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EdenFantasys vibrating ring reviews

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This ring is perfect for someone who has never experienced a vibrating cock ring. I don’t recommend this to anybody who is experienced with cock rings as you will not be satisfied.

Definitely worth the purchase, won't be disappointed. This small purchase can make a huge impact on his erection and your orgasms.

I would say that this is great for travel and a cheap buy for a great experience. It would be good for beginners like ourselves.

As a guy, I can enjoy this toy because I felt like my dick had turned into a vibrator. The vibrations add something unique to the experience. However, the vibrations did not reach my girlfriend's clit. The first experience was almost painful due to the tightness of the cock ring but has since stretched a little to become manageable. This toy can be great under certain circumstances. However, I think my girlfriend and I will be looking at trying a new cock ring in the future.

This is a great beginner cock ring for anyone who is curious! I would recommend it really to anyone though! Fun little toy!

This cock ring is great for those looking to get into them but whom are also unsure of if they'd really like to give it a shot. It's inexpensive and easy to use making it a perfect tester toy to see if it's really up you're alley.

I wouldn't recommend paying money for this item. Stick to trying it out as a free gift with the order. I didn't care too much for the toy, but it was fine trying it out as a freebie.

This vibrating cock ring is great for beginners or couples trying something new. If you are looking an intense orgasm look no further this thing will do it.

Great quality for the price. Feels great any way you use or wear it. Very cheap so it's definitely worth it.

The Edenfantasys vibrating ring is a good starter ring for couples (or it can be used alone by either gender). The stretchy material allows it to fit just about anyone. The bullet only has one speed and could stand to be stronger, but the bullet can be taken out and replace with a better one. Good option for the free gift with any order.

This toy over all is good for beginners, but not for experienced players or toy users. If you want the full bang spend a little more for a great vibrator.

I wouldn't go as far as to say that this little guy was fabulous, but it certainly wasn't a disappointment. I later picked up a longer lasting sleeve that allowed for a battery operated bullet to be inserted, and I likely would never have done that if not for this little test run. This is quick to pick up, open up, and use. It's also easy to hide away when you are finished, and if it isn't your thing, you won't be upset about the price tag.

This vibrating ring is a decent toy overall. It is great for me (I'm a female) but not so great for my fiance. The ring takes sensitivity away from his penis and hurts him at times. However, his harder dick gives me better stimulation and he lasts longer which, needless to say, is amazing!

As a free gift, this vibrating ring is worth it. It lasts longer than suggested and has a nice thick ring accompanied by just the right amount of vibrations. I love that it is meant to be disposed of and is readily available to accompany other purchases we make in the future.

The toy came free with one of my orders so it's nothing I'm going to sit and bash for hours. However, it's nothing I'd buy or recommend. The smell for the type of material that is used is pleasant to very slight but might be risky for those with sensitive genitals. The vibrations are so weak they barely offer a tease, more or less an orgasm unless you are hyper sensitive to vibration.

This is great for experimenting, but if you discover your love for cock rings, you should invest in something with a higher material safety rating.

Basically, this is a beginners cock ring toy and definitely not for anyone who is looking for a cock ring that steps up their game. It's cute, subtle and fun, but it's no powerhouse.

Vibrating cock rings are meant to serve two purposes - as a cock ring (obviously) and a vibrator for her clitoris. This one, however, disappointed on both counts. It is intended to be an inexpensive, disposable unit, but it felt more like throwing money away than disposing of a well used and enjoyed toy. The ring offered no benefit of a traditional cock ring, and the vibrator did not work at all and also fell out several times.

I thought this was a great toy, and I was very fortunate to get it for free. In retrospect I would have paid for this toy earlier just to have started enjoying it sooner.

I would buy this again as I don't really need a lot of vibration as I'm really sensitive there to start with. More experienced users or people not as sensitive as me may not like it as it may not be as powerful as they want/need..But for me it works well. If your sensitive and don't need much or want to much this is purrfect!

I would only buy this toy if you are new to trying out cock rings. You can't beat the price. If you are looking for one to add to your collection, this isn't a good toy.

A great beginner’s cock ring for anyone just starting to explore these sensations. This disposable ring is classic, inexpensive, and easy to use - but lacks the variation and intense sensation that experienced cock ring users crave.

This a cheap way to get a thrill if you're looking to spice up the bedroom, but not necessarily something that you should be wiggling in your seat about.

Don't get this unless you are just going after the novelty factor. It's completely useless as far as we could tell. Get the wipes.

Good things do come in small packages. This is a comfortable and powerful little buzzer that shook me like I have not been before.

Simple toy for simple pleasures! Very affordable and easy to use and wear, yet provides an expensive, comfortable fit that gets the job done.

This toy is a great deal for how much it costs. Who would not want to spend only five bucks to have a good evening?

For $5 this is a perfect toy for couples wanting to try out vibrating cock rings. It is a great size, has decent power and is an inexpensive but quality option. Have fun with this one!

The Eden Fantasys cock ring is an enjoyable addition for a couple who's interested in trying something new. It's worth adding as a free gift, just for the novelty and fun of it all. However, if you're looking for strong vibrations or mind-blowing orgasms, you should look elsewhere. The vibrations on this ring are so weak that you can barely feel them.

Overall this is a great choice if it's offered free or if you want to test the waters with your partner without making a commitment to a serious toy.

It isn't too intense and you really can't complain about the price. And to top it off, make sure it isn't on a well endowed man.

