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Clitoral pump reviews

16 reviews
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16 reviews

It is hard for me to write a review on a product I thoroughly dislike and maybe I had unrealistic expectations but this toy was a total disappointment for me. I find very little positive to say about it except that if you have a very sensitive clitoris it might be good for you.

This clitoral pump was a let down for me. I was really hoping it would replace my other pump but it just doesn't suck hard enough. If you are someone who doesn't need much suction or this is your first pump and if you are not one for direct vibration on the clitoris, it may be a good toy for you. But not for me.

This product all together just doesn't work. No suction. No Vibration. No use. Luckily enough we didn't waste any money on it. For some odd reason, we are keeping it to see if there is ANYTHING it can be used for.

This clitoral pump smells gross, doesn't stay on my clit, can't produce pleasing clitoral suction, and overall has been a massive disappointment.

Well if you love clitoral stimulation, as do I, then you gotta give this a try! It'll have you screaming in no time.

I personally think there are much better toys than this one. But if you are a beginner to clit pumps, I think this would be a stepping point for you.

The Clitoral Pump by Cal Exotics is a great addition to any toy chest. The suction provides a wonderful sensation, and after use, the clitoris is temporarily more sensitive to touch. The sensations are not akin to oral sex, but are a very unique sensation---one that deserves to be felt.

The Clitoral Pump by Cal Exotics is an easily used and cleaned toy and can be enjoyed by everyone. Who knew a clitoral pump would be great for using on nipples too? It's true, using this on the nipples (and the clitoris) is a great way to excite and arouse yourself or a partner before getting down and dirty, or even during if you can manage to keep it suctioned on. Even if you don't think you're really into pumps you should try it out just to make sure!

All in all this is a great product. I just wish that it had multiple speed variations. Also, when you try to turn it off, the bottom tends to fall off.

Overall, this product was well worth the money. It was very friendly on the wallet and on me. It didn't last very long, but the memories are there to stay. I enjoyed it every time I used it and will be replacing it as soon as possible.

Overall, you get what you pay for (thank goodness for free reviews, right?). It would be a hard sell for 26 dollars, but in any case, it will never fail to bring pleasure, and ultimately, orgasm.

I love suction play, but this wasn't the toy for me. I could deal with a buzzy vibe if the suction was strong, but weak suction and buzzy vibration made this a no-go. It might be an anatomy issue, though.

Great pump/ vibe. Gives strong clitoral stimulation, and stays put for the most part. Its a little bulky,but you get use to the size after a few uses. Awesome toy for couples, or solo play!

I just have to say that I was very disappointed in this product. I was hoping for so much more than you actually get.

The Clitoral Pump is adequate in achieving orgasm, but to do so requires lots of time and effort. The interchangeable sleeves are difficult to clean, and the pump is somewhat flimsy. Overall, this product gives a satisfactory performance for the price.

The Clitoral Pump is a great toy and produces excellent results. The construction is good, and the toy itself easy to use. Its design makes it fantastic for clitoral stimulation as well as for use on nipples.

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