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Looks Like A Pump, Feels Like A Sneaker...

The Alloy Metal Cock Ring from California Exotics is a simple, easy-to-use cock ring that is a solid, rigid metal band. It's light weight makes it ideal as a "first" metal cock ring.
Solid and metal, yet lightweight and gentle - and it is beautiful classic in design.
It's very light and doesn't have much presence when worn.
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The Alloy Metal Ring from California Exotics is, truly, an excellent product for investigating the feelings involved with wearing a wide cock ring, or for experimenting with correct sizing. Metal(/rigid) cock rings are different from gummy or stretchy cock rings in that their sizing is important (one size does not fit all). Generally, one wants as tight a ring as possible without it getting stuck in place, and this cock ring is light and inexpensive enough to allow that experimentation, while being an all-round excellent cock ring as well.

The purpose of a cock ring, of course, is to prolong an erection and intensify orgasm by trapping (more rather, hindering passage of) blood in an erect penis. This ring does exactly that, and it does it well.

Material / Texture

This ring is made from "Alloy", which could mean many things. It is very very lightweight, so I assume its some sort of aluminum alloy. Whatever its composition, it is definitely metal and it is pleasantly light. It is very shiny and smooth - like a polished napkin ring.

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

My particular cock ring is two inches in diameter. The band is wide - a few centimeters wide, or half an inch - and the ring is only a few millimeters thick. The edges are polished smoothly into soft curves so there are no sharp pinchy angles to worry about. It is not perfectly smooth, however, the inside of the ring shows the fusion point where the band was brought together. This is not overly rough or anything, and should not pose any sort of issue. It is, as advertised, two inches in diameter.

Functions / Performance / Controls

To put on the cock ring, slip the testicles through one at a time, followed by the flaccid penis. If the ring is too small to accommodate that, it can be worn around the testicles alone, or around the shaft alone. Whatever feels fun.

Metal conducts things, namely heat, cold, electricity and vibrations. This cock ring is fun cooled down in ice water (or under a cold water tap, or a fridge - just not a freezer!) or by warm water (never boiling water), and marries well with a number of sex toys that vibrate or provide light electrical shocks (like the Nexus iStim). Experiment and play - and have fun!

Care and Maintenance

As this ring is metal, it can be boiled (bleached etc) to sanitize and share.

Personal comments

An individual must be fitted for a cock ring - not just any size will do. Remember that diameter is the dimension that is the straight line across the center of the cock ring. To find this, just wrap a length of string around the base of the cock and balls. Be firm and tight - but not excessive. Measure this length, and divide by 3.14, and that's your diameter. Measure a few times, and round to the nearest half inch.

If you find the cock ring is too tight, you can chill your package with cold water in an attempt to get it off. Try and keep it on for less than half an hour at a time.
Follow-up commentary
The alloy metal cock ring has done well with time - most impressively, there is no corrosion of the ring or flaking of the finish despite some trips through the boiling pot. My partner prefers his other cock ring, which is more of a rounded doughnut in shape (rather than this thin ring), for most sexy times, but I love using this ring for e-stim play with my TENS unit. Metal conducts, of course, but this ring is flat surfaced so it makes it easy to tape electrodes to it to electrify the thing.

So despite it being my partners second choice in cock rings, I like this ring for certain bedroom games, and, well, the price point for this ring is really stellar.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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