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41 reviews

This ring is my favorite so far. It's definitely worth adding to your collection. It can be disposable, but you can also change the batteries and make it last forever! I'd just recommend being careful when you remove the bullet, as the rubber can tear.

I stand and applaud for the Big O and it's versatility. It gives many hours of satisfaction with replaceable batteries. It is small and travel friendly. Wonderful for solo play or couple play. Christmas is coming and this is a great stocking stuffer!

I think the Big O is a great toy that's inexpensive and easy to use. It's a fun item to add to the toy chest! I have suggested it to all of my friends.

Overall I really enjoyed this product for its price and for the mere fact that it is great to use as an amateur! I am ready to start taking on new toys.

Overall, I think this choice would be best for couples who need more experience in female orgasm through casual penetration. It's also great as a dildo attachment for solo/masturbation and could be used that way for female couples. I wouldn't recommend it to couples who are familiar with female orgasm during casual sex, it may become boring and tedious (constant battery renewal).

The Big O is very so so. Its a great bargain and is reusable. It fits great for most shafts and dildos. It could be for any novice or well seasoned cock ring wearer. With its pros and cons it still is very versitile and is worth trying out for the price!

This has become our go to toy and I would suggest this to anyone, especially beginners looking to add a little spice!

Overall, this is a great little ring for beginners. It's easy to maintain and use, and will probably fit most everyone. I wouldn't recommend this for anyone who is used to more powerful vibrations or cock rings, as it will probably be underwhelming for them. For people new to vibrators and cock rings, however, this is a great toy. It's inexpensive and will almost certainly improve the experience for the woman (and, indirectly, the guy). There isn't much reason not to at least give it a try.

If you think vibration is what you need for pleasure, then this product is definitely good for you! It's cheap and can be reused many times depending on how long you can go. Try it!

A literal bang for your buck! Not really much to say negatively about this little guy! Definitely pick one of these up.

Sadly the Big O did not bring me my big O. Although it was simple to use, the vibrations were just too weak to matter. It was more of a hassle than a pleasure. It would be a good choice for beginners or maybe for sensory play.

Due to the low life batteries and the low power of this cock ring I will have to give it 3 out of 5 stars. The Screaming O cock ring has many different uses and I enjoyed all of the ones that I tried. Even though the power to the ring isn’t quite what I expected - I was still satisfied. The battery life was not all that great either. I will definitely be using this cock ring again.

This toy may work for people who are more sensitive. However, if you're like me and need a sex toy with a little oomph, then keep looking. This toy's louder than it is powerful.

Even being a beginner with cock rings, I was very disappointed in this. For me, it didn't give off enough vibration, and the button was hard to work. This just wasn't the toy for me.

I've always believed that great things come in small packages. That philosophy definitely applies to The Big O Ring. It's tiny and virtually silent, but it packs quite a punch. Add to that the fact that it doesn't slip, it has multiple settings, and it accommodates even the most well-endowed man, and you've got an all-around great addition to your bedroom games.

Overall this is a great couples vibrating cock ring. It was equally pleasurable for my husband and myself, which can be hard to find. It's simple but easy to use and easily gets the job done. For the price, we recommend this product to anyone who is looking to spice things up without breaking the bank!

This is a different approach to a normal cock ring. This one allows for different kinds of play with it's vibrations and pulsing.

If you do not have multiple orgasms, then you are not using this right! The strong vibrations combined with the nubs allows for perfect sensations to keep love making going strong.

This ring is not just for men! The Screaming O Vibrating Cock Ring has many uses which we will discover during this review. This is Part 3 of the cock ring reviews, beyond learning a bit about them and using them for partner sex, there is a whole new concept of play available.

I was very disappointed in this. Maybe it was because it was a first time thing for us, but I was not happy at all with it. I wish cock rings, any of them, came with actual instructions on how to use them to make them the most effective. Ended up looking online on how to use these things.