If you're looking to try a cock ring for the first time, I say go for this one! You can get one free with every order. So if you don't like it, you won't have to worry that you wasted your money!

This is not a very high quality ring and the only price it is worth is free. I cannot recommend anyone spending money on this ring, but it is nice to receive as a free gift.

For being a product aimed at hetero couples, I got more enjoyment out of this in a solo situation than I was expecting to. This ring is rather cheaply made and has weak, buzzy vibrations. To sum it up, you get what you (don't) pay for. Tthe EF ring is not the most glamorous sex toy out there, but it may give you a solid half hour of fun.

This is a good vibe if you like weaker vibrations. If you like something stronger, this is not the toy for you.

It's a good cheap ring for those wanting to try rings for the first time or just want something different.

For the $6 price, this is far from worth it for us, especially as it is intended to be disposable. With a little bit of innovation and improvising, though, it makes a great free gift, especially for those who do not like the tight, uncomfortable feel of a standard cock-ring.

This cock ring is great for beginners and those curious about rings but not willing to commit to buying an expensive one. The bullet inside it isn't that great, but you can change it out if you have a different one. It's decent for a free gift!

Any couple new to cock rings will find the Cock Ring a great introduction to the world of cock rings. And since it's free with any order, well, you can't beat that. It's nice that it's a bit versatile - him and her using it together & solo play with a dildo or vibrator. The bullet's power is even stronger than some of my vibrators, sadly. Those with a lot of Cock Ring experience won't be satisfied with this basic Ring, but that's all right. We all need to begin somewhere.

All in all I enjoyed this product, but I would not waste the money on a throw away cock ring.

Mediocre vibrations and limited use make this toy one I could take or leave. Still, might as well include it in your order if none of the other gifts look appealing.

Other than as a free gift with purchase, I would not recommend getting this disposable cock ring. It has only one vibration setting which is weak and only lasts 30 minutes, at the most. The best I can say about it, is it is a good introduction to how vibrating cock rings work and feel. It was so weak, I didn't even enjoy using it held directly on my clitoris, let alone using it on any of my dildos! However, the cats enjoyed playing with it as it buzzed away inside a paper sack!

While not the best ring on the market, you can't beat it as a free gift. The vibrations are nice but somewhat weak. The best thing about it is that once the batteries are drained you can toss the whole thing. You can also easily pop the bullet open and get the batteries to use in other toys that use watch batteries.

I dreaded doing this review because there are so many on this toy. Plus I only used mine a couple of times and even yet still did not get no satisfaction out of it. I have a sensitive clit but this just did not do it for me. I will look for a good one, one of these days and when my partner is around. I am not going to get a good one and just use it on toys so these will work as a warm up.

If you're looking for a beginner free be, this is a great choice. It will help you get a dab in cock ring play without forking out a lot of money upfront. Advanced users will not enjoy this though.

When this toy worked for us, it worked well. It provided moderately strong vibrations, which helped me achieve better orgasms during sex, the battery lasted a very long time, and it was anatomically correct for us. However, that was not the case every single time. If this toy was not like playing russian roulette I would gladly purchase them, even at the retail price, its a good deal. However, I would hate to spend money on one, only to have it faulty.

Flimsy in construction, short in battery life, low in satisfaction. I understand it was free, but was this supposed to encourage me to buy more from that manufacturer? I don't get it.

This is a great toy considering we got it for free. It provides intense vibrations that are pleasurable to me and my girl. The battery tends to die after 30-40 minutes. As long as they are free, we will continue to order more.

This is an okay cock ring. It is a nice fee toy, because it lets you easily explore a new area of play and then throw away the toy (so no clean up). Really beyond an introductory role this toy has no purpose. It just does not provide enough stimulation or have enough features to be worth purchasing. A good free toy, but not a good purchase.

I've gotten a ton of the Eden Fantasys vibrating cock rings and I've never liked them because of the scarce vibrations and the squishy TPR. Only until my millionth one did I discover the potential it has. I juiced it up and I started to become fond of them.

The ring is very stretchy so it can fit around your dude's junk and dildos of any size (if you want to use it on your own). The vibrations aren't super strong but they aren't completely weak either. For me (a power hog) the vibrations did not do much, but if you are more sensitive then it will probably work for you. The ring is actually pretty quiet too.

It's almost always available as a free gift with order option, so I basically view it as a free sample. If you haven't used a cock ring before, or are grabbing up goodies to give to friends, it's a good choice. If you know you like cock rings I suggest you get one with replaceable batteries, and with double bullets.

We will continue to use these as long as we get them as free gifts. We haven't had the performance issues that other reviewers have had, and we have used about 5 of them. The vibrations are buzzy but stimulation to my partner and he enjoys it. I would rate the vibrations at a 2.5 but will round it up to 3. A really nice plus is that it is very quiet and not heard through a door. Overall, can't pass it up as a free gift.

This toy is easy to use and adds "oomph" to our sex. We definitely recommend this toy (especially when it is offered for free!) to anyone who is looking for an exciting introduction to rings.

We are happy with this free gift item. It was great fun for our pleasure and has opened the door for more exciting things to try.

In the end, the Edenfantasys vibrating ring was fun to play with at 1st, but it lost my interest quickly when it just didn't make contact with any areas that I wanted it to. At the very least, it's easy to care for as it is just use and toss. It also operates just fine as a regular cock ring and prolongs a hard-on. Now, if only I could convince more men that cock rings are not an insult.

