Jelly royales dong junior - realistic dildo by Cal Exotics - reviews

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Jelly royales dong junior reviews

21 reviews
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Average review rating
21 reviews

I think there is better out there for the money, although this is nice and cheap for a starter dildo. Right size, nice detail, cool color option, but the material and lack of a useable suction cup make this a recommendation only if you cannot spend any more than this.

This has realistic details, but not a natural feel. It's not a dildo for first-timers, but pleasurable with enough preparation and practice. Weak suction makes it less versatile than it could be.

This was my first hands-free toy. I really like the size and feel of this one. It can be used in multiple ways which is good for your bottom dollar. I like low maintenance with everything I buy. I wish all these came with all the information you needed. I feel they assume people already know how to use and care for their toys.

The Jelly Royales Dong Junior is not a junior toy at all. It's quite large, actually. It's great for vaginal penetration, can be used anally with proper covering, and is easily used by either gender. It provides a lot of bang for your buck, and I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to try a thick, jelly dildo!

I would not buy this toy again. It is extremely hard to keep clean because it can not be boiled. The suction cup is useless, as it will not suction to anything. The only good thing about the dildo was the size and the texture. I would save your money and buy a nicer hands free dildo.

This dong is a great size and texture, especially for the price, however if you want a dong for shower use, I would look elsewhere because the suction cup is useless on this particular dong. The material is also low quality, and can't be sterilized. I would look for a different dong to suit your needs.

I LOVE this toy! It's the first dildo I've ever bought. And although I was at first intimidated by its thickness, after I "warmed" myself up it felt so amazing to slip in... It totally feels you up! The ONLY downside is that the suction cup totally bites. Besides that, everything from the texture to the thickness is amazing.

This is not the best of toys, but if the material and the feel of the toy doesn't bother you, I say go for it!

All in all, I feel that the Jelly Royales Junior would be a good purchase. The price is good ($19.99), and it definitely gets the job done. However, I feel that it is a bit more for intermediate users. I am a beginner so-to-speak, and I found it a bit overwhelming at first. Not that I am "scarred for life" or anything, but without a good lube, I think that this toy can be a bit painful for smaller women. Overall, it is not a bad toy; I just feel there may be better.

In short, this dildo is really good for a beginner. The pink color makes it non-threatening and the size is just right for a smaller person. Didn't totally rock my world, but it's a good solid dildo that did what I bought it for. This is a good dildo for both warming up for my boyfriend and a satisfying solo.

We loved this dong and would gladly recommend it to others, despite the suction cup problem. We did not know at first that it would work with our harness but are very happy to have discovered this. We have used it for anal and enjoy that aspect also.

I really like the color, size, shape, and texture of this product. I am, however, not at all satisfied with the suction cup.

Not much to say about the toy. Its got a great size for beginners and pros alike. However, the small size makes it hard to use in certain positions. I'd recommend getting a larger size if you're looking for better pleasure.

The Jelly Royales Dong Junior is a fantastic toy for both veterans and beginners alike. The size and firmness are very nonthreatening for those who are searching for their very first toy. This isn't the firmest dildo, being made out of jelly, but it does its job fine and has a great veined texture to the shaft. Definitely a toy I've gotten a good amount of use out of.

Great product for the price. Good size, firm feel, and even easier maintenance. This toy will be in our rotation for many years to cum!

This is a very good toy for beginners and someone who is afraid to have anything that is just "too large" for your first time. Just be wary, the surface is a bit tacky and catches lint easily and if you want a toy that is known for it's suction cup, this isn't exactly the one you want.

The Jelly Royals Junior Dong is an excellent toy for everyone. The suction cup is a great feature for hours of hands free solo sex or as handle for your partner to amp up your sensation before fulfilling their own desires. The only draw back to this sensation is that it can't be sanitized because it is made from Jelly material.

I have say this is a good toy for all. Soft yet firm, reasonable size, good feel for not being real, and oh yeah... YOU GOTTA LOVE THE PINK!!

Jelly royales dong junior is a soft, yet firm, natural feeling dildo that can give bring extra pleasure to your sex life. Extra large suction cup makes it easy to stick to most surfaces for easy use. However I experienced some mild irritation after use. Must try for yourself.

One of the best toys I got. I would recommend this to everyone, it will bring lots of pleaser. Really reliable.

I would recomend this product to everyone i have enjoyed thies product to the fullest. I love everything about the product and i have absolutely nothing bad to say about it.

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