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Foreign Affairs reviews

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10 reviews

It's not quite "Around The World In Eighty Fucks," but whether you're vacationing at home or abroad this year, Foreign Affairs should be tucked in your suitcase. There's some sights to behold that you won't want to miss.

I really liked it overall, but beware, a few select stories drag out a lot and may put you to sleep. The others make up for this little flaw though, because they're actually sensual, sexual, and exciting.

Always wanted to travel to exotic (or not so exotic) locations? Foreign Affairs might be your ticket to new places and cultures. While the stories focus more on the locations and culture and less on the eroticism and sex, they’re all well written journeys. Some of them may excite you more than others, and most are best if you're more interested in the settings.

I did not like this book so much. It has a few stories worth checking out, but most of them weren't that good. This book is more of a story book with some light erotica scenes.

I guess this book is give or take. Some of the stories are very well written, but in my opinion there are some that should have definately been left out for room of other work. It is very detailed as far as location and customs, putting you closer into most of the stories.

It's like that great vacation you always dreamed of... but the flight encounters turbulence, the airline screws up your vegetarian meal and loses your luggage, the hotel can't find your reservation, and you realize too late you should not have drank the water. It was a sound idea for a collection, but the execution gets a thumbs down from me.

Foreign Affairs is a book of short stories featuring sexy affairs all over the globe. While all the stories are written well, some are a bit harder to get into than others. The almost whimsical descriptions most of the authors use makes it a little more difficult (at least for me) to get caught up in the moment and lose yourself in the story.

“Foreign Affairs” contains 21 very well-written tales of erotic encounters in (mostly) exotic settings. (A few of the stories take place in the US.) Although most of the stories are fairly vanilla and heterosexual, there are a few mild kinks and some homosexuality. If you are looking for some heavy BDSM or lots of gay/lesbian stories, you will probably be disappointed, but if all you want is a good selection of beautifully written erotic stories, you will probably enjoy this anthology.

This is a collection of unique erotic short stories about sexy travel adventures. They're rich enough in sensory descriptions to put the reader in the places they're set in, and not your typical couple-at-the-beach sex flings.

From hot steamy encounters to cooler more romantic dates we are globe trotting with some of the best erotica writers the genre has to offer. Foreign Affairs is a great anthology of love in the big wide world.

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