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Lady original reviews

40 reviews
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Average review rating
40 reviews

This item is well worth the money. It performs unbelievably well. Its a great back up when one needs to get rid of that urge. Its easy to maintain and care for and should last a long time with minimal care. Besides being fun for couples, it can also assist in getting a super erection. If you would like to make the session last, you can ease off, then restart; just leave it hugging your cock. One can believe it is a big seller and popular with males.

If you're a guy, this should be the first sex toy you buy for yourself. Save up if you have to. Don't bother with cheaper ones or knock offs. This is the baseline benchmark for male sex toys.

I don't know how to sell you on this product anymore, it's quite simply the best toy I have ever used in 10 years, and it always leaves you satisfied, and wanting to come back for more. The superskin paired with the controllable suction, coupled with some high quality lube, and you will definitely be glad that you bought this toy. It's sure to rock your world, time after time.

All in all this is an ok toy. I had loads of fun using it, and I would suggest it if you have the money and you are looking for something discreet.

Wow! This is such a fantastic addition to your sex life! Overall this is well worth the investment. The Fleshlight is a great solo masturbator and exciting couples toy. Be careful this toy can be addicting.

I think it's a great deal. I bought mine a while back, so I paid a pretty penny for mine. Don't just take my word for it, buy it for yourself.

If you feel the need to relax yourself, this just might be what you are looking for. Change it up from the regular routine and see how it goes. It is never wrong to experiment; it is wrong to never try something at least once.

The Fleshlight has been around for a long time now with countless reviews and critiques of its design, quality, and use. If you are reading this, you have likely seen many other reviews and write-ups that do a good job of detailing what the Fleshlight is and how it is used. Let us just sum it all up for you; buy one! The market offers other sleeves and various types of masturbation aids for men: skip ‘em. You’ll end buying a Fleshlight anyway.

All in all, there really is no reason not to get this toy. There are different openings and textures to choose from. As long as you don't neglect it, it will give you many years of great "service".

This toy is great if you want to increase the pleasure of your standard hand jobs. It does however require a little bit of maintenance. It's just the price you pay for satisfaction.

This toy is amazing. I would recommend the Fleshlight Original Lady to someone who is new in the male sex toy world or someone who is looking to purchase a Fleshlight for the first time. You will get powerful orgasms.

Overall, he was more than pleased with the money that I spent on this for him. It gives him a sense of home in a way while he is so far away. Comfortable and easy to use is key, and he says it is both to the max!

I think this is a great sex toy. Whether you are a male going solo or a woman looking for a gift for your man, you should get the Fleshlight. It will add an extra arousal factor to any activity you plan on doing.

I have used this toy for well over a year and it has served me well, even with its problem of cleaning and drying. I still love getting it out and sliding in, so much so I have now convinced my partner to get me a new one!

This toy is worth it if you want a masturbation device. The problem is that, at least in my experience, it's no better than your hand in many ways. It can be more stimulating, but it can also be a pain to maintain and use.

The Fleshlight is the best male sex toy out there and it`s worth every penny. The feel, the texture, the intensity all are combined in the Fleshlight. It`s a must have!

The Fleshlight Lady Original is a male masturbator that packs a punch of pleasurable possibilities in a well-designed product. It is something I would recommend to friends. The only downside for future buyers to consider is that there is going to be extra prep time involved to masturbation. What's worse, there is extra clean-up time. Because of this, the Fleshlight may not be your go-to device for masturbation. Even at its price, this toy is something worth buying for a change to routine.

This is definitely a great toy for someone that is just walking onto the sex toy scene. I knew nothing and now i have broadened my horizons thanks to this toy.

This is a great pocket pussy. Closest to the real thing that I've tried. Get a textured interior one, and make sure you clean it well after each use. Make sure to stock up on lube, because this thing will make it disappear.

The Fleshlight is a wonderful addition to the ever-growing male stimulation devices. Overall it is one of the best available and absolutely worth the money. (In fact, I lost mine in a move and fully plan on buying the "Ménage à trios Collection" to replace my lost lady.)

This was my first sex toy ever! I have used it countless times and it has never failed to give me amazing orgasms. The material feels realistic and it lasts a long time.

Another way for solo or couples to bring the guy to orgasm or as sensual foreplay is a good thing. The Fleshlight Original Lady male masturbator works for our playtime.

The Fleshlight is going to go down in male masturbation history as an innovator and a classic. There will be better sleeves and masturbators released onto the market, but there is something illusive about the Fleshlight and I totally think it is worth the hype.

I would easily suggest the Fleshlight Lady Original to any guy or couple interested in a realistic, easy to use and clean masturbation sleeve. Especially if they are interested in one that doesn't have over the top interior structure for stimulation. I rate this toy highly.

This toy is by far the best looking of all the ones I own, but it is not the best feeling one unfortunately. Next time I will buy one with some sort of texture on the inside.

Feels great and my dick slid in and out with ease. It is a bit heavy and needs to be held at all times.

The FleshLight is a worthwhile investment for any guy who wants something special to enhance a hand job. It feels amazing and is relatively easy to keep clean. With over 2 million sold this has to be the 'must have' toy for the special guys in your life!

The Fleshlight is a realistic feeling male toy that results in awesome orgasms every time. It's a pain in the ass to clean, but in the end it's worth the effort.

This was a fabulous buy that I am very pleased with. The realistic feel makes masturbation more enjoyable! If you're considering it, just buy it. You won't be sorry.

The Fleshlight is a very high-quality toy that has a realistic feel as you penetrate and pump. With a playful attitude, it can be a fun toy for a couple to play with.

This product is totally worth every penny! The Fleshlight stays nice and tight as long as you take care of it correctly, and will continue to give you orgasm after orgasm. There is no other male sex toy on the market that even comes close to this amazing product.

This is a great stand-in for the real thing. It's made well and does the job, but could be tighter. Other then that, I like it.

This product is worth every dollar, however, I recommend if you have the extra money, just buy the STU for $5 more. If you got nothing but your hand, this is a huge step up from that.

This is a great toy that is a must have for all the guys, you can use it as a practice to last longer or simply to not feel alone in those days when you can have a partner to do the job. You wont regret of buying this one and neither your...

If you're thinking about getting a Fleshlight, definitely do it. Any way you use it is awesome (I like putting it between a mattress and box spring and doing it doggy style). Just keep in mind that preparation and clean may require a few minutes of your time, which may be an inconvenience to some. If you have the time and energy to use it, the Fleshlight will reward you with hard orgasms.

If you are the type of guy that wants to have sex whenever, but doesn't have a girlfriend or someone, special grab a Fleshlight! It feels so realistic I swear that if you blind folded me and used a Fleshlight on me, and then switched in my girlfriend, I wouldn't know the difference!

Overall I was VERY satisfied with the Fleshlight lady original. It will break the boredom of your typical self-session and can really feel like the real thing when you take the time to prep it. It's worth it guys...enjoy.

It's a great item for the man in need of practice or a great night of self-fun. Cleanup is definitely not fun, but generally worth the cause.

This Product is the closest thing Ive experienced that cums close to the real thing. Try it and See for yourself.

Overall the product is a great masturbatory sleeve and works very well for its purposes. Although not the best orgasm I've ever had (which according to they hype was supposed to happen), the product still felt very good and was as close to a real vagina as sleeves get. I would highly recommend this product to someone looking for a good quality sleeve.

For those of you unaware of the Fleshlight, it's more or less exactly as the name suggests: a plastic tube containing a simulated pair of labia and a long inner canal; It's a masturbation toy, and on that level, it's really, really something. It just feels good.

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