Looking for a cheap and easy way to introduce your partner to your passion for things that go VROOM! Look no further than you free with check out items. Next time try grabbing the eden vibe-ring. Free is my personal favorite price and even if he doesn't like it your haven't broken the bank on the higher end items. While it's a little buzzy & is basically 1 time use, it is a simple way to turn him on to our favorite pass time.

It is an OK ring that can provide a decent amount of stimulation to both people, and it can also be used by an individual. Plus, it comes at a reasonable price - often as a gift!

The EdenFantasys vibratin ring is exactly what you should expect from a free gift. It is a throw away item that may be fun for some but will likely leave others wanting for more of a different higher quality product. Still, we wouldn't (and didn't) say no to it as a free gift. Satisfy your curiosity, and then move on to a real vibrating ring.

This ring is ideal for beginners who want to spice up their love life, but do not want to commit to a more durable, expensive ring. It's stretchy and comfortable, and the included vibrator should be powerful enough to provide a satisfying sensation.

Not too shabby for a freebie. It can be used multiple ways and the vibration was way more intense than I expected. I'd buy them.

The EdenFantasys Vibrating Ring is great for beginners who want to test the waters with a cock ring, especially since it can be received as a free gift with a purchase from EF. However, it is a disposable toy which is far inferior to other products on the market.

If you've never tried a cock-ring, or haven't tried one that vibrates, this free gift with any purchase is the perfect way to dive in. Slip it over your or your partner's penis, or slide it onto your favorite dildo for some clitoral or perineal stimulation. If you kinda like it, you can upgrade your ring to something with replaceable batteries, multiple functions, and sterilizable materials!

Although, this product had been difficult to use the first time my fiance and I decided to try it again. very happy with the choice i made because the second ring had worked really well. It did not break or run out of time and my fiance and I will be able to at least the ring one more time. It gave us both great stimulation for beginners, defiantly worth the free gift!

This is nice for being a free toy and feels pretty good. It has a removable bullet in case you want to replace it. Feels good on my girl's cock, but I don't feel it much myself when on her.

If you've never tried a (vibrating) cock ring then this would probably make a good introduction to them. It's cheap enough to let you experiment without breaking the bank, and although the material isn't particularly good, it's really just a single-use toy. This is worth adding to your cart as a free gift, but probably not so much as a paid purchase, and is a great little thing to throw into your bag or pocket if you're planning on having a little fun later.

I was pretty unimpressed with this product. For anyone who is unsure about getting a cock ring, it might be nice to try this free option. However, I still think it's better worth it to invest in something reusable and made from body-safe materials.

This is not the best cock ring out there, but I thought it was good for being my first one. I was able to see if I'm interested in these kinds of things. I intend on trying a better cock ring that isn't disposable, made of better materials, and has stronger vibrations.

I think the vibrating ring is worth buying if you want to do a little fooling around, teasing, or foreplay, but if you want to get serious and have a vibration for a long time, then I wouldn't recommend getting this. I think this feels good and stimulates the area of use.

This was a pretty good toy to try for getting better stimulation during sex, although it didn't work the best for me. If you want something to try, then I would recommend this.

As a free gift, or just a regular purchase, this ring delivers. I suggest you try one out as soon as possible!

The EdenFantasys Vibrating Ring for couples is a great introduction to cock rings, but with its incredibly weak vibrations and tacky material, it will almost certainly disappoint more experienced users.

This is a good cock ring, especially if you get it using the free gift promotion. It is cheaply constructed, but for the price, that is to be expected. I just cannot get a cock ring to hit my clit correctly during intercourse so they become cumbersome and get in the way.

It's nice to have this cock ring as a free gift with any order. After trying it though, I'll get the wipes every time from now on. The vibrations didn't do anything for me. My experience could be different than yours. I've only tried it on a dildo and took the bullet out to use on my clit. Sadly, it didn't work out well for me.

I would suggest this cock ring to anyone who hasn't used one before and would like to try one out. It gives a great example of what to expect, without breaking the bank!

This cock ring is okay for free. I will not look a gift horse in the mouth. Even if your experience isn't that great, one can still learn something from it.

This vibrating ring is every bit worth what I paid for it, and I will definitely be buying another one in the future - that is, unless I make the jump to something more expensive. As a beginner vibrating ring, it's perfect and it will give you a very pleasurable experience.

The best use this had for me was to wear it as a ring, turned upside down in my hand, all while going down on my husband. It really did not appeal to us for much else. I would sell this for $2.99, and then it would feel more worth the price.

I received this ring as a free gift from EF. I selected it because I was thinking about getting a more permanent ring, and wanted to test it out. I enjoyed this ring so much that now I am buying one of the more expensive rings just because I know I am going to use it a lot! So if you are thinking about buying a reusable cock ring start out with this to make sure you like them!

This cock ring is definitely worth it. The battery lasts a long time, is a great fit, and once it is on, it isn't going anywhere. Also, it is inexpensive, so definitely not a budget buster if you hate it.

Unless you're getting this item free, I'm sure there's a nicer product you can spend your money on; one without a strange smell and odd texture.

This is a garbage item. They are giving it away because of the riots that will ensue if people actually paid for such a crappy product. This gets 1 star, and that is only because it is impossible to give negative stars.

The toy is only for one use -- something for a special occasion, maybe. It gets the job done, and then it's done. The vibrations are quieter than most, but it should be bigger. It's not the most exciting toy in the world, but when you get it for free with your order, how can you complain?

