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Silky reviews

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14 reviews

I had no idea I'd be so crazy about this toy! The elastomer material is very wonderfully soft and skin-like while still having a firmness. The toy is bendable for the ultimate g-spot curve, or for pack and play! And it's really great for anal sex and pegging because the material is so soft and yielding compared to other toys of its size. Just remember to cover it with a condom for anal play!

This impressive product has something to offer for just about anyone who loves an inexpensive, yet priceless dildo to add to their collection. Though this dildo is pack and play, the features and feel of it will pay for itself when you feel the sensations of the warming elastomer, the metal rod curvature, and the fact it's both harness compatible and usable for packing. I can't say enough nice things about Silky, so I truly suggest you give him a try for yourself!

An absolute must have between my partner and I! With the loveable Elastomer material, harness compatibility, bendable nature and price of this toy, you simply can't go wrong. Saddle up if you'd love a cock that offers versatility. Between the plushness of the shaft and head, and the firmness of the bar embedded inside, you can definitely ride your way to orgasm with Silky! I've recommended this toy to anyone as a first time dildo or to packers who want a comfortable cock as their companion.

Unique, versatile, and above all a cock that smiles back at you. Take care of Silky and he'll take care of you right back.

Silky indeed does have a silky feel with a nice mixture of texture and softness. What sets it apart from other dildos is that you can bend it to your liking and it will stay in that configuration as long as you use it. It could be a perfect fit for those looking for a modestly sized dildo with an bendable shaft.

It's great for packing and playing, but the ridges might be a little over-stimulating for some. The internal spine also makes it a little difficult to use if you are a strap-on beginner.

This toy is basic and versatile, is great for anyone from a beginner to a seasoned toy enthusiast, and feels fantastic. It doesn't have many bells and whistles, but its few features are solid. The flared base allows it to stand upright or to fit into a harness, and the stiff wire at the shaft's core lets you bend it to your preferred angle. I'd recommend using Silky with lube and condoms.

This item is worth it for those slow & loving coupled or solo encounters. Or perhaps some pretty kinky and transgressive anal. But not for pounding away. Oh no.

Play with it, pack with it, love it, hug it kiss it, call it George or whatever you like. You'll love it.

If you're looking for a cock with a lifelike feel that is poseable and keeps it's shape, provides stellar g-spot stimulation, can be worn in a harness, and works for anal sex without leeching harmful chemicals, then this may just be your dream cock. The Silky is a versatile dildo with an amazing feel on all counts, texture, size, rigidity and squishiness. I highly advise picking it up if your looking for any of the traits listed above.

While it may not be the most impressive cock on the block, it is perfectly designed and feels "just right". Not to big, not too small, not too soft, not too inflexible, not too hard, and not full of nasty chemicals.

Realistic feel and bendability, the sweet, large tip is to be fawned over and coveted for the prize that it is.

This dildo has a great texture, and it's absolutely amazing for hard packing. It works just as well for individual play as it does for strap-on partner play. However, its flexible spine means that it's not quite the perfect dildo for people new to strap-on play.

Did you read that closely? Let me write it again, 'cause it's important. In fact, it is the whole point: YOU CAN PACK THIS COCK - COMFORTABLY - AND THEN HAVE SEX WITH IT. The middle of Silky is a flexible spine, which is what makes it perfect to pack AND play with.

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