Flirty little secret perfume oil with pheromones by Booty Parlor - reviews

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Flirty little secret perfume oil with pheromones reviews

13 reviews
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13 reviews

I love this product and given the chance I will buy it again. It works really, really well and it's replaced a lot of my perfume.

I wanted so bad to have a "flirty little secret", but this just isn't for me. The scent I picked up was too flowery and perfumy and just caused a headache. I was hoping to replace a product from a retailer I don't really care for but I guess they will be getting my business again because I just can't wear this perfume oil.

Scent is a big portion of attraction. It's what can help draw someone in when other things might be working against you. This little secret makes you smell a little flirty and will make those men act a little flirty, too. Seems like a win/win situation to me. I never leave home without this little weapon in my arsenal.

You can use pheromones to enhance your love life or to find one. Why wait? Try it, you'll love it!!

This perfume smells incredible, but I cannot attest to the potency of the pheromones. I believe that everyone should try this perfume, not only because it's wonderful, but because pheromones are different for everyone. Even the scent will come across differently to each person. To me, it smells like warm, sugary vanilla with undertones of sandalwood and just a hint of plum, but others pick up more on the cedarwood or jasmine. You won't know until you smell it!

This is one of my favorite perfume oils! Long lasting scent that is not overbearing. Many people have asked me what perfume I wear because they think it smells great!

I really wanted to like this product as I've had great experiences with the brand, but I just wasn't impressed. I didn't notice anything special from the pheromones, and without that, the perfume didn't have enough scent or staying power to offer me anything.

If you are looking to smell scrumptious, look no further! But if you are looking for a perfume that will make men fall all over themselves trying to get to you, you may want to keep searching. This perfume is easily carried on the go. It rolls on easily and rubs in nicely.

Booty Parlor says you will have everyone you pass thinking, "She radiates confidence, exudes sexiness. She's an intoxicating temptress that gets all the attention. What's her Flirty Little Secret?" Its portable, compact, adorable, and dripping with sex appeal! Give it try and I assure you, it will not leave the bitter taste of disappointment in your mouth. Be the center of attention, with all eyes on you!

The pheromones in this product were supposed to rock my world. Instead, my partner put this on and instantly turned herself on with the scent. It backfired, in a way, but I'm not complaining. If you know someone who is pheromone sensitive, this oil will have their head spinning. If nothing else, it makes for a nice perfume!

A cute, soft floral scented perfume that is easy to apply and perfect for a handbag accessory. Attracting horny males? Not entirely sold of the pheromone concept of things.

This is a great perfume, easy application, long lasting, just not the scent for me or my husband; so we'll keep looking. Try it, if you like the scent you will love it!

Flirty Little Secret Perfume Oil With Pheromones is a wonderful perfume oil. Even though I wasn't sold on the idea of the pheromones, they do really seem to work in their own subtle ways.

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