Everyone likes getting a little thank you gift and as far as these little notions go the Vibrating Ring is one of the good little finds that will bring a smile. Toss one in your basket and you are guaranteed at least one great play session- more if you replace the little bullet vibe.

This item is simply not exciting, or worth the material. I do love Eden for giving them away for free though!

A worthy free gift, it delivers what it is supposed to. All in all, it is a fun little toy.

This vibrating ring isn't amazing, but it doesn't absolutely suck, either. It's an excellent starter cock ring for beginners, it's really quiet, moderately powerful and doesn't break the bank since it's free. It's meant to be discarded, but the bullet can be swapped for a different one to keep this around for a little longer. There's really nothing to lose by snatching up one of these rings to try it on for size!

I think that this product was great and even if it was not free, I would purchase it for $6. It is a great little vibrator and can be used at home alone or during wild crazy intercourse! Fantastic, wish it lasted longer!

This free gift is great for trying a vibrating ring for the first time. It's as inexpensive as it gets! It's best for couples, but it can be used with a dildo for solo play.

Overall this is a cock ring best suited to beginners who would like to try out an inexpensive new item. The vibrations alone are not going to get you to orgasm, and the ring will not be comfortable for all men.

Don't be deceived by its cute colors and squishy material. If you are really looking to add a little hands-free clit action to the sack then this ring isn't for you.

As a free gift, you should be thinking, "Oh! A free orgasm!" and yes, it can give you one, but the vrooms aren't as powerful as other vibrating cock rings. Yes, it's free, and disposable, but you think you'd be able to get a little more kick out of it. It was okay for being free, but I didn't like it very much, and neither did my current partner.

This item was free, and it is worth about as much as you'd pay for it. It is not necessarily spectacular, but it gets the job done if you handle it gently.

I wouldn't have bought this toy if it wasn't free with my order. It was just too boring. The vibrations were ok; nothing crazy. I liked the material; it is soft, stretchy and comfortable on the skin. I didn't like that it's only a one-time-use toy. It would be good for beginners, couples or solo on a dildo. It's not for me though.

Not completely satisfied with this product as it is weak with only one setting and only lasts about thirty minutes (if the switch works), but for free it would be good start for beginners wanting to try a vibrating ring.

It's a short lived item; that is what it is. Use it if you like to add a small vibrating factor on the guy. Otherwise, use it as a vibrating 'bullet' for yourself.

The best thing about using this toy is that if you're a woman trying out masturbation for the first time and are a little afraid about purchasing a vibrator or touching yourself, this vibrating ring is the perfect way to ease nervousness and help build confidence. It works and once you try it once, you will continue using it again and again!

This isn't a product to spend money on--it's a one-use basic cock ring. The fact that it vibrates simply isn't enough of an incentive for buying it.

This ring is a great addition to a beginners collection. This ring does nothing for advanced sex toy users. If you are interested in trying cock rings and want a inexpensive one then just add this FOR FREE to your shopping cart with your next order and try it. Doesn't hurt to try right?

If you're willing to put your cock in a ring of uncomfortableness to deeply satisfy your woman... this product would be very helpful for you.

The vibrations on the vibrating ring were strong for such a tiny, tiny toy. Unfortunately for us, it didn't target the spot it was supposed to - the clitoris.

For a free gift this item rocks. Who doesn't want an extra c-ring laying around? I love the color and the style. Best of all, it fit my man well. It does get very dusty. Therefore, I recommend keeping warped up to keep it clean. It is more of a one time use toy but the battery life isn't long lasting.

The material of this ring is great for repeated use as it is TPR silicone and easy to clean. The nubs provide just the right amount of pressure and sensation for a phenomenal finish. The bullet could be rethought; but overall, we love this little ring. Sometimes, simple is the best way to go.

This is okay if you don't mind your penis getting numb. Even if you wear the ring, the numbness will still make you soft. At least it was free.

Bottom line - to me this thing is junk. It was quickly in the garbage where it belonged! I do not recommend this to anyone.

As a free toy, this thing is great. I wouldn't pay the six bucks they ask for it though. It doesn't have quite enough "oomph" for that.

Stick with Trojan's free vibrating ring when you buy those big packages of condoms if you want a ring. It's the same quality, but at least the Trojan one's batteries are replaceable for the bullet, and the ring is stretchier. Honestly, with this one, just find a way to take out the batteries, and use them on something more useful.

The best thing about this is that it is free. Everything that is free is worth at least one try.

I don't think this item is worth a try. It's cheaply made, defective and over-priced. There are many better alternatives to try out on this site.

It was good, because it was free; if I had paid for it, I would have been very disappointed. They have room to improve on it.

This might be worth adding as a free gift, but I definitely wouldn't pay for it. The vibrations are weak and I didn't find it to be anything more than mildly pleasurable. It is very versatile and can be used as a cock ring during sex or masturbation, an addition to a dildo or vibrator, or a vibrator (alone or with the ring). The bullet lasts about thirty minutes and you can reuse the ring afterwards.

Overall, I would recommend this product, but I don't know that I would go out of my way to pay for it. I think it's a very interesting thing to send free with purchase, and you very well may get some pleasure from it. And, in addition, the vibe is removable, so if the ring itself really isn't doing it for you, you still have a medium-intensity disposable and discreet vibe.

No Cleanup Required!

