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Ben wa gold balls reviews

14 reviews
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14 reviews

I would highly recommend this product. I own a set of Ben Wa balls that are wrapped in silicone and attached to a string, and they hold no light to this product. These are simply amazing.

Given the craze that has been started by 50 Shades of Grey, ben wa balls are one of the things on the top of that list to get popular again. While they are fun, they just plain don't work for everyone or all the time, but at the low cost they are worth a shot. If worst comes to worst, they make a great wrist strengthening tool.

Great purchase if you are looking to tighten up the lower pelvic area. Other than that, they don't really have a purpose. If you are looking for pleasure and stimulation, you may want to look elsewhere.

It doesn't matter if you want stronger orgasms, or just to tighten your vagina -- these are what you want. You would go to gym to work on your body, right? Why not work on your vagina?

These Ben Wa Balls are supposed to bring you to orgasm and help you with your kegal exercises. This was not the case for me. I inserted them and I felt absolutely nothing. They didn't give me any sexual satisfaction and I had no problems keeping them in so they weren't helping me with my Kegal exercises. These are just a big hassle to get out and not really worth it.

While I was hopeful, I couldn't feel a thing when using these, no matter what I did. They're pretty and cheap, but may not work for everyone!

This item is worth the money if you don't mind the coating wearing off or having to replace them regularly. I used these after starting with the Lelo ones, which were too big for me. So far, these are the most effective balls I've found for advanced use, but if you want something that will last longer and be more hygienic, consider glass ones. Glass, however, is much lighter than metal, so the heaver they are, the bigger they'll be.

These balls are great for kegel exercising and for increasing pleasure during orgasms. They aren’t difficult to insert since they are about the size of a marble and have a nice weight to them. There is no cord to take them out so they may not be good for a beginner.

Very good product for kegel exercise, also good solo or with a partner. Great item, and good price. Would and have happily recommended them.

I do it all for the KEGAL MUSCLES! I love the item. It's fantastic. Great for your muscles and for the stimulation. My husband loves when I use them and can definately tell if I've been slacking off!

These little balls are really helpful to remind you to do your kegels. If you have a hard time remembering to do your kegels, these are for you! (Though, you do have to insert them for them to work. grin!!)

It is definitely worth the money if you plan to use it as a sex toy, the sensations it provides during sex is totally worth it, but if you bought it to work you out, look elsewhere.

The Ben Wa balls are simple to use and can provide entertainment in any situation, and can brighten even the dullest of meetings. They are good for partner and solo play.

Just to forewarn any potential buyers, the case has no closure on it and the lid comes off pretty easily. As anyone with pets knows, this can be a bad combination! So (after I found the ball that my cats stole and washed it off), I was ready to start playing.

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