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Red Velvet and Absinthe reviews

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16 reviews

This unique book is a great one to add to any erotica collection, but it's just not going to be for everyone. The situations described in the book may be a bit too "out there" for some, and for others it'll be way too tame. For me, it was just kind of okay; I enjoyed it, but I didn't love it.

I was engaged from the first paragraph of the first story. A book of stories of "classic" horror monsters that steps far afield of the "classic" genre to bring enticing and exciting stories of passion and love, in utterly breath taking and unexpected ways.

Loved this one because it incorporates two of my favorite genres: paranormal and erotica. The stories are out-of-this-world — literally! — and they certainly won't disappoint. I recommend this to paranormal-lovers and even couples for the bedroom.. It could definitely spice up your nights!

Red Velvet and Absinthe is great for fans of heterosexual erotica and romance. Edited by experienced author and editor Mitzi Szereto, this collection includes fifteen erotic short stories describing mainly vanilla, heterosexual sex. Unfortunately, the lovers in this anthology are not as varied as they could be. About half of the stories are about vampires or werewolves. I still really enjoyed this sexy bunch of stories.

All in all was a good past time read and would buy more books that were written this way. I just love that cover.

Not many of us will ever truly experience sex with a supernatural being, but isn't it fun reading about people who have?

This book contains nothing shocking or super kinky - although there is most definitely kink in this book - but it is a very, very hot read.

"Paranormal Erotic Romance" apparently translates into a lot of sexy vampire stories told in floridly romantic language that just sets my teeth on edge. There are some more original stories as well, but there aren't enough to justify buying the book. If you really like vampires, this would be a great book to get, but if not there may not be enough here to entertain you. Also, all but one of the stories were based around straight couples (and the lesbian one wasn't even that good).

Se has always mixed well with a splash of horror and this anthology just further reinforces that connection. In addition to the typical vampire and werewolf stories which are so popular these days, this collection also delivers a wide variety of other supernatural and paranormal encounters.

This book is far from being yet another tired rendition of old myths and legends. It is lushly written and each story has fresh twists that compel the reader to turn just one more page. Some of the stories are dark and yet all of them leave the reader wondering what if?

If you like reading Gothic erotica books that are so detailed and so good you won't want to put them down, this is the book for you. With lots of lust, love, teasing, passion, and need, it doesn't take much effort for your imagination to visualize each individual story from the beginning.

Ok, maybe you like actual Absinthe better than I do. I really can't stand it. However I do enjoy red velvet and I did enjoy reading this book. Some of the stories have more of a paranormal twist to them than others, and some might not float your boat in a sexy way, but they're all well written and sure to at the very least be an enjoyable read.

I enjoyed this book, but fans of hardcore erotica will be left wishing for more. This book focuses on the romance of the supernatural and leaves the erotica to the imagination mostly.

This book goes beyond the average vampire and werewolf erotica to include provocative encounters with an assortment of supernatural beings in original scenarios. The stories are interesting enough that we wanted to keep reading just to find out what happened next, even in the ones that weren't a turn-on.

This is a typical short story book with some revision to some of the stories.However, it was more or less a good book just some revision is needed.

If you like your erotica with a supernatural twist (and perchance a drip of sugar), this collection of short stories is worth a read. Within these pages, you’ll find a myriad of paranormal and supernatural beings that unleash their wild and untamed desires on their quite willing partners, bringing to life tales in a dark Gothic vein.

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