can share this if you bleach or boil it to sanitize it afterwards. Otherwise, just give it a good soap and water bath, making sure to get all the nooks caused by the veining, and you're good to go.

It is a matte silicone so you do get a little more drag than you would with glossy silicone and may want a bit of extra lube, especially since it's so nicely thick. The texture should not be obtrusive, even to those who don't normally like texture. Add a bit of lube or corn starch to the bullet before inserting it for ease of removal.

Of little importance but odd enough to note, on my Goliath, the entire head is pitted -- rather like an orange peel -- though the rest of the shaft is not. I'm not sure if it's a defect or intentional. You can't feel it in use and it doesn't look bad but it does look very different, almost as if there were grains of sand in the mold when this was made that dimpled the head.

Follow-up commentary
I can't figure out what it is about the Goliath that I don't like. It looks like it should be a great dildo, it just doesn't live up to its potential.

The silicone is gorgeous, the detail is lovely but, in the end, it's just a dildo, nothing all that special about it.

Like all Tantus stuff, though, it's holding up beautifully and will likely last me a lifetime... or until I give it away.
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  • Tuesday
    Did you ask Tantus whether the pits are normal? I'm wondering if yours is defective.
  • Tuesday
    It has about the same shape as the Revolution. I would have guessed it would feel like that, but it sounds like it doesn't.
  • Carrie Ann
    I didn't ask cuz you can see them in the picture here, too. I figure it's normal, if a bit odd
  • Sammi
    Jaded? Nah

    The pitting does sound weird. The color is nice, though
  • Blooddragon
    Nice review!
  • M121212
    Thanks for the review.
  • Anjulie
    Great review, thanks
  • Eucaly
    Good review!
  • Gingy
    thanks for the review Carrie...(I always look for your reviews on products Im interested in)
  • Incendiaire
    Great review, thanks.
  • meezerosity
    Great review, thanks!
  • Rey
    thx for the review, i noticed the texture on the head in the photos and wondered if it was a once-off defect. Obviously not?
  • sixfootsexxx
    Thanks for the review! Sorry it didn't work out for you.
  • x203

    good job!
  • MK434
    Thanks for the review!
  • jdFtM
  • higs
    thank you for this!
  • LuLu-Pop
    Nice review
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