This is the one night stand of toys. It woos you, it tickles you and makes you feel like you're riding a rocket. And then you're finding a poor excuse to throw it out the door next morning. This is an okay cock-ring with a short life, and is only good for that one use. I would not suggest to anyone to keep it around. That one time, however, is a sweet little bit of magic.

This is an item that can come free with an order. But, honestly, free is the only way you'll ever want this item. It's flimsy and loud, among other things.

This cock ring is worth the money because not only does it feel amazing, but it is also cheap and disposable. If you have not tried a cock ring before, do not turn away from it because it looks weird or is too kinky; you need to try this.

The Edenfantasys vibrating ring is a great starter cock ring for beginners. It helps you understand how they're used and what they do without wasting a ton of cash on something you may not be sure you'll even like. If you happen to prefer more low key vibrations on your clitoris this may be the cock ring to try out with your partner or on your favorite dildo!

All in all, this toy is a great free gift. It can introduce you to the cock ring market, which many may not have tried yet (like myself). It really added a lot to my toy fun, and even allowed me to get a little kinky wearing it outside of my house.

The bullet is a bit lacking, with one setting and being easily breakable, but it can be replaced. The ring itself is very comfortable and good quality. I'd recommend this to people who want to try a cock ring for the first time, or anyone who doesn't mind that they will have to replace the bullet.

This is totally worth it. A cheap way to add a strong enough vibe to get you and your partner going.

I think this is something you would only want to have to boost the mans stimulation during sex and even when masturbating but for a woman it wasn't as much fun as I thought it would have been. If it had different speeds I would have rated higher for this item.

It wasn't anything special. Once you have used one ring, you have used them all. I won't use it all the time but I will use it.

If you're just a beginner it is nice, but for advanced users it is not that good since its vibrations aren't that intense.

The product is sold as a "vibrating ring", but straight out of the packaging it has significant shortcomings. Luckily that doesn't ruin its use as a normal cock ring intended for a beginner and it can later be upgraded with a small vibrator.

I have to say that for beginners this product would be great if you were looking to spice things up in your relationship. I personally am looking for something with a little more kick and will last longer not only with the vibration but a product that will stand the test of time.

This one time cock ring could bring you great pleasure. It could be used as male solo use or even as partner use. This is a disposable cock ring but if wanted the bullet could be replaced with one of your own. Which also makes it useful for beginners or advanced users, the bullet could easily be replaced if it doesn't produce enough vibration.

Overall I'd say it's worth the price. It was fun to try out and it did seem to help out. The vibration is still going on ours since we don't really use it much and didn't use the vibe feature for long at all. 4 stars due to the flimsy-ness of the vibe.

If you are looking for a first cock ring, or are a male new to vibrations, this might be a start, but know that there are better, mind blowing experiences from here on out!

You can't go wrong with this. It really packs that bit of an extra punch and will send you over the edge. I'd buy it again if I had the chance.

I am not a fan of this ring. It could have a better, stronger vibration. I did not like it at all.

I highly recommend this cock ring. I suggest that you add this as your free gift. You won't be dissapointed at all! I was very impressed with this product. The only downside is that the vibrating unit is not strong, but it can be easy replaced, so I didn't really mind that.

This is certainly a 'starter' when it comes to cock rings, but that is about it. Gives you the idea of how they work and if you think you may or may not enjoy them. But there are honestly better ones that can do this with out the many downsides that this one has to it.

The bottom line is, yes, I would recommend this to a friend or anyone who wanted to have a little vibe down there but doesn't want to spend a lot of money. I love it, it's the best for travel!

This is a simple cock ring to operate and have in your collection. The bullet inside the ring will only last for around 30 minutes, but the ring itself can be reused. If you are buying this knowing that it is designed to be a one-use item you will be pleased. People buying this expecting it to last a long time will be disappointed.

This cock ring was a great beginner toy. It is probably not the ring of choice for those wanting strong clitoral stimulation. The battery life is about 30 minutes to an hour. You can replace the bullet with a stronger, more powerful one if you choose to.

This would make for an awesome vibrating ring... if it worked properly. The ring itself is soft and comfortable, and the vibrator fits in it perfectly.

I'm not a huge fan of cock rings. I'll use them if we have them, but neither my boyfriend or I will go out of our way to obtain one. They do have their perks though. The one-time use is great for those who want to experiment with toys but don't want to keep a toy stash for fear of prying eyes. It's also a great starter toy for more vanilla couples who want to experiment without being intimidated by rabbits and cyber-pussies.

If you are looking for a cock ring with very light vibration and is disposable, this is the ring for you. I am just so happy that I didn't have to pay for this. So highly disappointed. I love the EdenFantasys line of products, but this ring just did not measure up.

This is a cute addition to a night of passion. It came as a freebie when I placed another order. It served its intended purpose and lasted for our entire session. While the vibrations weren't very strong, and the ring was super stretchy, it did provide a little change up in our lovemaking.

This ring was a disappointment. There was nothing good about it, and it is riddled with problems. I would not buy this product, nor would I use it again.

The EdenFantasys vibrating ring is a great, simple vibrating cock ring that is fantastic for beginners and anyone looking to add a little stimulation to the bedroom.

All in all, I love the cock ring as a freebie, but I believe this ring is overpriced to actually buy. It only lasts 30 minutes and does not provide enough stimulation. But if you catch this at a discount, or better yet, free; it is definitely worth a try.

