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You won’t be disappointed with this toy. I love it and use it often. It is my go-to toy for prostate stimulation during the throws of intercourse.

As I'm typing this review an hour later, I can feel that my anus is slightly sore. Don't get me wrong, it's the good kind of sore. Unbelievable feeling! I can't wait to insert that huge head inside me again. Maybe tomorrow, maybe the day after? Stay tuned, my little inner sphincter... On the final note, I'm SO glad I bought this Prostate Play toy! It's a great experiment and an experience in my adventure of milking my prostate. Masturbation will never be the same again.

If you want to get into prostate play, this is a great way to do it. I also imagine that this would be good if you are already into light prostate play as well.

I overall am happy with this item as it keeps me satisfied and I can use the plug alone or with a partner.

This item is worth the money because it is both discreet and highly enjoyable. Makes no noise and uses your body movements to bring you the ultimate pleasure. This toy is a turn on because no one knows your getting your rocks off even when passing this on a sidewalk or sitting next to them on the bus.

This toy is not only in the right price range for someone wanting to try something new, it also does what it says it's going to do. This ring is great for couples either trying something new or for those who have more experience. Don't neglect to try this toy on your own during solo play. It's a great way to get used to and comfortable with it before using it with your partner.

The toy is made of very quality silicone and is very comfortable to wear. The overall experience is worth a try for anyone interested in anal play.

If your woman wants you to wear a Cock Ring, you might as well get some jollies at the same time. She doesn't even have to know you are plugged for Prostate pleasure. If you have never experienced something rocking back and forth in your rectum during PIV sex, you are missing out Big Time!

This toy sits in the middle ground, advanced users would probably get a decent thrill out of it. At the same time, a beginner could pick it up and work with it to learn something about prostate play. If you are taking your first steps into either anal or prostate play, this one makes for a decent teacher.

Love this toy and would highly recommend it. Excellent prostate stimulation during orgasm. Feels great on insertion. Great for a fun night with the person you love or for use by yourself.

At first, because we are beginners my husband was very nervous about inserting the toy and afraid he would feel pain and scary pressure. The complete opposite - it pops right in place with water-based gel, wasn't unbearable at all and enjoyable. Helping him insert it was easy, it went in smoothly. It remained in place for our night while we had sex and he got his pleasure. With every thrust, it felt good on his spot which caused him to groan. That hot moan let me know we had made a good buy.

This could the best $15 you spent this YEAR! Really you can't afford not to try out this gem - you and your partner will get way more benefits than a couple of overpriced lattes. Even a young man's performance will increase with the benefit of a harder longer lasting erection - and while she's loving your rock hard member you get a nice prostate massage! Although its hard to quantify - it seems that my ejaculation has more power and velocity - which is a huge ego booster for an old guy like me!

I actually enjoyed reviewing this toy, it was well designed, and was a fun test subject. My wife loved the fact that you could leave the cock ring just around the shaft and it would splay my testicles out to the sides, putting them on display and leaving them wide open for her to torture.

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