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Cal Exotics' Adonis pump is a well designed, average sized penis pump without some of the bells and whistles found on more expensive pumps. The pump handle is ergonomic and easy to use. It comes with two different inserts, one of which can be used separately as a masturbation sleeve. It has a quick release purge valve to keep things from getting out of hand, so to speak. All good parts that come together to make a very useful penis pump.
Ergonomic pump handle, two different inserts, measurement lines.
Inserts can split if left on the cylinder.
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The purpose of any penis pump (the Adonis is no exception) is to achieve an erection. It does this by sealing the chamber around the penis and then creating a vacuum to pull blood into the penis, which creates an erection. If a cock ring is added to hold the blood in the penis, it dramatically helps maintain the erection. Some people begin a daily regimen with a pump in order to achieve an increase in penis size. There is no definitive evidence of a lasting size increase. Cal Exotics presents some useful features, while omitting some of the bells and whistles found on other pumps. The Adonis does its job well with the inclusion of two TPR sleeves (one longer than the other) to provide the seal needed to help the pump do its job. There is a release valve, which is almost a necessary feature, to improve the release.
    • Anywhere

Material / Texture

There are several materials of construction used for the Adonis pump. The cylinder is made from plastic. The product page lists two different materials for the cylinder inserts: the longer one is listed as a masturbator and the page says it is TPR, while the shorter one is a tapered doughnut insert and is listed as silicone. In my comparison of the two inserts, they seem to be constructed of the same material, and my guess would be that the material is TPR. I would like to make a point here to say that leaving the inserts in place on the cylinder is not a good idea, because is seems like the edge of the cylinder can begin stretching and wearing the insert material until it is very likely to rip. I had this experience with the masturbator insert. It is still usable, but it is now shorter than it was, so it covers less than was originally intended.

As far as textures are concerned, the inserts are probably the most important. The masturbator insert, which can be used with or without the pump, has nubs ringing its interior that continue the length of the insert. The tapered doughnut insert has some ridges, but they are not all that noticeable during use. The doughnut insert is the type most commonly found with pumps, and is there really to provide a good seal more than to provide texture to the experience. The exterior of the cylinder is smooth, transparent plastic, which is common with pumps, so that you can see what's going on inside while you are using it. It does become slick if your hands are covered with lube, so having something available to wipe your hands off is a good idea.
    • Bumpy
    • Somewhat porous
    • Textured interior

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

This is a normal sized pump for us normal sized guys. If you are a Big Dick Richie, you probably want to look for a Magnum sized pump. There are measurement lines marked on the cylinder out to 20 cm (7.87 inches) so it can take above average as well. If you have a lot of girth, however, the tapered doughnut insert might be uncomfortable, so purchase accordingly. If you have those sorts of issues, you may not need a pump any way, right? If you are close to average, then you should be able to use this pump without issue. The measurement lines are useful in helping you determine the length (and girth) that you are achieving. For girth, the measurement lines are close to the base of the pump, start at the center of the length lines, and measure both directions radially. This can provide some amount of radial measurement of girth.
    • May be too tight for some
    • Will fit most people

Functions / Performance / Controls

The Adonis pump includes a release valve that is very easy to use. Just depress the button to release the vacuum. The button springs closed when released, so you are not required to release the entire vacuum all at once. The pump mechanism is comfortable to hold and easy to use as well. It isn't the standard grip that is common with a lot of pumps: it is a two finger pull in a sort of cage. The design is very ergonomic, and I feel like it is more efficient and easier to operate than the standard grip. I also feel like it is less tiring for my forearm.
    • Easy to use
    • Ergonomic

Care and Maintenance

Care of the Adonis pump is pretty straightforward. There are no electric parts to worry about, so washing it down can be accomplished with soap and hot water. The tubing can be removed if necessary. The inserts can be removed as well and cleaned separately. Once everything was removed, the cylinder could be cleaned in the dishwasher if you wanted to go that route. The pump mechanism does have metal parts, and sustained contact with water will result in rust, so let it dry completely if it does get wet. It would be best to allow all parts to dry before storing to avoid any moisture issues. Since the inserts may contain silicone, they should be stored without contact with other silicone containing toys. It would also be best to avoid silicone based lube, so water based lubricant is your best bet.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


The Adonis pump comes wrapped in a plastic bag housed in a cardboard box that is meant for hanging. The box has a large picture of the pump on the front, and has a smaller picture of a male torso off in the corner where it looks like the pump is in use, but male genitals are obscured. I would certainly not consider this packaging discreet, but it could definitely be worse. I suppose that the box could continue to be used to store the toy, but if you are going to keep it in a toy box (like I do), then the box is going to get damaged and be pretty useless in just a short while. Plus, it takes up extra space that I can't afford to waste. At least I can just throw the box in the recycle bin.
    • Not discreet
    • Recyclable


Penis pumps are something I usually play with by myself. I have let my partner watch once, but she didn't seem too interested in the process, so I usually reserve it for private time. A well fit cock ring really helps maintain the erection that is produced from this pump. The longer insert isn't all that impressive when used on its own, but if I lube up well and have it installed on the cylinder, I can use the pump as a masturbation sleeve and it's pretty good. It's not going to replace a Fleshlight, mind you, but it adds a little something to this pump. You can even play around with adding a slight vacuum to the experience between strokes to make things more interesting. All in all, this pump worked very well, and at this price makes for an inexpensive way for a guy to try out a penis pump.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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