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Have Your Beauty Hold Your Beauty Sleeve

Beauty Sleeve is worth considering as an alternative to the more expensive masturbation sleeves if you want to find out if they are for you before shelling out the big bucks. As a bonus, if your wife is strange like me, she might find it sexy and fascinating and want to use it on you a lot.
Not very durable
Difficult to clean
It is not a Fleshlight
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Since I've been here at Eden, I've been steadily acquiring toys for myself, and toys to use with my husband. But until recently, we hadn't talked about getting something for him to use by himself. He was interested in the popular Fleshlight toys, but being thrifty, he wasn't ready to spend $80 on a toy without having a pretty good idea whether he would like it or not. We looked around the site, and discovered "Beauty Sleeve." When we got done giggling at the name and the Anime/Hentai theme, we read some reviews and looked a little closer, and we decided to splurge and spend $16 to buy it on sale.

The Beauty Sleeve is meant to be used as a handheld male masturbator. It is about 6 1/2" long, making it one of the smaller masturbation sleeves available. It doesn't come with an exterior hard cup; it's just a soft sleeve. It does have s couple of faint grip marks on the outside, presumably to make it easier to hold onto.
    • Campus/roommate living

Material / Texture

The Beauty sleeve is made out of TPE, which rates a 6 out of 10 for safety on Eden's Materials Guide. It feels soft and dry, but slightly sticky in your hand. It is firm enough to hold its shape while in use, but it's soft enough that you can feel the penis moving up & down inside it, as you hold it. It has a set of what are meant to look like labia, and a vaginal opening, on one end. The other end is closed.

The exterior is mostly untextured, except for the couple of grips I mentioned and the "pussy lips" at the open end. Inside, there are several different areas of texture to stimulate the penis. Just inside the opening is a series of pronounced ridges, then a couple of inches of more subtle rounded-off ridges, and then the last few inches, which make up the closed end of the toy, are covered with small, soft bumps.
This picture shows the texture from the outside looking at it from the side angle, from the outside looking at it from the top angle, and what the inside looks like when the sleeve is turned inside-out:
    • Bumpy

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

This toy is smaller than many of its kind, but it's very stretchy, and should stretch to accommodate any size penis. According to my husband, it is a tight fit, and the material is somewhat firmer than the Fleshlight, and these things cause the texture to feel more intense than a Fleshlight feels. It's best to use a light hold on the toy when in use, because any tight squeezing can be uncomfortable. Also, like any masturbation sleeve, it requires a good amount of lubricant, preferably a thick one. Try Sliquid Sassy Booty. You can use silicone-based or water-based lubricant with this TPE sleeve.
    • Will fit most people

Functions / Performance / Controls

My husband and I regularly make masturbation a part of our sex life, whether we're watching each other or helping each other along a little bit. So when we got this toy, I had the honor of holding it while he used it. The material is transparent, but the texture inside makes it appear more like translucent; you can't quite see every detail through it. But it's so sexy! I loved seeing his cock move through it, and when he came, I thought it was so hot! Maybe I sound a little overenthusiastic, but I really liked using this toy with him. I was already halfway to coming myself when he finished. So if nothing else, try one of these toys with your significant other and see how he or she likes it.
Here is a picture of my Tantus Tsunami inside the Beauty Sleeve:

My husband wasn't as enthusiastic as I was. He liked it just fine when I held it, and he used it alone once or twice, but he liked it a lot more when we used it together than when he was alone. Since then, we bought a Fleshlight, and he likes that much better. It's softer than the Beauty Sleeve, and the sleeve material is much thicker and more plush. The plastic cup that it's in is much more effective to grip. All in all, it's more realistic and more comfortable than the Beauty Sleeve. So the bottom line for him was that using the Beauty Sleeve was enough to convince him that he did like the idea, and that the Fleshlight would probably be worth the price, so he bought one and as expected, he enjoys it.
    • Very stimulating

Care and Maintenance

Cleaning this toy, like most masturbation sleeves, is kind of a hassle. It has a closed end, so it must be turned inside-out to fully clean the inside. I cleaned it the first time, and my word of advice is to make sure you have a good grip on it before finishing turning it inside-out. It's very slippery, especially when it's wet, and the first time I tried, when it was halfway inside-out, it slipped out of my hand, and the force of it going back to its neutral position threw water (and whatever else) up into my face! If you're cleaning it for someone, presumably you know them VERY well and this isn't a huge problem, but it's not exactly pleasant. So get a good grip on it before you clean it. Once it's inside-out, it stays that way easily, and you can wash it with soap and water.

Then make sure it's completely dry (we use a hair dryer on a low setting, or you can leave it out overnight to dry), turn it right-side-out and clean that side, and then dry it thoroughly. It's most important that it is completely dry before you put it away. Some have suggested using a little cornstarch on it when it's dry, before putting it away, but we have found that as long as there is no moisture at all, it can be put away without the addition of cornstarch. It should be stored, with or without cornstarch, in a plastic bag away from other toys and light.

The Beauty Sleeve has lasted through four or five uses so far, and it's still as good as new. When compared to the Fleshlight, it's obvious that it isn't as durable, and we're not sure how long it will last, but I'm happy to use it on him in the meantime. I definitely find it much sexier to watch and participate with than the Fleshlight. (It's kind of creepy to see Tori Black's--whoever that is--pussy-lips on my husband's penis. Not sexy.)
    • Hard to clean
    • High maintenance


The Beauty Sleeve came packaged in a plastic bag, inside a funny box from Japan, and the whole thing was sealed in shrink wrap. Here are the four panels of the box:
    • Very informative if you read japanese

Personal comments

If you're interested in trying a masturbation sleeve without taking out a second mortgage or going without groceries for a week or two, my advice would be to try the Beauty Sleeve. It's no Fleshlight, but it has enough in common that you can probably figure out if you would like to upgrade or not. Oh, and make sure to get your partner involved. It's a lot of fun.
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