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If Goldilocks Had to Choose Between Three Dildos.....or Silky is Just Right

While it may not be the most impressive cock on the block, it is perfectly designed and feels "just right". Not to big, not too small, not too soft, not too inflexible, not too hard, and not full of nasty chemicals.
Soft, irritation free, life like, feels great to contract against. Disability friendly!
Not pure silicone. Base may be a little thick in your harness.
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useful review
Silky is a multiple purpose dildo from Vibratex, the Golden Standard in Japanese sex toys. Vibratex has a strict set of manufacturing standards, that only allow silicone or elastomer toys to be manufactured. There are no plasticizers to soften toys, no PVC, and no phthalates in any of their products.

Unlike toys that start out from polyvinyl chloride (a hard product which needs plasticizers to soften the material), elastomer starts out soft and products must be added to harden the material. Different products may be used at times as well. There is no latex in elastomer either. At the end of the formulation process, the hardening agent is vacuum extracted. At Vibratex, they use no solvents in the process of making toys. The end product may differ in texture or density or firmness, but it is meant to be safe and irritation free.

That still would not stop me from donning a condom, elastomer can not be boiled. I would not trust it to survive a dishwasher cycle, but I would wash it in antibacterial soap and scalding hot water.

The Silky is more like velvety in texture. It arrives in a Vibratex box with a partially obscured view. It looks dusty. If you wash it and let it dry, it will look dusty again. That's the finish it is supposed to have.

The silky has an extreme curvature of its spine. While soft, plush, juicy, and extremely skin like, it has no floppiness factor. On a harness, it has an erection that curves upwards. This is perfect for G spot or prostate stimulation.

If you will examine the Silky under strong lights, you will see it has an inner spine. It has a bulbous, generous head that is 5 inches around in circumference. The head, if you look closely, has a Dorothy Hamill wedge hair cut; and if you look really closely you will see round eyes, tiny eyebrows, a button nose, and a tiny closed mouth smile. Japanese law used to prohibit phallic looking sex toys, but this still looks like a seven inch penis and not "a doll". Also, what they call veins looks like crinolations on a french fry.

Silky sits on an ergonomically thick 3.25 inch wide, by a little over an inch high base. That means not only can you wear it in a harness, you can use it anally, and people with disabilities that cause problems with grip, can use the base easily. It’s very user friendly.

Because of the thick base, you can only insert 6 inches. The plushness factor, can allow your muscles to squeeze and contract around the material. It is also firm enough for thrusting and partner use, but so soft and flexible outwardly, that it is not going to bruise your cervix or tear up your mucous membranes.

It is an inch and five eighths in diameter, so if you are buying an O ring, take that into account. It can accept water based or silicone lubricants. It cleans up easily with soap and hot water.

You can pack with this toy. Kind of gently twist Silky to the side after putting it under a packing harness, wear tight briefs over it, and it makes a impressive bulge that is realistic looking, and you can use it to fuck later on. (Bring some condoms and toy cleaner pre wrapped towelettes.)
I love the silky! I can insert it and hold it with my muscles, and walk around cleaning windows (I am in a long night shirt), and it's better than Ben Wa balls. It makes a great solo dildo. I have not shared Silky with my partner, although I have packed with it. I also have not tried Silky anally, because the head is a bit bigger than I can admit at this time. This is my G spot buddy.
Follow-up commentary
How can someone like something even more than the five star that they rated it? I guess it's the closest thing to feeling like the real deal - not to big, not to small, not to squishy, not to hard, nice curve to it. Pictures don't do it justice. It's not at all shiny, nor does it look like a cobalt colored french fry on a platform. It's one of those things that you have to Feel to be impressed by.
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  • Minxy
    Amazing review! Thank you. I've had my eye on this one for a while. This is the best review of the Silky I've read. I think it's time to get one.
  • ThePornLibrarian
    I love the look of that curve!
  • deceased
    It has a great, hidden spine. Its soft and flexible, yet the firm curve never fades with age or usage.
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    "Vibratex has a strict set of manufacturing standards, that only allow silicone or elastomer toys to be manufactured."

    That's not entirely true. While most of their toys on EF are elastomer, several are rubber, vinyl or jelly and you can still find older versions of toys like the Rabbit Habit which are one of those materials when newer toys use elastomer or silicone. My whole point is that I wouldn't wholeheartedly trust material in a Vibratex toy without looking.

    Other than that, I'm glad you found something realistic for you.
  • deceased
    You can find older versions because they have not "been recalled" . They are no longer being manufactured. I got that information from Vibratex. Some places carry old stuff because of lack of turnover, Vibratex can not help that. Thy are just not manufacturing the rubber or vinyl or jelly toys anymore. If you like older jelly Vibratex toys, keep looking, because for the last couple years they have gone to TPR, elastomer, and silicone. While they are not a green company per se, they are very up with the times as far as consumer demands for quality products.
  • pinkzombie
    Thank you!
  • Amy Snookum
    Nice. Curvy and soft. Thanks for the review!
  • reysgirl83
  • karenm
    Great review, thanks!
  • karenm
    Great review, thanks!
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