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Tongue dinger Tongue dinger

Tongue vibrator by Hott products unlimited

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Tongue dinger reviews

18 reviews
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18 reviews

I like this as an every once in a while surprise. If you want to add a little something to your oral, I say try it. Since it is inexpensive it isn't a big loss if it doesn't thrill you.

If you're not the one for tongue piercings, trying one of these would be fun. For those of you who have a tongue piercing, I would say, spring for the money on a regular vibrating tongue ring. It would be more worth the money and time.

This toy is a bust. Don't waste your money on it. I give kudos for the good idea, but it just won't stay on your tongue. Its main function is, well, dysfunctional.

Not something I would ever recommend to anyone nor would i get it again. It was a great idea but just didn't make the cut.

With the Tongue Dinger you can add a little spice to your oral sex life! Its not too strong, but not "weak". Just enough to give your oral magic a little pizazz! Cute and fits anyone, bullet is disposable after 45 mins or so, but ring is reusable.

If you’re looking for a tongue vibrator this is definitely not the one you want, but if you looking for a great little experimental toy, then for the price you can’t pass it up. The vibrations are great just not in your mouth.

I cannot recommend this item based on my experience because, while the idea behind it is great and it is a really fun toy to try out, the difficulty of keeping the vibrator on the tongue makes for more of a frustrating experience. If this problem were solved, this little item would be in regular rotation in my bedroom because its concept is so simple and it requires no advance preparation. Throw it on your tongue and have fun!

This product wouldn't stay on the tongue and provided little stimulation. For the price it would be great for beginners.

This was a fun experience. My partner and I worked together to make this toy work. Even though it wouldn't stay on either of our tongues, we used it on our fingers. The vibration is very powerful and I enjoyed this toy on my clit the best.

For a five dollar toy, it's not bad, but it's not amazing either. It's got itty bitty pieces that make changing the batteries basically not worth it. If you lose the switch, then you've ruined the toy. It's not pure silicone as claimed, it fits awkwardly, and it's certainly not waterproof. It's an inexpensive thrill, but don't expect anything earth-shattering for the price.

This vibrating tongue ring is worth what you pay. Although it doesn't work how it's supposed to, with a little imagination you can get your five dollars worth easily.

This is a very versatile toy. While not the most well thought-out design with the super-stretchy band, you will find plenty of uses for this little dinger! If you're blessed with a long enough or thick enough tongue, you could even use it as intended!

This item is definitely worth the 4 or 5 bucks for it's size and power. It makes a great couples or personal vibe.

If you are looking for something affordable to add some excitement to our sex life the tongue dinger is the perfect toy! Great addition for couples whether used for going down on your girl or heating it up when she gives you a blow job.

This item is worth the price, providing almost 40 minutes of action. The downside of slipping off the tongue was annoying but with a little creativity, the Tongue Dinger could still be deployed.

This item is definitely worth spending five dollars. It's easy to carry around without being noticed. The disappointing factor it's is longevity.

The Tongue Dinger is definately worth a try for it's versatility. It's possibly the best 40 minute toy $5.00 can buy.

Overall I really enjoyed this product. My battery is completely gone so I guess I have to buy a new one now.

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