The EdenFantasy vibrating cock ring would be great for beginners. I like the fact it can be worn on the penis to make play time a little more fun, or on a sex toy for solo play. Cost wise, I do think it's a little much for something that's disposable.

I wouldn't have purchased this toy but since it was free with an order, we got some use out of it. Maybe if the vibrations were a little stronger and the noise a little less annoying then maybe I'd think about buying it.

I would say that it is definitely worth getting this as your free gift with purchase. I'm not sure if there are replacement batteries that you can buy for this. If not, then I would recommend looking into a more expensive ring with replaceable batteries if you enjoy this. I have another in my cart right now.

This is a great first toy for couples. It is easy to use. It's discreet, stretchy, and comfortable to use. It could last a bit longer, but overall, is wonderful for anyone just starting to try new things.

This is a poor excuse for a cock ring. It just does not work like it should. Good thing they are free right now with an order.

This product is excellent if it's free, but probably not worth $6. As a beginner, it was the perfect addition to sex, but it might disappoint more experienced users.

This cock ring is a must-have for those who are curious about trying a cock ring out, whether it be on a toy or a real man. It may not be compatible with your bodies, but for the price ($5 or free), there's not much to lose. It convinced us to invest in a permanent ring! I'd suggest it to anyone.

For a free product this is alright. You can use this to see if you like this type of product before buying a more expensive one. I do like these disposable rings but this one is not as good as other's that I have tried.

It really is a good toy for first time users. I wouldn't suggest it to more experienced couples who might find it boring. But if you are unsure about using them, its good for that. The toy doesn't last that long, which was a downside for me and my boyfriend. But while it did, last we both got pleasure out of it. Longer lasting would be a lot better as well as a stronger vibration.

This is a nice free gift if you're looking to try cock rings for a first time. It's easy to use and disposable. But the vibrations are minimal and can leaving you wanting something more. All in all, it's worth a try.

I would recommend this to anyone who is curious about using a new style of toy. At $5.99 (or as a free gift!), what have you got to lose? Being relatively inexperienced, this cock ring is the best toy I have found so far for couples. This one is perfect for one night of really fun play time, and might spark the beginning of a whole new set of toys in the bedroom.

Overall this cock ring is seriously lacking, but as a free gift it is useful because it will help you decide if you will like these types of toys. Just keep in mind that there are a lot of better options out there for cock rings. This one just has too many flaws to spend money on.

This toy is just so-so. The vibrations can only be felt if you are working your magic slowly, but anything fast makes them pretty much useless. If anything, it is a cheap or free way to kill a half hour.

The Vibrating Ring was just not powerful enough. There was only one setting on the ring, which I could have dealt with just fine. The issue was the power of the vibrations. On the plus side, the ring stretches to fit most penises, toys, fingers, or toes. Again, do not wear this on the tongue because there is the chance of choking.

Great for beginners

If have never used a cock ring this is a great place to start. Give it a try, since it's free you have nothing to lose but a possible orgasm this might bring you. Have fun with it and remember everyone is different so try it for yourself.

This cock ring just didn't thrill me or my husband. It might be good for some, but we thought the lack of quality outweighed the cheap (free) price tag. The vibrations were weak and the overall experience was very lacking.

This toy is great for what it is designed for. Just one night of couple fun! It isn't super strong or remarkable. BUT it is great for beginners and those who just are looking for an easy toy that you can dispose of after!

I enjoyed this disposable ring. Even though the battery compartment kept falling out of the ring I was able to put it back. The slide button looks a little flimsy but so far it's stronger than it looks. This toy is not waterproof but it's definitely worth a try. You can usually get this ring free of charge when you order from Eden.

It wasn't the best but wasn't the worst thing imaginable. I would buy another one but I would buy one that has more life to it.

It felt amazing. I'm glad that we tried this for this first and not to mention... it was free. I really don't see anything negative about this product.

All in all, this toy has sold me on the concept of vibrating cock rings, and would be a great and cheap introduction for curious beginners, but if you're looking for powerful vibrations you may want to look elsewhere.

My overall thought about this little cock ring is that it is just a piece of junk. I will not get it again and you shouldn't either!

This is a great vibrating cock ring that is one time use, so no clean up is required, and fits most size men and/or dildos.

I would not purchase this item, or if I had I would be mad, but since it was free, it offered some enjoyment. It is relatively inexpensive, but has too many cons in my book.

This product is a great beginner product. It would also be great for someone looking to spice things up. It makes love making a whole new experience.

For the price (especially if it's free) it's worth giving it a try. Maybe the switch won't bother you, but if it does you'll be glad that you didn't pay much for it!

The free gift worth grabbing every order; good for a little extra spice in the bedroom when the house is full of people and you want to keep the noise down. Fits easily in a purse or jacket pocket, always waiting for when you want it to be a little something special. Keep as many of these on hand as you can, I doubt you'll regret it.

This ring was more fun than we ever could have imagined especially for an inexpensive, disposable toy. The vibe died and the ring broke after about 30-40 minutes but that is all it was designed for. It did its job though, and got us into a super-steamy session that lasted several hours. I would definitely spend $5.99 on one again and sometimes it is offered as a free gift with any order which is awesome! I wish I could just order a case of them. We had fun a LOT of fun with ours.

Are you looking for something to spice up your sex life or looking to try out vibrating rings? If so, add this little guy as a free gift on your next order! It's a very simple, easy to use, vibrating ring that is great for anyone from beginners to the more sexually advanced!

I was shocked that it lasted a little longer than a half an hour. I was disappointed when I went numb for a bit.

