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Mini pearlessence reviews

37 reviews
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Average review rating
37 reviews

Excellent vibrator for a first timer and someone just figuring out what they like! It's inexpensive, very cute, and can be suited to your needs and desires in a variety of different ways. Give it a try, you just might like it!

It's great if you want to try out a vibrator, and it has easy maintenance too. It is easy to insert and has pretty good levels of vibration on a full battery. The downside is that it drains the batteries quickly, and you lose those strong vibes on lower battery power!

It is a good little toy, and you can travel with it! Make sure it's padded in your bag though or it will break! You will love this buddy as a simple toy. the color is fabulous too! It's a little loud for the size but it does work. It's a classic! Buying one when you're on a budget is awesome. If you're looking for a daily toy that you wanna carry with you, I would suggest something a little stronger and more durable.

This toy, despite the satisfaction it gave me was retired as soon as I saw it leeching oils. I would recommend even beginners spend a bit more on their first toy for a safer material. The reward is not worth the risk.

The Mini Perlessence is great for beginners, but can also be used by advanced users. It is smooth, easy to use and powerful. You get it for a great price as well!

The Mini Pearl Essence is great for beginners, its quiet, and made of safe-to-use material. Plus, it is REALLY cheap.

The Mimi pearlessence is a cute and cheap vibe for someone looking for their first vibe and don't want to spend too much money. Her settings are limited, and she is louder than I would like her to be. She's still a good beginner toy, or even a good warm up toy.

If you are into the classic vibrator style, you may like this toy. It's also a good choice for beginners who are trying vibes out for the first time or for those who do not want an intimidating size to deal with. It's affordable and easy to care for. It doesn't pack a heavy punch when it comes to vibrations, but it's suitable for those who like a gentle speed.

If this is your first time with a vibrator or you're a virgin (or both, like I was!), then this is an inexpensive option to get the feel of a vibrator.

While this toy seems pretty plain, it is a great addition to anyone's collection. Whether using it for insertion or for clitoral stimulation, it is a fun little toy that is easy to travel with.

I would only recommend this for a first time vibrator. The vibrations are weak, and the toy is loud. It is not waterproof and is not flexible. I only enjoyed it for nipple stimulation, since internally and clitorally it was simply too weak. I wanted to love this toy, but it just didn't do its job.

This toy is a must have for any beginner to vibrator use. The noise and texture aren't to die for but the maintenance and size are easy to deal with for a person who likes low maintenance toys.

This vibrator didn't win any love from me. However, if you're a beginner and looking for something straightforward and non-intimidating, then this toy is for you.

First timers like me will love this sweet little device. It gave me my first orgasm in a matter of minutes! It's such a wonderful and affordable toy that will definitely enlighten any first time users of the many joys of sex toys.

I love this toy and will continue to buy this one until I get too old for play time. It is durable, pretty, fun and easy to use. Anybody can enjoy this work of art! It is definitely worth buying, specially since it is at a great cost. Easy and cheap to replace or add more! Even with its one flaw, it is still getting a 5 star rating from me!

This is a pretty good little vibe for the price. It's quiet, it's easy to hide, and it has decent power if you don't prefer strong vibrations like I do. I definitely recommend it for beginners, though.

I would buy this product all over again. I love just about everything about it. It's a great beginner toy.

This vibe did not do anything for me. I regret this purchase, and I would not recommend this bullet to anyone else. If you like small vibrators with low power, then the Mini Pearlessence is for you.

I could not recommend a better starter toy than this one. If you are not sure what you want or like try the mini. It is inexpensive and won't intimidate you on your first try.

This is a very simple toy that is great for beginners. It is inexpensive, has a long battery life, and its easy to store. The only downside to it is that it isn't waterproof. This is great for clitoral stimulation and has easy to use controls.

This is a handy vibrator worth the small price, since it is perfect for travel and hiding discreetly with its small size, but impressive speed.

Overall, I think that this is a nice addition to a toy collection, especially for beginners. The multi-speed dial function makes it easy to find what intensity works best at that moment. The variety of colors are cute and the diameter of the vibrator is rather satisfying. Not to mention the price makes it an inexpensive loss if you really don't care for the product after all.

This vibrator is worth buying and using because it's the perfect size for a first time user and great for ladies who have never experienced toy play.

For the price you will not be disappointed. I have spent more on bullets and small vibes that were a LOT weaker than this one. Gets the job done and if I had to buy another one I would. I have bought this for many friends, because it is so cheap and so good.

If you are looking for a first time vibrator, this is definitely a good start! It's small, affordable, and it gets the job done. A great addition to any toy box!

The Mini Pearlessence is a smaller version of the traditional vibrator. It's extremely easy to use and provides a good experience. For this price, you can't lose!

If you're looking for your first toy, this is the perfect toy for you! It's strong enough to ease you into vibrators, but not so strong as to overstimulate the beginner. But if you're more experienced, this may be more fun to ease you into the mood, but you may want something a bit more complex.

This item is well worth this price. It is a perfect toy for a timid first time user who isn't sure what to expect from sex toys yet. The Mini Pearlessence is also great college students with roommates since it is so easy to hide.

Really great for beginners, and good for the experts to have on hand. Really gets the job done. It's a keeper.

It is a quiet toy, and easy to take with you if you want to use it. It is also a good toy that has decent speed and vibrations to it.

This toy is worth every penny. It isn't very expensive, but is a quality product. The vibrations are steady and moderate. I use it with great results to achieve clitoral orgasm and would recommend it for anyone.

This is the perfect discreet vibrator for sex toy beginners and experts alike! Cheap and powerful, the greatest combination of all!

This vibrator is as basic and easy to use as you can get, so it appeals to both the inexperienced kid with money burning a hole in their pocket for that first sex toy purchase or the sex toy enthusiast who wants a very basic pleasure device without the bells and whistles.

I really like this toy and would recommend it to anyone who needs a quiet no fuss vibrator. It isn't large or long but it will get the job done anyway. It is very well constructed and worth the price.

even though we had not intended to keep using the toy thinking it would give out its still going to this day

This vibrator is great for single our couple sex. The sleek surface is great! While the noise level is bad, the intensity of the orgasms out weigh any sound issue. The vibrator is easily washed and fits nicely in a drawer for storage.

If your new to sex toys or are on a budget, then this is the perfect little buddy for you.

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