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Leo reviews

42 reviews
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Average review rating
42 reviews

Overall, I'm completely in love with my Leo. From its gorgeous black bats, to its flared head and wrinkly ridges, this toy just does it for me every time. I love it for solo play or with my fiancé, and for what it's worth, the Leo is one of his favorite toys to use on me, probably because I go wild when he does. What can I say - the bats really do it for me.

He's a great guy to take in the shower and have a good time. He's great for both vaginal and anal play (with decent amount of warm up). Leo is great for beginners and intermediate players. Advanced players may find him too slim. Still, I've found he's a great warm up for bigger toys.

The Leo is an excellent, body-safe dildo to use in a harness or for anal play and the interesting color choices make it a unique and versatile addition to anyone's toy box.

At just the right size and coming in many color options, Leo is a sweet addition to anyone's toy box. His gentle curve is amazing for both anal and vaginal use, and his girth is wonderful for the intermediate user. I'm glad I picked up Leo, but I'm also glad that I bought him on sale. He may be perfect for many, but Leo and me just aren't a match made in the stars.

This is a fantastically well made toy, but I couldn't be thrilled because it didn't fill this size queen. It's got a great selection of colors and is a very high quality dildo. The curve is nice on the g-spot, and the wide base works in my harness perfectly.

Though this lovely dildo may be lacking in texture on the shaft, Leo is still worth a try. He looks gorgeous, feels awesome, and is made of silicone. On top of that he also comes with a pretty good suction cup and free storage container. To me, Leo is an amazing toy to have in your collection, and with its gorgeous Halloween design, offers even more reason to buy it. This is a definite 5 star toy for me.

Leo would be a perfect 5 stars if he didn't attract so much hair, and if he didn't get a little too flexible at times. He's your vagina's best friend, or maybe he's your derriere's best friend. Either way, he's a partner worthy of some attention. Just don't be surprised if someone tells you that he looks like Tony the Tiger's penis.

The Vixen Leo is my new favorite dildo! It goes straight for my G-spot with a unique combo of texture, girth, and curve. If you're looking for an average-sized, cute-looking, great-feeling dildo, this is an excellent choice.

The Leo is a fun way to celebrate Halloween, or any night that calls for some spooky play! Whether you love all things macabre year round, or you only pull this out seasonally, it is worth the purchase. The material, design and variety of uses keep me coming back to the Leoweenie!

Picking the right dildo is a very personal thing, I think. But for me, the Leo is just right, and I think that lots of folks would agree.

The Leo by Vixen is simply worth the purchase due to its premium silicone and sleek, but effective design. The subtle G-spot curve and firm, but flexible silicone feel just right without being overbearing. The mild texture is perfect for P-spot or G-spot stimulation, and the average size makes it a great middle-ground dildo for any user.

The Vixen Creations Leo silicone dildo is a must have. It's made of body safe silicone. The flared base makes it anal safe and O-ring compatible, but it's a suction. There are 6 different color options available: Silver with glitter, black, purple, beige, caramel, and orange with bats.

This is the most awesome looking dildo I own, hands down. Unfortunately, it is not the most awesome functioning for me.

This toy is a great investment if you're looking for a toy to stimulate your g-spot or p-spot. It can be fully sterilized, fits in a harness, is great for anal play, and most of all it's got BATS inside of it! If you're a fan of Halloween, or are simply looking for a toy to stimulate those spots, then the Leo is perfect for you.

Overall, the Leo was quite a wonderful experience to share with my wife. The toy was a little expensive but for the quality and safety, you cannot beat the price. The toy has been very easy to keep clean and free of bacteria and we have enjoyed each and every moment we share with the Leo. While this toy is definitely not for beginners in pegging, you may find your experience differs for vaginal penetration. Always do your research!

Yes, the silver glitter is quite Twilight. Bleh. Aside from that, Leo is quite the perfect catch. He's well-endowed in a more natural sense. Realistic in feel and slightly so in look. Nothing about this handsome fellow is overdone. His base functions as a wonderful suction cup, but also makes harness play a dream. Leo and I are the best of friends. Not to mention, who doesn't love super shiny, glittery dildos? A major win.

Many people will appreciate the fact that this dildo straddles the divide between being realistic and unrealistic, it has nice details but doesn't go overboard with veins and looks attractive instead of comical. It's extremely firm, sometimes perhaps too much so. Still, a solid dildo.

Leo is a good standard dildo to keep on hand. It's the perfect size to please most without being intimidating.

If you're looking for a reasonably priced silicone cock with considerable length and a girth that is pleasing but not overwhelming, Leo is a great choice. He is firm but bendable, well balanced in a harness, and very easy to clean and share. The texture is smooth but the head certainly hits the right spot. Treat Leo right and you've got a lion in the sack that will last a lifetime.

