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Ben wa excercise balls reviews

24 reviews
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24 reviews

These may work for some, but not most. Whether a user will get any use from these balls depends on the user's natural tightness.

As really easy to use as this is, it is definitely worth it unless you have any issues in your woman areas. I have seen a dramatic difference in my muscles, especially after three kids...I'm much tighter when I use these and my fiancee has definitely attested to this. Some people may be underwhelmed just because it's simple but, if you use it properly, you will have great results.

I have no complaints about this product. They're fun to use when out of the house, and they can also be used during sex.

These are certainly not a beginner's product, their small size makes it difficult to isolate the feeling of them inside you and clench the muscles around them. Although the product page says they are plastic, when they arrived they appear to be metal which makes them much heavier and more durable then one would expect. While they are still a little more difficult than I am ready for I like that I have them and am working up to holding them both internally for long periods of time.

This item is worth the money you pay for it. You benefit by using them for kegel exercise. They are a great addition to the toy collection because you can even use them while having intercourse. I have been down some bumpy roads where I have wished I had my Ben wa balls in, I know it would be amazing.

Not only do these make you very horny, they will increase your pc muscles and your man will know! It doesn't take long to notice that they are working.

This item is worth every dollar because it is stimulating but doesn't make you go crazy. While doing it, it will also strengthen so you feel tighter next time you masturbate. In my opinion this is wonderful.

I think that these are a good choice for a kegel exercise toy. They are small and discreet, yet they do exactly what they are intended for.

In a nutshell, this is not something I'd recommend for earth-shattering orgasms on its own, but I would happily vote for if one is seeking kegel exercises or a toy to use in tandem with other activities.

I would totally recommend Ben Wa Balls to women who have recently had a baby and wants to tighten back up or even women who want to have some sensation while cleaning or just hanging out.

I recommend doing your research before buying. I barely felt the product and had an allergic reaction, but it definitely worked as a vaginal exerciser.

Overall this is the worst sex toy I have ever come in contact with. If it was marketed as a gag gift then I would probably have given it three stars because the size alone is laughable.

So as I state in this review several times this product while awesome, did not blow my mind. It makes kegels fun and is great in that aspect it just doesn't finish me off. I do actually like that about it, but if you're wanting a toy to get you off you might want to look else wear. However, if you want something slow and sensual with a way to work your pc muscles then this just might be right for you.

I loved this item once I got used to the idea of having a sex toy that wasn't created for instant gratification. The prolonged pleasure I got from using these balls as well as the strength I gained was definitely worth the buy!

These balls fell out within less than a minute of insertion (although I am very tight). They have no bells, provide no vibrations, and contain some kind of metal rather than the plastic listed on the product page.

Having to do kegels all day long is hard work, but that is the point. I can see how the balls strengthen your muscles. I will use them a couple times a week from now on as I don't think I could do it daily.

Smooth, hard material makes it easy for this product to slip into a curious lily, but it also makes it easy to slip out. Practice, practice, practice at home. Preferably not on hardwood unless you're alright with a few dents!

I love My Ben Wa balls sooo much, things to remember, wash them good, put them in a a safe clean place or box!, Buy ones with no seams and they should be weighted,they are only for Vaginal use these are not safe for anal use! Practice about 20 to 30 mins a day but I don't think there is a penalty for doing it all day, its up to you!! Use your squeezing skills during sex to get that Big "O"! and Have fun Set a goal, and get feedback from your guys!! You'll have a pussy Maneater in no time!!

My expectations for this product were not very high. The sensation of their weight when inserted, along with their rubbing and clicking, did win me over. I did have trouble learning how to insert them properly, but it really just takes practice.

If you buy them for the purposes intended, they are great. Don't go getting them if you think they are going to send you skyrocketing into orgasmic bliss with every step... they just won't.

This product isn't that exciting and doesn't serve much purpose on their own except for exercise. If you want to use them with a partner during intercourse, however, they can prove to quite the mind-blowing experience.

These are a must have to everyones collection. If you have problems with getting in the mood wear these for the day and by the evening you will be tearing your mates clothes off so you can finish yourself off.

Although the box is alluring and would make a beautiful addition to any "toy" box, what's the point of having pretty toys if they don't feel great? This product's purpose is a good one, but I would recommend learning how to do kegel exercises on your own, without a's free!!!

Overall, I would have to say that of all the products in my toy box that this will be one to collect dust. They simply are not a favorite toy that has ease of use. Beautiful, exotic and unique these definitely are, although not very practical. While I would not recommend this product as an every day toy, I would recommend this as a product for any women that is pregnant or has just given birth. Remember these were actually designed to exercise the vaginal muscles.

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