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A Great Freebie, But...

This is a nice free gift, but I wouldn't have purchased it due to the fact that it's disposable. The stretchy cock ring should accommodate even the thickest of penises, and the vibrating bullet should add a nice sensation to your playtime.

Oh, and solo users? I know this package says it's for couples, but this can be used to make solo playtime lots of fun too, so don't fret!
Great free gift, Stretches, Powerful for a disposable toy
Not crazy about TPR, Doesn't hit my clitoris when used during intercourse
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review


Cock rings aren't generally my thing; my partner doesn't enjoy wearing them, and as I don't have a cock myself, I don't have much need for them. Still, when I saw that this was offered as a free gift, I just had to snatch it up.

EdenFantasy's Vibrating Ring is just what it looks like; it's a cock ring. The package states that this is a "for couples", and really, it makes sense that this ring would be most beneficial to couples featuring at least one male partner. This particular cock ring serves a few purposes. First, it's meant to help the male partner maintain his erection for a longer time period. Secondly, the vibrating nature of this cock ring is meant to provide an additional sensation for both partners.

Just because the package states this is a couples product does not mean that you can't use it alone! This cock ring can be used to be provide clitoral stimulation during a females solo playtime. It can also be worn during a males solo playtime, as the vibrations will still provide him with additional stimulation.

You can also place the cock ring around a dildo to make it vibrate a little.

Now, beginners or advanced users, you ask? Both! This ring is non-intimidating enough that beginners won't be afraid to give it a try, but that doesn't mean that advanced users won't get a thrill from it, too.

Material / Texture

The actual ring is made out of TPR Silicone, and is clear in color. TPR silicone rates as a 6 on Eden Fantasy's safety scale. It's not the safest material, but it's not really a harmful material. The TPR silicone is hypo-allergenic, latex free, and phthalates free.

Due to the TPR silicone, you're going to want to use water-based lubricant, if you choose to use any lubricant at all.

The ring is extremely stretchy and soft, so it should comfortably fit even the thickest of penises. It should be noted that the material is also very sturdy; even when I stretch it as far as I can get it to stretch, it doesn't show any signs of tearing.

The TPR silicone is primarily smooth, except for one little portion that sits over the bullet compartment. That area has little nubs covering the service in a small butterfly pattern. The little butterfly is cute, but I couldn't feel it during use. My partner says he couldn't feel it during use, either.

Next, we have the bullet itself. I couldn't find any information on what the bullet is made out of, but it appears to be made out of plastic. The plastic feels very cheap, but as this was a free gift? I'm not complaining.

As for smell and taste? If I put the cock ring right up to my nose, I can smell a rubbery sort of scent. The scent is not overpowering, as I can't smell it unless my nose is RIGHT against the ring. I did lick this to check for taste, and it does have a slight rubbery taste to it. Again, the taste is slight, and hardly notable. All that said, you're probably not going to be licking, or sniffing, your cock rings.

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

This cock ring is designed to fit over the shaft of a males penis. It is not meant to go over the balls, as well.

My partner is fairly thick, and finds that most cock rings are painful for him to wear. This cock ring is different; he is able to wear it without a problem. I genuinely cannot tell you how thick he is, as we have never measured his penis, but he does seem to be a bit thicker than the average male.

Now, to give you some idea about how this ring will fit you? When the ring is off, the center of the ring is around an inch wide. When the ring is stretched fully, it's about 5 inches wide. Really, I can't see this ring being too small for anyone, unless you've got a super sized cock. While the ring is very stretchy, know that this ring is meant to fit the penis snugly. The great thing about this ring is that it doesn't stay stretched out, so it's pretty much guaranteed to fit your penis snugly. Now, if you're not used to cock rings, you men might find this a bit uncomfortable at first. My guy said it did take some getting used to.

The design of the ring itself is a bit interesting, yet simple. The TPR silicone has little areas with cut outs, which seem to help make the ring super stretchy.

The ring has a small compartment for the bullet. The bullet compartment is open on both ends, which allows you to easily slide the bullet in and out of the ring. That's right, it's removable. The great thing about the bullet being removable is that you can replace it with a bullet of your own when the bullet dies, or if the included bullet just isn't strong enough for your preference.

Now, the bullet? The bullet is simple. It is about 1" long, and about a half inch wide. There is a switch on one end of the bullet that enables you to turn it on and off. The bullet is extremely cheap, but as a freebie, it's nice.

One complaint that I have with this ring is that I wasn't able to get any clitoral stimulation from it during intercourse with my partner. That said, it still felt pretty nice.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The included bullet has a simple on and off switch at one end of the bullet. The switch is easy enough to use, I find that just lightly pushing it with my finger turns it on no problem. Switching it off? Just push it the other way; just as easy! That being said, I have read some reviews that state that the switch was difficult to turn on, so perhaps I just got lucky.

That said, the switch on mine does seem loose. It sort of rattles back and forth on it's own, but it NEVER turns on or off on it's own, which is a good thing.

The bullet has only one vibration setting, and it is fairly strong for a disposable bullet. I'd rate it as about 3 vrooms. Sound wise, it's quiet, being about 1 bees. I would have no problem using this bullet with someone else in the same room, just as long as I had a thick blanket to play underneath.

Now, I know you're wondering how long the bullet lasts, right? The packaging advertises that it lasts for 30 minutes, but I was able to get this bullet to last a bit longer. I'm not completely sure how much longer, but I would estimate that I had it to work for about 60 minutes (with the bullet being turned off occasionally throughout the playtime).

Care and Maintenance

This cock ring is meant to be disposable, but you can easily salvage the ring and use it again with another bullet. If you choose to reuse the ring, you're going to want to wash it carefully with a toy cleaner, or antibacterial soap and warm water. Be very careful that you clean every little bit of the ring, including the small crevasses, to ensure that bacteria does not grow.

The included bullet, on the other hand, is meant to be disposed of once the battery runs out. This is because there is absolutely no way of replacing the battery.

As for storage, I would recommend that you keep this in a little plastic bag, if you want to use it more than once.
Follow-up commentary
Saying I don't like this anymore isn't really accurate. This item is a disposable cockring, so it makes sense that I can no longer use it as it was intended.

I guess it's just that the experience I had with this ring wasn't mind-blowing enough for me to request another, despite the fact that the cockrings are available as a free gift with any purchase.
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  • Jimbo Jones
    With that much stretch, why not wear it behind the testicles? Thanks for the great review.
  • SMichelle
    I don't feel that it'd be suitable to wear behind the testicles due to how snugly this fits, even with the stretch. My guy tried this, and he was unable to make it work.

    That said, others may have different experiences.
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    thanks for review
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  • Kitka
    Great review, thanks for sharing it with us!
  • VelvetDragon
    Thanks for the thorough review! I don't think I'd spend money on this (we have nicer cock rings) but it looks like it'd be fun for a freebie!
  • Mwar
    I still have one sitting in it's pouch. You've inspired me to finally try it tonight! Thanks
  • Lardnerthebest
    Thank you for the review
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    nice! thanks for the review
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    Great review
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