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Tongue dinger

Tongue vibrator by Hott products unlimited

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Mixed Feelings

The Tongue Dinger is definately worth a try for it's versatility. It's possibly the best 40 minute toy $5.00 can buy.
Fairly quiet and discrete. Vibrations feel nice on the body.
Resting it on the tongue for me was painful. The ring was too small to use on the penis.
Rating by reviewer:
useful review
I ordered this after my husband told me one of his playmates had used one and he liked it very much. I bought the purple one and when it arrived I was pleased to see it was very compact and looked as though it would fit easily in my mouth. It fit just fine and was comfortable on my tongue until I turned it on and found the sensation of my tongue vibrating to be very unpleasant. It made my tongue hurt and aggravated my facial nerves so I didn't try it out on my husband or boyfriend while in my mouth. It doesn't have an unpleasant odor or taste. It is silicone and really meant for one use so cleaning shouldn't be a major issue though a water based cleaner should work if you still have battery life left.
I decided to try the Dinger on my finger and that worked wonderfully. I ran it over my nipples and the sensation was amazing. I moved it down my belly to my pussy and ran the raised edges lightly over my lips sighing with pleasure before I traced it over my clit. This is where things got really user friendly! I was able to bring myself to the brink of orgasm much quicker than with other finger type vibrators and it was a very intense and wonderful experience. I was able to tease myself quite a while before I exploded, though I was mindful that I had bought this little baby for my husband. You cannot replace the batteries and it says on the package that it has about a 40 minute battery. I had used about 20 minutes so I selflessly saved the rest for him. >:)

We tried the Dinger during an intense blowjob and my husband actually writhed and moaned with pleasure which is high praise indeed given that he is very controlled and usually quiet during oral sex. Having the Dinger Vibrator on my finger did allow me to give him the sensation of my tongue vibrating without it hurting me. We had enough time after for him to experiment on me and it was wonderful when he ran it over my nipples and clit confirming what I had experienced in my solo play.

The Tongue Dinger did indeed last about 40 minutes but I think it's worth the price and I will be purchasing another or maybe a few more soon. Given that I couldn't tolerate the products intended use I can't honestly say it was good for it's intended purpose. It is a fun little toy and added a bit of spice to both of us while we were making love. Running it over my clit allowed him to feel the vibrations on different parts of his penis and inside of me as well.

The vibrations are a bit intense so if your clit is super sensitive you might want to try it in large circles before zeroing in on the nerve bundle. My boyfriend is more sensitive on the head of his penis (he's uncircumsized) and found it to be too intense for his liking but moving down his shaft was pleasurable and he agreed that it's nice to have though he too found it to be not so much fun on the tongue. The ring is stretchy and we wondered if it could be used as a cock ring but though the silicone is sturdy and didn't break it was too tight on their penises to be comfortable.

The construction is very sturdy and since it was intended to be used in the mouth we reasoned it would be ok used "down south" on me. It was an amazing feeling to have it vibrating away inside while a warm tongue danced over my clit. I definitely recommend trying this product though I won't recommend placing it on your tongue using the ring. I suppose if you can tolerate the vibrations holding it in your mouth while having oral sex could be fun though it we really enjoyed ourselves before the battery died just using it on a finger.
Follow-up commentary
This was a fun little disposable toy though it didn't work for me on my mouth. It was great for clitoral and perineum stimulation and we all liked it while it lasted. The ring broke a few uses before the battery finally died but for the price of the toy it was a very sweet deal.

Anyone who might be considering a tongue vibe might want to try one of these babies out first just to see if it would be a good fit. I, personally didn't like the sensation of my tongue vibrating but loved the versatility of this toy for finger usage.

I buy these for people as stocking stuffers now just to see the raised eyebrows. :)
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  • Bulma
    The properties tab shows this as TPR Silicone not to be confused with pure Silicone, though in a disposable toy it wouldn't make much difference.
    Bummer it doesn't work very well as an actual tongue vibrator, but glad that you found other fun ways to use it. :)
  • Airen Wolf
    Ahh thanks Bulma I completely over looked the difference...writing a review after the fun when tired may not be the smartest answer. :) Still I do recommend the toy for all the fun things that you can do in 40 minutes...we got a laugh when I suggested it was a sort of stop watch. We had visions of ready...set...GO! I can imagine a game show in the making....
  • Dame Demi
    I've always been curious about tongue vibrators and have not yet tried one. Thanks for the enlightening and informative review!
  • Dragon
    Love to see you try a few other tongue vibrators and see how it compares! I've never tried any of them, but I'm not a big fan of vibration either.
  • Airen Wolf
    I dunno if I am all that interested in trying other tongue vibrators, that experience was very bad and my tongue hasn't yet forgiven me. LOL Still it is a lot of fun and for the low price I will be getting more...I'm envisioning maybe two or three on a hand. Course then again I'm thinking a Tantra Beam might be a better item for that.
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