All in all, this is a great beginner ring that provides a substantial amount of pleasure for both him and her.

The Big O Ring's strong vibes have star potential, but its inability to stay in place leave it destined for the B-list.

I found in my personal experience that this cock ring did its purpose for my partner by making him last longer than usual, and he seemed to enjoy the vibrations. As for me, the bullet didn't reach my clitoris, which was disappointing. Also, after a little while of having sex with it on it would stop vibrating from time to time. Overall I would recommend this for couples wanting to try something new and easy. Even though it didn't reach my clitoris the vibrations were so hard it still felt good.

The Big O fits its name perfectly. If you want a big orgasm, there is only one vibrating penis ring to choose.

I will be purchasing this again when this one breaks, nothing like it in the world! I hope you all have as much fun with this as I did. I still can't believe how much I shook after the first time, and each time is just as good. I can't suggest this enough to everyone out there, this thing right here is a beast, even with its small size.

The Big O Ring has become the go to vibrating cock ring for my hubby and I over the years. It won't slip at all on him and can really send us both over the edge of pleasure in very powerful ways.

For the price and what it offers, it really is a good deal. You get a good product for what you pay for, and if it gets lost, damaged, or you're ready for an upgrade, you're not out too much.

Get this because, hey who doesn't love a good cock ring. Not to mention you'll love the way it feels to have your dick like a hammer and tingling with vibration waiting to pound. And of course if that sounds good wait till your deep inside, all the way in, till you can't go any deeper. In missionary it will rub right on that button for her and keep you engorged for long periods. Oh yeah it intesifiex your orgasm too! Well let's just say this things definately worth a try.

This ring is definitely worth it, a very cheap toy to start things off. Enjoyable for both partners and usable in both the bedroom and shower setting.

I can tell you this product is well worth the price. If your not in the mood, it's a perfect toy for one. Also when batteries are about to die it doesn't let enough power out so, if you're in the middle of fun and it starts dying, a real mood breaker

This toy is great of couples who might want to spice things up. It's not too intense and provides adequate clit stimulation.

Not that great of a product overall. Very misleading description of 9 vibration modes. The silicone does make it comfortable for both partners.

While I wasn't able to reach a "Big O" simply through this toy alone, both my partner and I enjoyed the variety it offered to our sexual experience. We agreed it was worth the minimal investment and served as an excellent stepping stone for us as beginners to the cock ring. Fun to use in conjunction with other toys or to add a little spice to a discreet quickie.

Overall worth the price, yet I would venture to say, spend a little more to get a better vibrating cock ring. I wasn't that impressed with it, neither was my partner.

The Big O is a pretty basic, relatively inexpensive, stretchy vibrating cock ring. Unlike other members of the Screaming O collection, the Big O is setup so you can actually replace the batteries. This feature means it costs a little more, but if it gets used a lot, the extra money is worth it. My partner found that the toy did not provide the contact she was looking for and I wasn’t all that impressed with it’s impact on my erection or endurance.

This toy - fair enough - met my expectations. It does what it's supposed to, which for me wasn't enough to throw a party over, but different strokes for different folks I say. He enjoyed it more than I did, and that alone still makes it worthwhile.

This was a nifty little item for someone looking to add a little something different into their sex life who may be a little timid for full size toys! Its a nice starter toys for those couples who are interested but would like to start small and work their way up!

Great product, and is definately worth the money for it. Just buy a few extra to keep on hand in case your batteries decide to die in the middle of a hot sex session.

The price makes this ring a worthy purchase if you go in knowing this is more than likely a disposable item.

The Big O Ring is a decent value for its price and performance. I would recommend it for couples who want to try a cock ring product without a big investment. The soft, silicone material should ensure a comfortable experience for both partners.

When I rode his cock, the vibrating nub hit my clitoris squarely and the vrooms started to really kick in. There is a fantastically timed “9 levels” vibration cycle on this bad boy that increase exponentially about every 30 seconds. This suited my ri

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