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13 reviews

As I said, this is a pretty good toy for beginners, even if it doesn't offer the intense, long-lasting experience that other, more expensive toys like the Fleshlight or Tenga sleeves do.

The Hot Milk may not be the best out there, but I believe it's still a great toy. This toy aims for more of a realistic experience instead of an overly intense one. Absolutely great for beginners and a good addition to anyone's collection.

The Hotmilk sleeve is a fun experience, as I'm just starting out. I can't speak for many other sleeves, but I think this little gem can stand out on it's own. The fact that it has no nubs however, will be a turn off for advanced users used to the stimulation, but may be a boon for those less experienced as it will not over-stimulate them.

Hotmilk was a great find. As a Japanese product for men, I expected it to not accommodate a larger guy very well, but it actually does, and it also doesn't feel like it's going to rip or tear when it does so. There's a low latex smell and the material isn't sticky either. The texture and suction is awesome!

I don't think this toy is worth the price. Sure, it's cheap. You don't have to spend much, which is what compelled me to buy it in the first place. But it simply doesn't last. That alone makes the toy not worth the price.

I'd definitely recommend this! It's a great masturbator than can be used solo/as a couple. It has a realistic feel and a great price tag. A little hard to clean - but that's hardly a con with this toy!

For any man looking for the ease of a masturbator, I would recommend this one. For the cost of $19.99, it's definitely in the running with the higher priced toys. The pressure around the penis is adjusted by you and not the toy. It also keeps the lubricant where it belongs, in the sleeve and not running out of it.

Overall, the Hotmilk masturbator by Toy's Heart is a quite intriguing choice for someone looking for a nicely designed and very affordable toy to keep you busy in your alone time. With its ease of use and small form factor, it could be just the toy you need when those sudden and slightly inconvenient "urges" need attending to.

Decent product at a great price and always gets the job done. Easy to clean and won't make a mess.

For my boyfriend's first toy, it was disappointing to the both of us. He liked the texture inside the toy and it was easy for him to clean the toy himself, but the fact that it was not durable was heartbreaking.

Definitely worth the money you'll spend. If you are looking for an inexpensive male masturbator that will last you a long time with proper care, then look no further. The boyfriend is a big fan, and it's much easier to lay down twenty bucks for one of these than upwards of three times as much for a Flip Hole or Fleshlight.

Hotmilk is a handheld masturbation sleeve made of non-latex TPE material that can stretch to fit men of various sizes. Inside there are subtle ripples along the walls and a cluster of soft ticklers in the end that gives a unique masturbation experience. It's affordable, feels great, and takes nothing more than soap and water to clean it.

Buying anything other than a Fleshlight or a Tenga Flip Hole to masturbate with is a bit of gamble - or, at least, it used to be. For the price, the Hotmilk is quite simply the BEST masturbation sleeve available. The soft, supple texture, easy maintenance, sealed design and sublime texture all make this an incredibly satisfying product that you'd probably be able to charge twice as much for. Excellent all around.

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