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2012 EdenFantasys Community Calendar reviews

27 reviews
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Average review rating
27 reviews

I really loved this calendar. I just wish I could have kept it hanging up with company over, without any questions being asked.

Overall I really enjoyed this calendar and the photos that was in it. Great Photography. I also enjoyed all the other little fun dates that they had in.

This is a super calendar, whether you plan to hang it up on the wall or keep it out of others' sight. It reminds me of the community here and makes me smile whenever I look at it.

Other than a few misplaced holidays, the 2012 EdenFantasys Calendar is a wonderful and fun yearly calendar to put up at home or in the office.

I would only recommend this calendar if it was free, which it is, and to anyone needing a back up calendar.

I'm going to pass this on to someone that won't mind having an end of the year calendar. I still don't know yet who but I'm thinking. For those who need to have every piece of information it smells like fresh print. No I didn't taste it nor care to taste it. The main material comes from a tree. I am planning to get next years calendar but at the beginning of the year. I can then write on there EF related information such as days of contests. Please read my experience with this item.

The 2012 Calendar is great to have at home, or in the office. It has family approved pictures and info. The calendar has educational information, and inspirational quotes, on each page. This calendar contains all 12 months of 2012, and 12 bonus months for 2013.

A lovely piece of art work that I will use every day, once I have things to do; like homework, review assessments, as well as other things. I really hope they put one out next year because I will be look forward to 2013!

As a keepsake this calendar is a perfect example of the diversity and talent of our community here at EdenFantasys. The fact that it is a functional and easy to hang calendar elevates it, in this reviewer's opinion, to something every person who loves this site and community should own. If you do not have this hanging on your wall, go right now and add it to your next order. You won't regret it! Hats off to you guys, you deserve it!

This is a great calendar that anyone can enjoy, and since it is done by Eden Fantasys, you may know the contributors that showcase their handy work.

This gorgeous, professional calendar is a great way to remind yourself daily of how important community is. As long as you're comfortable explaining what EdenFantasys is, the 2012 EdenFantasys Community Calendar can be displayed anywhere.

This is a wonderful calendar and all, but sadly you can't put it up in places where others can see unless you're comfortable explaining that you got this from a sex shop. Aside from that small issue, the calendar is great.

The Edenfantasys' Community Calender is a great collection of monthly pictures submitted by members of the EF Photography Club. EF is about more than sex. It is about love, friendship and support. WE are a community in the truest sense of the word. We may be the best form of community because we don't live in close proximity and can't argue!!

In one word, this calendar is awesome. Be sure to pick up a few in case they get snatched up by your family members or friends.

This calendar is handy and extremely useful. It will remind you of any holidays coming up, or feel free to write in your own. It has a convenient hole so that you can easily hang it on a wall with a tack. It's also great because you can hang it anywhere since all of the pictures are of clean content.

This is a lovely calender that contains 12 photos taken by Edenfantasy's Photography Club. It has all 365 days you could want in a one year calender and the photos are all unique and interesting conversation starters. You can get one for free right now, so be sure to grab one before you check out when you make your next purchase.

The choice of pictures was a great was to display a calendar. The holidays were an added touch of what goes on around the world. But I must say I was afraid that I would get the calendar bent then it would be ruined. Just too thin for comfort. I rate it a 4 star calendar since it was totally free. Thanks Eden!

I'd give the Eden Calendar 4 stars out of 5. I think it is pretty typical of a calendar collection. Certain aspects are rather interesting such as the marked cultural holidays and events, while other aspects such as the photos seem pretty yet boring and rather uncoordinated. All in all though, it was more than free...I didn't even order it as a freebie, so it's hard to complain. Thanks again, EF!

"This calendar represents the culmination of a labour of love undertaken by the Eden Photographers Club and EdenFantasys on behalf of the EdenFantasys community. Within are photos taken by members of the EdenFantasys community, not neatly manipulated professional photos by professionals in photoshoots, but rather wonderful, real photos taken by wonderful, real people. Each month represents something that characterizes our community and shows off where, why, and how we live..."

If you're looking for yet another way to show your Eden pride, this calendar is a great way to do it while also being able to keep track of the days of the year at the same time. Aside from a few logos, there's nothing to give away that it comes from a sex shop, and all of the images were taken by members of our very own community!

If you need a great calendar that will help you to plan out the following month, has a beautiful picture and has a thought provoking quote every month, Eden Fantasys Community Calendar is perfect for you. This calendar goes above and beyond the basic holidays by including holidays from many different religions, countries and just plain fun ones. Go ahead, grab your today, you will be glad you did!!

Need a calender? Why not try this one? It's classy and the pictures are beautiful! It was made from pictures taken from people who are part of the EF community, which really shows that the people of this site care what we as contributors think. It's very well done, and I can't wait to see what they come up with next year!

This is a really neat calendar! The photos are all taken by Eden community members and they are all very good(like a professional!) quality!

This was a great choice for one of my free items. It is hanging on the wall in my office. If anyone knows who took the picture of the puppy, let me know. It is the cutest puppy I have ever seen.

I'd say that this calendar will be good for anyone who wants a calendar whether it be you or your in laws or a friend! It's discreet in its look but has the words Eden Fantasys on it.

The Community Calendar from Eden is jammed pack with a bunch of holidays some may or may have not heard of. I know some of them I have not heard of. This was a beautiful free item that Eden gave us the opportunity to grab. They are a wonderful welcoming community who does so much for us Edenites. I know I appreciate all they do for us that is for sure.

Edenfantasys' community atmosphere is driven by both the want and will of the contributors digging their heels in to make Edenfantasys a fun place to interact, and the efforts of the men and women behind the curtain that bring their ideas to fruition. The calendar is the ultimate example of one such effort and is perfect for marking your Eden milestones throughout 2012.

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