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Beauty sleeve reviews

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16 reviews

Beauty Sleeve is worth considering as an alternative to the more expensive masturbation sleeves if you want to find out if they are for you before shelling out the big bucks. As a bonus, if your wife is strange like me, she might find it sexy and fascinating and want to use it on you a lot.

For the price, this is a must have toy. I can't find any faults in it. This would be the best of its type that I have ever had.

A good sleeve for all but the very sensitive. With the hard ridges at the base and the nubs at the top, this sleeve gives a LOT of stimulation. The three chambers allow for a lot of variety during play. If you're on the fence, compare the price with other known sleeves. This sleeve is worth trying out based on that information alone.

The Beauty Sleeve is definitely worth the investment. It's a great change-up in feel and intensity from the standard sleeves, pocket pussies, etc. As a clear toy it's also a lot of fun with a partner as well

I'm really glad we bought this sleeve and we'll be buying another one for my husband to have if he travels. This way he can have one to take with him to take care of his needs, and I'll have one left at home to pre-lube my toys with so I won't have to go crazy with him gone. If you hate lube like I do, I encourage you to get this and use it to "pre-lube" your toys for use!

This is an inexpensive way to try out male masturbators to see if they are something you enjoy. Not intended to last forever, but great for repeated use and doesn't cost much more than something disposable. The textures and sensations are fantastic and I loved using this on my partner.

Simply put, my left hand feels better than this toy. I can't believe how great this toy seems on paper and how badly it performs in reality!

This is great for a first time masturbator, if you are looking for new texture, or to grab something to take with you for travel. It does not have a very long life, however, and great care should be taken not to destroy it. All in all it gets three stars from me.

The Beauty Sleeve is almost like having three good toys rolled into one great one. Each section offers its own unique sensation, and each one feels great in it's own way. The only problem is how easily the toy can attract dirt and lint. This is a definite place to start for anyone who hasn't used a masturbation sleeve before

For about 20 dollars, this toy was what I was looking for. It is a great beginner level masturbation sleeve. If you are on the fence about spending money on a more expensive product, go with this. It's convenient to clean and it looks and feels great. What's not to like?

A budget sleeve that doesn't disappoint. Another wonderful toy from Japan that is sure to thrill you and/or your lover. Highly recommended.

For use solo or with a partner, this toy provides amazing sensations that compete with those found in sleeves at much higher price points. If you're looking for a change in your masturbation routine or want to add some excitement to a hand job, this is a great first step into the world of sleeves.

The Beauty sleeve is a masturbator that provides a nice alternative to your good old hand. It is designed with three different textures to provide varying sensations to your cock. The elastic quality of the TPE material allows this 6" sleeve to stretch to fit almost any size. For value and experience, you just can't go wrong with the Beauty sleeve.

If you're looking for something cool and price is of importance, this would be a great toy to use. It's no Fleshlight, but then again, it doesn't really need to be.

Because of the unique and surprising ways that this sleeve stimulates the head of your penis, this masturbator is a great buy even if the packaging is in a foreign language and you don't know how to read the Japanese writing all over the box. Once mixed with a good lube the beauty sleeve perfectly pampers the penis of almost any size and width. If you are looking for a luxurious experience for your cock at an non-luxurious price, consider playing with the Beauty Sleeve by Toy's Heart.

You spin the wheel when you buy a bargain-priced masturbation sleeve. The Beauty Sleeve is one of those rare products that manages to combine a reasonable price with reasonable performance.

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