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If you want a pump to help you get it up, or to BRIEFLY enlarge your penis before sex or other activities, go for this pump and use it safely. If you are interested in long term pumping, combined with other techniques, for permanent size gain (very difficult to do) then you should invest in a pump that is fitted to your girth and has a pressure gauge. I should note that many other pumps on this and other sites break in the first few uses. This has lasted!

I had a so-so experience with the Adonis penis pump. I am still waiting to see if it will have lasting effects on the length of my penis. I am realistically trying to do the pump as a daily regiment to see if it will aid in the growth which is a real pain in the ass.

Want to experiment with pumping without spending a fortune? Get a good quality, smaller pump with a better designed pump than the typical low end squeeze bulb. Lacking a pressure gauge, a bit of research prior to using is a great idea. Common sense, keeping the pressure low and not over vacuuming will allow you to have fun and see if the pump is for you!

Ladies! Fun Gift for Him. Boys, put your Pee Pee in here!

Hey, I was being nice and bought this for my husband. It is a fun "toy" to use with foreplay and it actually works to increase girth and length. It has markings to show you that it is working. My husband says that it works well as a masturbation sleeve too! We have nothing to compare it to as it is the first one we own but we wont need to buy another one since we like this one so well.

If you're looking to get started with penis pumping, this is a great investment. It is sturdy and safe, and it will provide a great experience and introduction into penis pumping. Make sure you research pumping before using or buying this pump.

Cal Exotics' Adonis pump is a well designed, average sized penis pump without some of the bells and whistles found on more expensive pumps. The pump handle is ergonomic and easy to use. It comes with two different inserts, one of which can be used separately as a masturbation sleeve. It has a quick release purge valve to keep things from getting out of hand, so to speak. All good parts that come together to make a very useful penis pump.

The Adonis Pump is solid, simple to use, and easy to clean. I Found the Adonis Pump to be extremely effective in the task of achieving an erection. With the included pleasure sleeve, I was surprisingly able to masturbate with The Adonis Pump. I personally recommend this to anybody looking to purchase a pump.

This is overall a pretty decent pump, with some sub-parr sleeves. Its one of the better ones I have tried. It has room for improvement, but they are just little things.

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