Alloy metal ring - sex toy by Cal Exotics - reviews

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Alloy metal ring reviews

12 reviews
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12 reviews

Although the appearance is very sleek, it is almost too rigid. Overall, it just isn't that exciting to use. I wouldn't recommend buying this product.

This ring is easy to get on, keeps you hard, and gives a guy some cool jewelry to wear to impress your lady.

This is definitely not a beginner's product. If this is something you're interested in and have used a rubber ring before, I say go for it! It's a good product, just not for first-timers!

This is a great metal cockring for those willing to give it a try, it will definitely reward them! The fact it is unflexible is nothing to worry about, measure twice, buy once!

At this price, this tube is a steal both for function and for a unique display (and play) with the package. Nothing says "Ready for action!" like having everything sticking forward, promising additional sensation to both partners. Sizing may be a little difficult, but at the price point you aren't going to go wrong if you happen to get the wrong size by mistake. Stand forward and salute, boys!

Overall I like this toy a lot. I'll probably keep it forever and it seems like it will last forever too. It's easy to hide in plain sight. It just looks like a big bushing. But look at the measurements and measure yourself to make sure you order the correct size. Order a size bigger if you're unsure.

A very nice product that, for me, has uses other than the intended one. While not perfect, I am happy that I own them.

For the price, this alloy cock ring is worth a try. If you succeed at getting this smooth and tight ring around your manhood, you are going to see and feel one of the hardest erections you've had in a long time. However, the benefits of this cock ring are only for the patient and wise since it can be difficult to put on. With this ring, mind blowing pleasure is probable and patience is essential.

A basic metal cock ring for those looking to move beyond the stretchy variety. Just be sure to check the measurements carefully.

This toy is phenomenal. If you want to try out hot or cold play or if you are looking for a good starter metal cock ring, you can’t go wrong with this, It is simple, but very effective in what it’s supposed to do.

The Alloy Metal Cock Ring from California Exotics is a simple, easy-to-use cock ring that is a solid, rigid metal band. It's light weight makes it ideal as a "first" metal cock ring.

The simple smooth design of the Alloy metal ring, gives it a sleek and elegant appearance. That's not all this ring has to offer though because it's completely functional too. It's very effective at constricting blood flow, and trapping it inside of my penis, creating a harder and longer lasting erection that both of us were able to appreciate. Just be aware of the different sizes available and what would work best for you.

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