I got this cock ring as a freebie with my order. I don't like using it during sex but I did like it when used on different toys. It's stretchy and adjustable so it can fit different sizes and can fit different bullets. There's only one vibration and it's really weak and kind of boring. I'd suggest this cock ring to beginners who want to try it for fun. Honestly, I wasn't that impressed with it.

The ring is easy to use. The vibrator is easy to control. It works well as a masturbation aid. The ring is good for a one time use. It is not meant for use with partners due to its poor design.

All in all, it's a cheap option to try a vibrating cock ring. I do feel that I may have ruined the opportunity to ever enjoy them, now that my partner and I both have sort of cast the whole idea aside. I will not purchase this again. The stimulation was weak and my partner ended up taking it off after just a few minutes seeing as it was more of a distraction/hinderance than anything pleasuring. I'd recommend spending a few extra bucks and getting a ring with a higher customer rating.

I would recommend this to a friend as a free gift or even to buy. It is cheap enough but I personally wouldn't buy this because it is disposable. For a little more, I can buy a cock ring that will last longer.

I loosely say, "Alright for beginners". I myself was new to rings before picking this up as a free gift and just about all I can say is, I'm glad it WAS free. It's cute and amazingly soft, but the soft material is TOO soft for carrying the vibrations around. Unless you're touching the bullet itself, you don't feel anything except a soft material that sends a sound throughout the room.

Want to try a fun disposable cock ring on your next encounter? Pick up one of these lovely freebies with your next order and enjoy!

All in all I suggest buying this toy due to the fact that it is a fun little change in a normal routine.

Thinking about trying a vibrating cock ring to spice things up? The disposable Vibrating Ring by EdenFantasys isn't a bad choice for beginners. Experienced cock ring users should look elsewhere.

Made of decent material, this cute toy would be perfect for a first time vibrating cock ring user. Good as a beginner cock ring as well. But not beneficial for the female/male that is taking the shaft that the ring is on. Definitely not for advanced users.

For what this product is, a disposable vibrating cock ring, I just love it and give it a 5 out of 5. Everything is just how I like it with this cute little product, even the colors. I just wish it was rechargeable!

This is a nice free gift, but I wouldn't have purchased it due to the fact that it's disposable. The stretchy cock ring should accommodate even the thickest of penises, and the vibrating bullet should add a nice sensation to your playtime. Oh, and solo users? I know this package says it's for couples, but this can be used to make solo playtime lots of fun too, so don't fret!

This was a fabulous new experience, a great "buy" for anyone looking to experiment and try new things. Great new sensations! Easy to use, then throw away when you are done.

As far as free gifts from Eden go, this is a great one. Quiet, moderate vibrations attached to your partner's penis, and disposable - what's not to love? If you like the feeling, though, I'd suggest saving up for something that isn't a one use only toy.

This vibrating ring is the best that you can buy for a low price. If you are on a budget and want to enhance your sex life this is the way to go!

I love the Edenfantasys vibrating cock ring! It was a great new experiences for the both of us. We can't wait to get a new cock ring.

This is an excellent free gift choice, for beginners and experienced cock ring users. I would be all over a reusable one.

I am not impressed with this vibrating cock ring. I really wish the vibrations were stronger. Thankfully it was a free gift from a recent order. It isn't totally horrible but it is not for me.

For the price, this is a great deal. It's great for beginners, made of a pretty good material, and has a good vibration setting. It's a nice cock ring and fits most men.

This is a great starter ring for anyone getting into accessories and toys in the bedroom. The vibrating is an excellent sensation for both him and her. A great benefit for keep you penis harder for longer. The switch can be a little difficult to work at first but once you get the hang of it your in for a great ride.

The EdenFantasys Vibrating cock ring seems to be more for men that are a bit more blessed and it will slip around on men that are of average size. The vibrations aren't that powerful.

For First-Time Cock-Ring'ers

The EdenFantasys Vibrating Ring is a good choice if you want to know if the sensation of a cock ring is for you. The vibrations arent' the strongest, and this only will last 30 minutes of use, but if you want a cheap alternative to see how a cock ring will effect/feel for you, it's a pretty good selection. Just don't expect too much.

This is a great free gift. I probably wouldn't buy it, but its not a bad cock ring. It does what it should and is reusable with other bullets, which is a huge plus.

Being new to the world of cock rings; I really felt like this was a good introduction. The ring was simple to use and didn’t feel overpowering when I wore it.

The EdenFantasys Vibrating Ring can provide a lot of fun for couples. It is meant to be disposable so you will only get about 30 minutes of buzz from it. The vibrations are a little weak and seem to lose power after a short time, but it is non-intimidating and easy to use. This ring is also very discreet and quiet so it would be great for travel!

This is worth buying for fun because it is inexpensive but works for what it is intended for! It is fun for a night with your lover.

I'm sorry to say that this cock ring is sadly ineffective, and not a good value, even free. You're better off buying a *real* cock ring, and choosing a different free gift.

This toy can be used for so much more then just a standard cock ring, but not for it's original purpose: intercourse. If you plan on getting this product and making the most of it, I would suggest you have a good imagination.

This toy is great for someone who's shy, or beginners. Color could definitely be suited more for a man, than the pink it came in. Great stretch and soft clear jelly material. There was no tugging or "tourniquet" effect. Bullet was nice and strong. Clean-up was super easy. Storage is very easy, as it is so small. Not sure what the nubs are for, but maybe a monster truck tire effect, have no idea. They served no real purpose.

