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2012 Eden Catalog reviews

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19 reviews

I'm hoping for more Eden Fantasys' catalogs in the future, but also hoping that they'll look more professional and catalog-like. This is an okay little book for affiliates like me to take to sex toy parties, but I'd rather have something with more options. I'd love to see EF make a catalog for just butt plugs, then one for wedding gifts, then one for lingerie, dildos, BDSM, accessories, DVD's, et cetera. That'd be great!

The Eden 2012 Valentine Catalog was my first Catalog to receive from the site. It is packed with a bunch of beautiful pictures of the products that Eden has to offer. They really wanted to make you and your spouse or significant other feel very special on a very special occasion. I say they did a wonderful job at it too.

The 2012 Eden Catalog is a fun freebie to see what other members of the Eden Fantasys community are saying about items other than on-line

This is the best catalog I've ever received! I always love pulling it out of my package with whatever sex toy I happened to order. This is great to keep for yourself, or to pass on to friends who might be interested in joining EdenFantasys themselves. There's no better way to explain to people just how fantastic this website really is than letting them view the catalog for themselves!

All in all, this isn't so much a catalogue as it is a Toy Guide. Catalogues are generally whole inventories, sent out so that you can buy directly from them--this is a guide to the best toys of the year. People ingrained into the Eden community will recognize most--if not all--of the toys inside, as many of them are our tried and true favorites! Seeing this for what it is: a guide to inform people about Eden and toys, I think this is tops.

This is a great catalog that shows a variety of EF products, and describes some of their features as well.

Though it can't be bought, it's a fabulous insert to get with the rest of your Eden stuff. I found that it was super helpful to get other reviewers' opinions on what toys work best. It also includes non sex toy stuff for those that may not be interested in that realm.

Awesome selection of gift ideas for yourself and for couples. It came out just in time for the new holiday season!

Okay, so you're not going to pass all these extra catalogs out to your friends, and though dropping them in random places for strangers to find is cool, killing some boredom time and making gifts for friends by getting your craft on is a gift not only to them, but yourself, AND the environment. Upcycling for the win!

This catalog is great to pass around as it contains a lot of useful information, especially for those who are new to sex toys. If you placed an order recently, you most likely got one of these. Hand these out so other people can see for themselves what this community is all about!

I love this little Booklet, I think they need to come out with one every year, my only complaint is that it isn't quite long enough!

If you've made a purchase from Eden in the last month there's a good chance you've come across this small but informative catalog. Never noticed it? Maybe you didn't think to look inside? Well you might want to take a gander. This catalog features not just the many fabulous products Eden has to offer but the community many Edenites are a part of.

This is a nice look at what Eden has to offer, but it is better to give to a friend who is new to sex toys and doesn't know where to begin, what to look for, or what type of toys are available to them. This catalog gives them a little peek at what they could find at EdenFantasys, and can help them start their search.

I was very surprised to learn that this is Eden Fantasys first catalog. You are immediate hit by how much went into this catalog. Over 100 products are shown in beautiful color photos. Each product is accompanied with a quote from an Eden reviewer, product number, customer rating, & regular price. A wide variety of categories are covered (~4 products/category), although some categories are lacking. Overall, an awesome first mini-catalog.

This toy catalog is good ALL YEAR LONG and not just for Christmas. It can also help keep you adding to your toy chest all year round. How? Get an affiliate code and then pass this catalog around or leave it where others can take it home with them. Who knows - maybe you'll earn enough to get your Valentine's Day gifts FREE next year!

If you are sick of just talking about Eden to everyone, you really need some of these. They make for great handouts for all new or potential members to Eden. Now let us learn what is inside....

The catalog is a great informative teaser to get others interested in the community. I loved the exerpts from actual reviews, yes, mine was one of them! I was so excited I was dancing all over the house. This opens up a whole new way for us affiliates to promote the site and our outside sales. Thank you Edens!!!

In short, this is a fun read that will let you get a preview of the stie and, is perfect for people who are looking to expand the toy collection.

Eden's 2012 catalog is a great sex toy guide for the beginner or newcomer to the Eden site! It's cute, brief, and easy to read. I'd love to see more items and topics covered in more depth, but this is a really nice representation of Eden, what we offer, and what we are all about.

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