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JO H2O warming lubricant JO H2O warming lubricant

Lubricant by System JO

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JO H2O warming lubricant reviews

16 reviews
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16 reviews

In summary, I would definitely recommend this lubrication for personal use as well as coupled use. It is very silky, smooth and generates a lot of lubrication for both partners. If it was a warming lubrication, it would be even better but still worth enjoying.

I would recommend this to anyone looking to try a "sensation" lubricant. If you don't like menthol this might be for you. It's easy to use, slick and comfortable, and doesn't have to be reapplied often for a normal romp.

This lubricant is great for everyone. It gives you a nice warming sensation and doesn't get sticky as quickly as other water-based lubricants do. It does not have a strange odor and a little goes a long way.

This a great lube, especially if you have sensitive skin like myself. After many bad experiences in the past, I'm glad I found something that works so well.

Overall, this is a great lube that just doesn't make a big bang with the new "sensation". The texture is great and it's long lasting (I've barely made a dent in my bottle), but I wouldn't rave about it over the regular Jo water-based lube.

H2O Warming is great for everyone, even those who are sensitive to lubes! Though a bit runny and messy at times, this feels great and doesn't give you that uncomfortable oily feeling. No one should enjoy a day of sexiness without it. It kept me happy for over a year and will keep you happy too.

Some lubes fail on some levels, others don't fail at all, this failed on all the important levels. It didn't feel right, didn't absorb into the skin and left a rash. There are better lubricants in the sea ones that actually warm and don't feel like rubbing oil on the skin.

I do like the System Jo H2O lube and was hoping for a warming version of it. I was, needless to say, disappointed with my purchase, but will live with it. I would urge everyone to just buy the non-heating variety of System Jo H2O lubricants as they are amazing. I will finish up the bottle but will only buy the regular variety and possibly try the cooling, but that is a review for another day.

For some, this product might work like a charm, but for us it was just a disaster. While it is easy to open and condom and toy safe, it is sticky and has a faint aroma of mint.

A product that gets the job done. It is a slick substance, but it will leave you wanting a warmer experience.

Overall, I enjoyed this product. Easy to use, cleaning is a breeze and it's long lasting. Only disappointment for me was the warming sensation that didn't seem strong enough for me.

I haven't tried it out on another human, but using this lubrication for hands or masturbation sleeves doesn't work as well as it should. I wouldn't currently recommend this lubricant to anyone.

This is a great warming lubricant for me, someone who doesn't like intense heat from oils and lubricants. However, it might be too mild for some. As a lubricant it isn't too messy, is slick, relatively long lasting, and is easy to clean up. It helps to replace some of the body warmth intimacy that it sometimes lost with the use of synthetic lubricants.

its great use for anything males or females the best thing besides the vibrators.its great for men if the want to just jack off or if a lonely women wants some fingering action its really great or everyone.

This is the lube that makes lubes fun! A little goes a long way, provides excellent lubrication without having to get sloppy and messy, is easy to clean up, and warms up very nicely!

Altogether, it would take a lot to separate me from this lube. I’ve recommended it to several friends and they’re just as pleased. The lube may appear to be a little expensive, but that being said… This personal lubricant goes very far. Try out any of the System Jo H20 Lubricants, you won’t regret it.

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