Even though you get only one to two uses from a ring, it's totally worth it. Especially because of the price. Throw this in a gift basket for a married couple, or save a few for a vacation to avoid traveling with your beloved expensive toys. Fits easily in your purse or anywhere you'd like to store it, and it's easy to use. No worry about cleaning it... just toss it in the trash. We love it!

Honestly this is a cheap product (quality wise) that is really only good for a person looking to try out a vibrating ring for the first time, without making a huge investment. It makes a decent free gift, however with only 30 minutes of life it's only a short trial run.

My guy and I had a great time with this gadget. It came as a free gift but we'll definitely be getting it again. It's easy, fun to use, feels great, and can easily be tossed once you're finished.

While this toy is a fun toy for couples, it is only one time use and ends up in a garbage heap somewhere. While it does vibrate, the female involved can only really feel it when the bodies are together.

All in all, a good free gift. I wouldn't go spending money on it, simply because it doesn't hold the power and function that I prefer. If you're just starting out, wouldn't be a bad thing to try.

It's cuter and more attractive in style than in practical use. A let down in use for both men and women. Not a multiple buy for a one time use item.

This is a very stretchy cock ring that can be used just on the base of the penis, or around the balls and penis for a tighter feel. If you are single, this is fun to add to a dildo for added stimulation. This is a great addition to sex or solo masturbation.

This cock ring was not snug enough nor was it shaped right to stimulate the clit. Yet despite that it was still a decent toy for the price. If you are looking for your first cock ring go ahead and give this one a try.

The Eden Fantasys vibrating ring was truly fun for thirty minutes; although, we wanted it to be good for another hour and a half. If you're looking for a banging quickie, this toy's for you.

This is a fun beginner's ring. I absolutely loved it, along with my man. For how small it is, it really did a fantastic job of feeling awesome. This is definitely a toy I can see myself buying again if anything happens to the one I have now.

I have used many different cock rings before, and I was excited to see that EF now has their own. However, I would NOT invest in this one. I got it as a free gift, and I will not be getting it again. Next time, I will opt for the EF wipes or something else, but definitely not this ring.

Overall, a good product to try, and a great free gift. This is my favorite style of vibrating rings, ones that go just around the shaft. I just wish they would offer one made out of pure silicone.

For a free gift, sure it's great, but the lack of actual vibration and the difficulty of getting it to stay on still makes it as useless as anything else.

Overall I can say my experience with this ring was great. Gave my hubby an unexpected but mind-blowing blow job in the truck and this little gadget made that possible! Used it again during sex when we got home and it lasted about two hours. Great deal for a FREE gift with purchase! Love it!

This is nice toy for those who are new to cock rings or those who want to add a little vibration to their favorite penis or dildo. It's excellent for travel and can fit almost any size.

Looking for a new vibrating cock ring for a great price? This could be your new toy that you've been looking for. Great toy for the beginners looking to explore into the cock ring toys

This is a very nice free gift, it's got a pretty fun look and it rocked my clit off. It's sad that it breaks so easily though, but worth the fun you'll get out of it while it lasts.

If you are looking for a cheap vibrating ring that fits great and works well, then the EdenFantasys Vibrating Ring may just be for you. It is great for couples and adds excitement in the bedroom for a while being as it is disposable!

This little guy could be fun for trying out a vibrating ring. It's inexpensive so it's a good starter. Great for partners, or for alone time if you want to use it with a dildo.

It was a good free gift, but I would not purchase this item having used other cock rings before. It is a good beginner cock ring, something you don't have to invest a lot of money into to get a feel for what a cock ring is suppose to do.

If you've never tried a vibrating cock ring before, this one isn't a bad choice. It's got a cute color combo and butterfly clit design, and it is easy to use. The stretchy band should fit many guys, but the moderate vibes won't get many women off without additional stimuli, but it can certainly add to the experience.

A free gift with your purchase that can give you some back up, or on the road, disposable vibes! I can't see a reason not to try it!

The EF vibrating ring is overall an average penis ring for the cost. I found it more useful for partner interaction and shared pleasure than solo pleasure. I received it as a free gift with my order of another toy and I am not disappointed in choosing it. Being a beginner with penis rings, I would say this is more suited for beginners alike.

This a great cock ring! The Silicone is thick, which helps prevent against rippage. It is very durable, and is amazing for the price!

The Eden Fantasys vibrating ring is a great ring with a large flaw. The flaw is the vibrating bullet. This bullet is a shot deal with one function. Change the bullet out and it's his and hers best friend. Overall it's not a bad toy for free. The vibrating bullet is why it will get a three star rating out five stars.

This bullet is great to add a little something extra to your love making, but it does lack in power. It is a good thing the bullet can be replaced, but that is if you have one to fit inside.

In conclusion, if you are new to the adult toy scene, the Edenfantasys vibrating ring is perfect for you. No hassle, no mess, no intimidation factor. Just slip on and go crazy. With care you'll have a great toy for years to cum. (Pun intended)

The EdenFantasys vibrating ring is a cute novelty item, but not much more, especially for those used to strong vibrations.

Did you know Edens has found a way to make your cock vibrate? And it works! This is a great vibrating cock ring that has a disposable bullet that can be removed when finished and replaced for better vibrations. Forget the high price of other brands, pay less, proudly let Edens get you off and don't forget the clean up! This ring will last for many times to cum!

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