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Mr. Right is worth it if you have a normal sized body for a guy. Anyone who is smaller than average should look for a different packer.

Overall I like the idea of this toy but I feel that it was just too large and firm to make a high quality every day packer. Great for gender play but I was looking for something realistic and at the same time practical.

The Mr Right is excellent at what it does right, mainly, its really well-designed scrotum. In the Aslan harness, it sits nearly perfectly and fills one's pants pretty damn well. Is it worth the money? Probably not for someone beginning packing. Most people I've met find packing annoyingly hot and sticky and simply not worth the effort. If you're not a beginner and you know you're comfortable with it, then by all means, the Mr. Right is the right guy for you.

Overall, I'd say go for it. The packer delivers on everything a packer is supposed to. It's realistic looking and gives you a nice, solid weight in the pants. If you don't want to spend a lot of money or want a smaller bulge, something else might be good, but I'd recommend this one. It's one of the more realistic ones before you start getting into legitimate medical prosthetics that cost hundreds of dollars.

I absolutely love this packer, plan on buying another one soon, and will probably continue to replace them with new Mr. Rights when they wear out. Nothing reminds me of my masculinity like this packer. It makes a significant difference in my self-esteem, all because it is so well made and realistic that sometimes I find even myself believing it's real, and it's really mine.

Overall, the realistic feel and look of this toy are a huge plus. The stickiness of the back can be a concern with pubic hair. The length will take some getting used to, but I am convinced I will continue to love this packer. The only ongoing issue I can see is if I have enough harnesses to wear it with.

Overall, I love the Mr. Right. The design, the detail, the feeling? Impeccable. I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for something realistic to put in his underwear. The ability to look down at my body, see something that I know should be there and not feel as though it's artificial has proven priceless to me. If you want a cock that you can feel great about wearing, Mr. Right is the right choice.

I only pack in the bedroom, but I still love to play gender games with my bi boyfriend. We both think I look hot wearing nothing but Mr Right on its packing strap. I love to play out all the things he'll do to make me hard before I switch out harnesses and cocks to simulate getting an erection. Gender fuck is mostly in the head, but having great props like Mr Right makes it even hotter.

At the end of the day this packer is my favorite. Compared to others I've tried in the past this one has held up under more stress and passes as real in the clubs. Well worth the money - even though I wish it was slightly smaller.

Keep The Socks On Your Feet, Let Mr. Right Fill In!

If your goal is keeping up appearances, then Mr. Right is one of the finishing touches needed. It's one of the most realistic packing dildos on the market, if not THE most lifelike, and gives the illusion of having all the right parts. Although not required, a separate packing strap will help to secure it whether you go commando, wear boxers, or "tightie-whities".

If a bigger bulge is your thing, go for the Mr. Right. If realistic and firm soft cock foreplay, go for the Mr. Right. If you have a collection of soft cocks, then add the Mr. Right. My second choice in soft cocks was the Mr. Right and I'm not disappointed. The fun you get from its versatility downplays all its cons. However, the larger than usual bulge will take some confidence to pull off initially and in the long run...when people continually stare at your package at work or church.

Every detail is realistic. Vixen Creations made this worthy of Michelangelo. (If David was made of silicone.) If you pack, pick this pecker. It's like an investment.

The Mr. Right was one of my first packers and has definitely proven itself to be the best. This packer is so handsome; I would love to see Vixen Creations create a dildo for penetration in a design similar to this one. Wonderful material (Vixen's medical-grade silicone) and beautifully made, it's a must-have for those wanting a handsome packer to wear often.

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