This is a great dildo worth trying! If your looking for a dildo that will work great with your harness, this is a product to keep in mind!

The Leo is a fantastic dildo. Its length, girth, and firmness has never disappointed, and its silicone material has always made upkeep a breeze. Whether for vaginal or anal play, the Leo is always ready and able to please.

I really cannot recommend this toy highly enough. I found it to be extremely pleasurable and easy to use, as well as pleasing to the eye. Leo is great for beginners as well as for those who enjoy toys, and its measurements should please most. I would caution buyers to be careful with storage as well as with care, but for the careful user, I cannot fathom any problem that they might have with this toy.

A good solid cock. If you aren't sure how big or how realistic you want him, then I think Leo is an excellent choice. Perhaps a little vanilla to really fall in love with, but a dependable friend to have around. Next cock for me will be a bit thicker and longer, especially for harness play. But I am glad to have him.

Overall, this is a great toy. If you like firmer silicone toys with texture at the head, you will like this toy. Unfortunately my favorite aspect of this toy was the sparkles; it was just a bit intense for me.

Who doesn't need a big purple (or sparkly) dick in their life? With Leo in your life, many, many orgasms await you, my friend.

This is a great dildo to have in your collection that is well worth the money. It's on the big side and a very firm dildo (for silicone, anyway). If you know that and can take it, it's amazing. If you're a little on the narrow side or unsure, this is great for special occasions when you're turned on enough for it though maybe not for everyday use. This is a good dildo to buy if you don't have a partner in mind because there's something for everyone.

Overall, one of the prettiest toys I own. I save it for special occasions because the firm silicone makes it feel a bit too big for everyday use. I love rocking with this toy in me, but thrusting is too much; the pronounced ridge on the head is irritating. Collects lint and hair but it easily remedied by a quick rinse.

This dildo is a great investment. It's a very realistic size, has a great curve, and that ridge is a great added bonus. However, I would recommend it be used with a harness as opposed to by itself. It's just really difficult to try to figure out how to hold it.

Leo is an excellent strap-on cock. He has a semi-realistic appearance, is easy to use, and curved wonderfully to hit the spot (P or G). I recommend this toy to anyone interested in a sizeable cock to add to their strap-on routine. I have found Leo a perfect toy for gender play and pegging. My only complaint is that he cannot be packed for out of the bedroom gender play. Leo is a well-made, versatile objet de plaisir.

The Leo dildo is a great investment-- it's sterilizable, fits in most harnesses, and is easy on the eyes. I love this toy!

The Leo is a great starting place if you are new to dildos, particularly those of the strap-on variety. However, both beginners and pros can't go wrong with this baby. They call it a standard for a reason!

I'm going to get another Leo soon, probably the famed silver kind. Pink Leo won't retire, he will just have a buddy.

If you only own one dildo... make it this one. It's a definite crowd-pleaser (and you can use it to please a crowd, since it's non-porous). But seriously, this dildo is an investment in your future. Don't you want your future to be full of great sex?

This toy was daunting at first, but as time went on I became more and more impressed with it.The sheer size turned me off initially, but once my girlfriend and I played around with positions, vibrators, different lubricants and condoms, Leo became a must-have in our bedroom. This toy is highly recommended for couples who are experienced with dildos and harnesses, and who can handle a larger toy inside of them. And even if you cannot just yet, this is a perfect toy to broaden your horizons with.

If I could only have one toy, this would be it. It is easily my favorite toy that I've ever used. I would recommend this one to anyone that would listen.

The Leo is a beautifully designed dildo that is both versatile and pleasing to the touch. Large and substantial, I'd recommend the Leo for slightly more experienced players :)

Great buy, nice price, and the perfect amount of flexibility! I just LOVE this product! It's highly recommended, especially for lesbian couples!

If you're someone who changes your mind about what you want halfway through a session, this is a good toy to buy because of its versatility! But, maybe a color other than the purple...?

Excellent but not unique dildo that is suitable for solo or couple play and can be used for vaginal or anal penetration.

Excellent basic silicone cock for almost any use you can think of. More flexible than some, without being floppy. Great blow job cock.

Although not advertised as a suction-cup dildo, I was flinging my Leo around the room (as one does) and noticed that the base can be attached to smooth surfaces. However further investigation revealed that this cannot be exploited for sexual frolics as it readily comes unstuck.

The pure shape of the Leo instantly sets me on a wave of orgasm; it doesn't need vibration to please. Its gentle curve, perfectly shaped head and smooth shaft, added to the thrusting motion while taking advantage of its strap-on compatibility, creates a memorable night of fun and wonderful pleasure.

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