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Astrovibes Scorpio reviews

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10 reviews

I definitely think the Astrovibes Scorpio is worth checking out if you're in need of a new traditional vibrator that has a bit of a kick to it. No bells and whistles here, but it's one of my favorite go-to thrusting toys!

The Astrovibes Scorpio is a beautiful vibrator, and my praise stops there. The visual design is well thought out and striking, but I can't say the same for the mechanical design. The vibrations are not strong and are poorly located for either clitoral or g-spot stimulation, and the increase in width of the shaft is hard to get used to and sometimes painful. I really want to love this toy, and still keep it around as a conversation piece, but will probably rarely use it during my sexy time.

My favorite anal toy. Hits the prostate at just the right spot. Makes for a very intense/fun orgasm. Scorpio is without a doubt the best of the zodiac.

This toy is made of a great material that provides good vibrations. The sound was discreet enough, but this is not a beginner's toy. The shape and design can be uncomfortable at times, and it is not waterproof which is a deal breaker for some. It personally wasn't my favorite, but for some other person, it might be.

I like the product. It's not in my often-used toys list, but every now and then I use it. I think it's great for someone who is tired of the everyday dildos, or for anyone who has a Scorpio fetish. For the price it's a good buy, especially since it's silicone.

I was slightly confused when I first saw this toy. I still think it reminds me of a finger from Predator. It lists at $34.99, but at the moment is on sale for $20.99 here at Eden. I do believe this particular product is being discontinued, so I recommend getting one as fast as you can. It is extremely well made, and so far, the top of our line for traditional vibrators in my wife's and my toy collection!

It's pretty standard where function is concerned, but the incredibly unique form and solid performance make it one of my favorites!

Honestly, I prefer the Scorpio for anal play. It's just too slim to satisfy me vaginally. However, the vibrations feel wonderful on my clit and labia, so I tend to like sliding around on it. It's a nice traditional vibrator overall. It doesn't bother me too much that it's not water-proof (slim chance I'll use it near water), but it does seem to be a basic feature that Fun Factory overlooked.

Scorpio, while a wonderful visually appealing addition to my toy collection with top notch quality, unfortunately isn't used very often due to it's unique shape which doesn't work well with my personal tastes.

The Scorpio, part of the Astrovibes line by Fun factory is a fine example of workmanship and is just a great traditional vibrator. The dial base makes it possible to fully customize the speed of vibration to suit your every need. This isn't the most exciting or innovative vibrator around but it is a good, solid workhorse with some fun de"tailing".

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