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Please, Sir

Book by Cleis Press Inc.

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Please Sir? Oh God, PLEASE!!!

The women of Please, Sir like being told what to do, their panties get damp just thinking about it. A spanking here, pinched nipples there, a collar and leash, a hand on the throat.... if any of this is making you want more, you can totally find it between the pages of Please, Sir.
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About author

The contributing authors for this anthology are a diverse bunch. They are also a talented bunch. You will likely recognize the names of many of them if you are an avid erotic anthology reader. Especially if the anthologies have been published by Cleis Press. I know I have become familiar with many of them. The stories this group has cooked up are incredibly written, easy to be sucked into, and hard to walk away from...

Contributing Authors:

Shanna Germain - Anticipation
Elizabeth Coldwell - Because He Can
Sommer Marsden - Avery Says
Mercy Loomis - The Sub Fairy
Tess Danesi - I Breathe Your Name
Heidi Champa - Long Time Gone
Emerald - Power Over PowerYolanda West - Knot here!
Isabelle Gray - Veronica's Body
Remittance Girl - The Negotiation
Evan Mora - A Night at the Opera
Doug Harrison - Mommy's Boy
Alison Tyler - No Good Deed
Aimee Pearl - Masochist on Vacation
Kissa Starling - Lil' Pet Brat, aka Lily Guangli
Charlotte Stein - Pleasure Keeper
Ariel Graham - Welcome to the World
Lisabet Sarai - Stroke
Justine Elyot - Sunday in the Study
Salome Wilde - Walking the Sub
Donna George Story - Just What She Needs
Rachel Kramer Bussel - Your Hand on My Neck

Due to the number of contributing authors in this anthology, I cannot include bio's on all of them. However, I have selected a few who you might recognize or be interested in.

All excerpts are taken from the About the Author section of Please, Sir.

Heidi Champa's work appears in more than ten anthologies including Tasting Him, Frenzy, and Girl Fun One,] as well as in Bust magazine, and in electronic form, Clean Sheets, Ravenous Romance, Oysters and Chocolate, and the Erotic Woman. Find her online at

Emerald's erotic fiction has been published in anthologies such as Swing! edited by Jolie duPre, Love Notes and Tasting her edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel, K Is for Kinky edited by Alison Tyler, and Best Women's Erotica 2006 edited by Violet Blue. Visit her online at

Remittance Girl lives in exile in Vietnam, where she writes, designs multimedia and grows orchids. Her work has appeared in a number of erotic anthologies, including The Sweetest Kiss and Girls On Top. her website is at
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Content / Style / Audience

The content of Please, Sir is focused on male domination, specifically men dominating women. BDSM and Master/Slave relationships are held at an arms length by many, even those who understand the want or need do not always approve of it. The stories within can either be an eye opener, or a comfort to those who have wanted but never experienced, or are testing the waters in this type of relationship, or just a headlong collision into turn on central for those who embrace their desires.

The writing in these stories is more cerebral than a lot of erotica, but with BDSM it almost has to be in order to address the mental state as well as the physical, since both play such a huge role in this lifestyle. That being said, it is not difficult to read or to be absorbed by once you have made it past the first couple of pages, and the content is OH SO JUICY! The stories are written from the female/sub's perspective, and are very illustrative of the thought process behind the desire to be dominated as well as the pleasure derived from it. If you enjoy this type of subject matter you will likely have more difficulty putting this book down, than you will picking it back up.

Some examples of the content:

' Pain raced from my tortured breast to my pussy, transmuting to pleasure on the way. The harder he squeezed the more tightly my cunt clenched. Fresh pussy-juice gushed from my cleft. I moaned, struggling to stand as he gradually increased the force of his grip.' - Stroke, Lisabet Sarai

'Thomas is examining his keys as he comes up the walk. I clench my thighs together and that only makes the pressure in my pussy worse. My want is worse. My fear is worse. I feel like I'm spiraling and I try to breathe deeply. I can't. His loafers whisper secretively on the steps and he looks up at me, big brown eyes soft with love. His voice is hard with discipline when he sits on a chair and says, "Over my knees, Avery."' - Avery Says, Sommer Marsden

'Questioning my sanity as ever, I drape myself back into position. I am still aglow from the effects of hand and strap, and I half wish I could see my bottom in a mirror. One thing I constantly regret is not being able to watch my flesh colouring and jiggling and acquiring those cruel but lovely patterns Sinclair delights in creating. Perhaps I can prevail on him to film us one day. Until then...' - Sunday in the Study, Justine Elyot
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As opposed to many other erotic BDSM books, the cover of Please, Sir is fairly reserved. Yes, the image is of a woman in a corset and skirt, BUT so are the images on hundreds of others books, none of which are erotica. The only thing that really gives this up as erotica is the fact that it says 'Erotic Stories of Female Submission' across the front cover. Even then, the print is much smaller than the main title, and fairly easy to overlook, unless you are making an effort to read everything on the cover.

The book is well organized, includes a Table of Contents, Introduction, 22 short stories, About the Authors and About the Editor. It is a well constructed soft cover of average/mid sized (5 1/2"x8"), and will hold up well to normal wear, but isn't likely to survive extreme conditions such as coffee, bathwater, paper shredders, children and camp fires.
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Personal comments

The only story in this book that I don't really like is Mommy's boy by Doug Harrison. I was ok with it up until Marc (the dom) made the female submissive lick her own piss off of his pants. If something like this would truly get to you, I would advise skipping this story while reading. I definitely do not think that it is worth forgoing the purchase of the book, because there are plenty of awesome stories in here. It is just something to keep in mind while reading if you do go ahead and purchase this.


I really enjoyed reading this book. There were some stories in the anthology, that I did not expect to like, or the content did not suit me but I enjoyed them all the same. There were also a lot of stories that really got me going, and I LOVE when a book can turn me on. I found it easy to relate to the women in this book, even though I do not wish to live the S/M type of lifestyle.

If you really truly love to be topped, this book will be a definite favourite, if you enjoy power play between partners, you will probably enjoy at least a few of the stories. Even if you are just plain kinky, you will more than likely find something to love in this book.
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