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The tube love glove reviews

31 reviews
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31 reviews

It's a good, cheap tube for when you want something a little different from your hand. It's cheap enough that you won't want to try to make it last for months.

Servicing, sufficient, practical, and powerful. The tube love glove is certainly the toy you don't want to miss. Pink or purple it doesn't matter the shade. You'll be more than glad that you paid!

I've always had a struggle trying to find a cheap toy that both feels good and is easy to clean, and I tell you no lie, for me, this is that toy. It is a very stretchy toy that will allow almost all users to get all the way in with little work. And it is very easy to clean. This is a perfect toy for new and experienced users alike.

I really enjoyed using this toy - it is both realistic in sensation, but also slightly unrealistic because of the high intensity level. I found that there were a number of different ways that I could position it to change the way it felt, and it has lasted a long time without any discoloration or distortion. It does require a little bit of care, but overall it is worth the time.

We really did not enjoy this tube. I was hoping for a handjob aid and only succeeded in tripling my workload. The lube and powder investments were definitely not worth it, as soon as we got it I should have thrown it out. May be great for the single gent wanting a cheap thrill or trainer, as it really desensitized my man, but it's definitely not for this couple. We both agree that we prefer an actual hand to this product any day of the week.

I still use this toy to this day, but it'll soon be out the door for a better - more textured sleeve because it's just not doing it for me like it used too. It's just not that great once you've excelled past the most basic beginners toy. It's great for a first time sleeve, but it's not good for a long term buy.

Just like Michael Jackson's white glove, this "Love Glove" is singular--yep, only one! But luckily, that is all your man is going to need (let's hope-but if he does need two going at the same time, I really want to see that!) This versatile and Pump friendly Love Tube will have his head spinning, or at least...well-you get the picture. So read on, see what this baby can do...single handedly!

This little pink pleasure tube feels great and and can be used vigorously. With proper care it should last you a while.

This product is very stimulating and easy to use. It usually works pretty fast and is quick and easy to clean up.

If you have the money to burn and haven't tried this type of product before, it is a great introductory sleeve at a decent price. If you're a masturbation aficionado like me, you'll probably get tired of it quickly.

The Tube Love Glove is a great first-time toy for men looking to experiment with the sensation of masturbation sleeves. Advanced and more experience users will love the simplicity of the design. The tube is easier to clean than other sleeves. For the price, this is a great deal!

The Tube is an inexpensive Love Glove that will wet your appetite for the world of massagers. It is a great beginner product because it is satisfying but not highly textured. It is not very realistic, but it should be enough to let you know if massagers are "your thing."

With some lube and water, it is inevitable that an earth shattering orgasm is just around the corner. Completely satisfied.

I gave this toy 4 stars for being fairly cheap, purple, quick to use and easy to clean. It's tight, the ribs have a pretty good feel and it's quite durable. It's been one of my best friends on lonely days. Solo or partner play, The Tube Love Glove is the most loving glove you can find.

I feel like this item is probably worth the money considering it is very low priced and it does get the job done.

If you're looking for something to add to regular masturbation, look no further. The tube love glove is an inexpensive masturbation sleeve that has a lot to offer with its internal ribbed texture, squishy material, and tight feel.

I wouldn't recommend this toy to many people. It is a nice color and has a more realistic feeling UR3 material, but that also makes it hard to clean and store. It doesn't stimulate very much and has a strong odor right out of the box. I'm sure it will be great for some people, just not me I guess.

The Tube is a basic masturbation sleeve. There's nothing wrong with being basic. With its smaller opening, the Tube can be slightly more of a challenge to get into (especially if you have lube on your hand), but once you are working it up and down your shaft you forget all your worries and just enjoy the feel of your hand through the material and the ridges on the inside. I hope I didn't wake the neighbors when I came, but the Tube gets the job done.

Overall, I found that the simplicity of this toy is what made it so great! At $15, I feel that it has a place in every person's collection!

This was my first tube experience and I really liked it. It's a great change up from sex or masturbation. It can also be used during sex to make you thicker or add ribs to your intercourse.

The Tube fits like a glove, no matter what your penis size. It's great for both couple play and masturbation, and is an easy clean up toy if a condom is used.

Worth every penny. On the lower end of masturbatory toys but certainly worth buying and owning. This Glove fit well and got the job done!

Overall this toy is great purchase. Its cheap, doesn't cost much to get it and its a blast once you get it and play with it!

This is a good, inexpensive male masturbator, especially if you've never tried one before, but you will likely want to replace it with something a bit more expensive at a later date.

The Tube Love Glove is such a good investment! It works, feels great, and is fun to play around with. For the price this is a very effective and highly recommended male masturbator. There is textured ribbing, a nice sized opening, and it will accommodate varying sized guys with ease.

I really like this toy. It is better than jerking off with my hand any day. It has it's own feeling, but boy is it a good feeling. I would recommend this to any guy over most other toys like this that are too small and sticky feeling.

This is my first sex toy and man was it an experience! This is really a great product. Tight and stretchy as it claims. Reasonably priced.The sleeve was nice and tight around my hard cock and the ribs inside gave me one of the best solo orgasms ever.Plus It,s Easy to clean.A must have for all men.

By virtue of the many reviews, I am in the minority when I say you can find a lot better ways to get off than use the TUBE. Save your money on this one.

The Tube Love Glove is a great product that is sure to please any man. The low cost and pleasure it brings makes it one of the best buys you can make.

A really great product for dames that tire from their arms while pleasuring their men. It can get me off easily and is great and easy to clean when used with a condom.

With the Love Glove, it's the second best thing to a quick masturbation session; I've never used anything that helped me get off faster than my own hand.

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