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Ben WWWaaaaaWooooW......

I love My Ben Wa balls sooo much, things to remember, wash them good, put them in a a safe clean place or box!, Buy ones with no seams and they should be weighted,they are only for Vaginal use these are not safe for anal use! Practice about 20 to 30 mins a day but I don't think there is a penalty for doing it all day, its up to you!! Use your squeezing skills during sex to get that Big "O"! and Have fun Set a goal, and get feedback from your guys!! You'll have a pussy Maneater in no time!!
Great exercise, good for health, fun, makes pussy really tight!
Too small, not enough information on the package about product!
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These Ben Wa balls are meant to exercise your vaginal walls, the anal muscles and the Kegel muscles. But, these are not safe for anal play!!! The Ben Wa Balls Also help if you have a hard time holding your pee, it helps strengthen your muscle in that sense too!! You insert to the two balls in your vagina and try not to let them slip out! By squeezing like you do when you need to pee or have to hold a fart in LMAO! And this is the premise of these balls! For beginners, who have never consciously used those muscles to hold things in, it is quite difficult to do that with these smaller sized Ben Wa balls! Then when you put then in it’s almost like you can’t feel them until you stand up and they start sliding out! I would suggest for beginners to get a large size Ben Wa balls and get smaller as you master holding them! The Balls don’t really have any particular sensation but the squeezing of the muscle kind gets you worked up and all the juices flowing. This is great for re-tightening you vagina!!!!!! It’s better to use them when you’re sitting down for a while like a long car drive or a lounging day at home!! There is a unique story how Ben Wa balls came about Check it out the Link is at the bottom!
    • Women!
    • Club/public
    • Long / extended session

Material / Texture

I am not really sure what kind of metal is covering these Ben Wa balls, but I love the fact that there are no seams to hold bacteria! And the metal doesn’t look like it is or is going to peel off! And they are easy to wash off! They are weighted, so they feel heavy in your hand that is a good sign of a good type of Ben Wa ball. They are cold so if you don’t like that you could run them under warm water the quickly change temperature to the surroundings. They pretty smooth so; I didn’t feel any particular sensation but, its feels nice when the start sliding up and down!! The smoothness does make for an extra challenge, because they slide so much and you really really have to work hard to keep them in!

Design / Shape / Size

Perfectly round, perfectly smooth, nothing jagged, I love the way the look and shape, and the extra smooth surface helps you get in a good work out!! I think that the size of these ones are too small for beginners, the size almost defeats the purpose start off with at least ¾ of an inch or 1 inch. Don’t go to crazy with the size remember it to tighten!


This is the best way to my goal of smoking a cigarette with mah pussy lol j/p but for real, it is the best short of a Facelift for your vagina!! And you will see results right away and it helps you in more ways than one!!! When you use those muscles during sex, it’s a guaranteed BIG “O” a lot of the time women don’t realize the other potential for those abilities for that muscle group!! I wouldn’t say that there are vibrations from the Ben Wa Balls even though everything says that, maybe it’s different for others! The only down fall is that for beginners there is nothing that says you might need a larger size! But I love them anyways!! Because you will, need the smaller size regardless to make your vagina tighter and more skilled! The ball when you have them in your hand make this clack sound when you smack them together but they make no noisy in you! These Ben Wa balls are definitely waterproof just don’t drop them in the toilet or down the drain! I would say if you have metal sensitivities since there is not much information on what that metal covering them is…use the glass Ben Wa balls or the silicone and other plastics but they should be weighted and no seams, With a smooth finish that way you get the extra challenge!

Care and Maintenance

Well, with my Ben Wa Balls I wash them in hot soapy water, and rinse them well, there are no seams so they are very clean and safe to use! There are no craters or anything like that so I am confident that soap and hot water washes everything away, But this should not stop you from using a toy cleaner that agrees with you or what every you like! I still have my container they came in it’s a clear jewel case with a foam form with two holes, that’s where I keep them after I am done!


If you get this particular set, I think you should keep the box it comes with it! It takes the work out of finding a suitable clean place to keep them!! If you can’t find a place, I would suggest a sterile box or container to get ready for the next use!!

Personal comments

I LOVE these Balls lol hahahahaha I do!!!!! I Highly Highly Recommend them to every woman, its like dumbells for guys you get medium ones, small ones, and extra small, if your really good tiny ones! Then your vagina will be able to give a better blow job than your mouth hahahaha and He will never know what hit him! Your pussy will me a "Maneater" ;D Meeeeoooow!!


Here is the video that I was talking about, it has a how to, use them! By Joy from Joy Toyz
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