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Book by Cleis Press Inc.

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19 reviews

Other than a story or two, this book did little for me. Most stories left me wanting (and not in a good way) and they seemed unfinished, or stopped before anything really got started. There is a very wide variety of content and situations, so in a sense, something for everyone. But for me this meant there were more stories that did nothing for me and only a few that did. There is nothing wrong with the writing, just the content.

Recommended more for the fan of hot erotic writing than for anyone searching for a true glimpse into the lifestyle. At the same time, and I don't mean to sound bitchy, this is not recommended to those readers who are able to detect rape and degradation in any sexual activity that they personally don't approve of.

If you’re submissive, or just enjoy reading about women submitting to their man, Please, Sir is a great book to pick up. The stories feature a variety of couplings and situations where the women submit and show their love for their men. You might even find a new idea or two for yourself. The stories are hot and you’ll likely find yourself returning to read them and get off to them again and again.

This is a great female submission book with plenty of bondage thrown in. However, as in my case, it would probably be better for the male dominant instead of the male submissive. It was still well written and fun to read, and I got an erection numerous times while reading it.

Please, Sir is a smörgåsbord of twenty-two well-written, arousing stories which speak to both the cerebral and physical joys of female submission. Not every story will appeal to every reader, but there are more than enough here to justify making a space for it on your bookshelf.

This is an eclectic and interesting mix of stories. I would recommend this to anyone who is interested in a little taste of many different types of fetish. I would not recommend this to someone who is only interested in light impact play or light restraint play.

I enjoy the psychological aspects of male dominance, but the physicality makes me a bit queasy. You know what I mean: the paddles, the whips, the chains, the canes. BDSM fetishists will argue that this is what makes BDSM erotica its finest, but I personally don't enjoy it. I will say the stories are well-written and arousing as any good erotica should be, but the hardcore scenes in this collection just aren't for me.

Please, Sir is another great anthology of submissive sex stories by Cleis Press. Pick this one up for a quick read, but you won't be able to put it down!

This themed book of erotica will arouse and delight anyone interested in the 'harder' side of female submission and male dominance. Its various stories explore a range of scenes and dynamics from negotiations to punishment and rough party play.

Definitely another hit from Cleis Press and Rachel Krammer Bussel. Please, Sir will stay on my book shelf for some time to come and I hope to be able to share it with others at some point! Definitely worth picking up!

The women of Please, Sir like being told what to do, their panties get damp just thinking about it. A spanking here, pinched nipples there, a collar and leash, a hand on the throat.... if any of this is making you want more, you can totally find it between the pages of Please, Sir.

If you really love female subs, and male tops, this is the book for you. If your ADD takes over in traditional books, than this is for you. If you just don't have any time to get involved in a long story, again, this is for you.

Please, Sir is a more hardcore dominance collection of stories in comparison to some other books available. It has several different roles that doms and subs take in a D/s relationship in different stories, so readers who also practice D/s will most likely find a story to fit their tastes. A quick and hot read, for sure.

Whether you're into just a little kink and submission or serious servitude and S&M, there are stories in here for you, but don't expect to like them all. There is such a wide variety in this book that serious BDSMers will roll their eyes at certain stories, while dabbling kinksters may not appreciate some of the darker content.

I loved this book! Every story spoke to me and turned me on. The stories have lots of variety in kink factor all the way from no spanking (submission to orders only) all the way to water sports with bondage and tools. I highly recommend this for people into female submission with male domination. I will definitely be reading this book over again! Highly enjoyable!

All in all this is a great compilation of erotic stories from a female submissive point of view. There is something that everyone can enjoy, irregardless of your preferences in writings.

This anthology of female submission covers a broad range of topics, and provides a balanced combination of vignettes exploring both the physical and mental aspects of that submission. "Please, Sir" is arranged well, and the twenty-two stories will entertain a broad swath of readers.

Please Sir is an erotica book intended to arouse those who enjoy female submission. While I don't tend to enjoy it, it was still a pleasurable read that offered a look into the submissive mindset.

Please Sir is a diverse collection of erotic tales that while holding some hot stories, may leave readers lukewarm and in need of more lurid details.

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