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29 reviews

With so many great things going for it, this film is worth every penny to me! Highly reccomended for fans of good productions!

SPEED is packed full of lots of things, cast, sex, motorcycles, and extras. There are more extras run time than the actual film! If you are into the cycle culture or like rough looking gals, this is a film that will really impress you. Otherwise, it's pretty impossible to not find something you like.

This is very mainstream and very long. If you enjoy a huge cast of stars and starlets, this is for you. I personally find the 3 hours daunting and not my thing. It was really boring and the dialogue was severely lacking in creativity and skill. I enjoyed a lot of the costumes and props, they were really well done and a lot of hardwork and effort pays off in the movie. This is something I've never seen before and I really enjoy the effort and originality.

I gave this 5 stars because, despite my little complaints about distractions, it is one of the best DVDs I have. It is really sexy and I feel the actors and actresses have fantastic chemistry and, for a porn, do pretty good acting.

Speed is a big budget movie that happens to have lots and lots of dirty sex in it. It's ideal for bike fans and those who like a little intellectual stimulation with their erotica. It's not the sort of movie to "dip into" for quick and easy porn thrills. This is one you'll want to make popcorn for - and that might not be the experience every viewer is looking for.

This four disc set includes a little bit of everything including a story line for those who want a little something with their porn. Plenty of action and decent sets go great with the sexy costumes all the sexy stars wear.

What can I say about this porn in such short a space? If you enjoy porn, with or without plot, in anything from vanilla hetero-pairings to orgies with sex-same partners and light fetishes, then you really can't go wrong with this one. It's a must have for collectors or a must have for someone who only wants to own a single porno to cover all the bases.

This is a hot steamy movie with hot chicks and fast bikes. How could you go wrong with Wicked pictures? Speed has something for everyone; Anal, Hetero, group, threesomes, and more. If you want to find a movie that will keep you watching, buy this! Jessica Drake and Kaylani Lei are fantastic, as well as everyone else.

If you are looking for a good movie, that happens to have lots of group sex in it, then this is for you! But, be prepared to PAY ATTENTION! If you happen to get a little "frisky" while watching, you may miss some important plot developments.

What have we learned from Speed? Motorcycle gangs love orgies and threesomes way more than 1 on 1 and all parties lead to group sex.

I agree that the idea of this is very new and different. The packaging is unique, as is the sheer amount of hours of porn you will get in this. But I was not that impressed, it all just was too much.

Speed is one of those films that does not disappoint, if you like bikes you will love this film. Speed has been nominated for several awards and deservedly so. This 3 disc set is the ultimate collector's edition and is jam packed with extra. The story is fairly good and reminiscent of an old video game Roadrash. This film is will keep fans coming back for more.

I really enjoyed this movie. I think that it sets a standard for porn with a plot. It is not just straight sex which can be overwhelming to watch.

In conclusion, this video is a must have for any adult video collector. No matter the size of your adult library, this is a contribution and worth the money to own it. Any couple would do well by taking a look at what the industry is gearing toward for future videos.

This film is so action packed you could get whiplash! Real bike racing, tons of hardcore sex, a hot cast and strong plot line drive this film. Speed is an action film and a porno all rolled into one hot mess. And there are a lot of performers to roll into. Thirty-six stars of porn shine in this epic film that includes two full discs of bonus features and lots of group sex scenes. If I were a straight man who loved motorcycle racing and porn, I don't think I would ever stop watching this film.

The movie was way too long, but I was entertained! The orgy scene was kind of disappointing. I think there were too many characters in it. It seemed really rushed!

I would suggest this for a man who is not too sure about how his other half would take viewing a regular porn movie. Definitely couples-friendly, or you can watch it alone. I hope there is a sequel.

This is the epitome of mainstream porn. I was okay with it at first, but the longer I watched it, the more I more I disliked this porn. It was a repetitive testosterone plagued cinematic tragedy. I wanted to give it two stars because of the incredibly boring sex scenes, but I settled for 3/5 because they put so much work into this schlock, especially the dizzying load of extras. I tried to like this porn, but I can't.

Speed brings out the biker in you! This is a very long and somewhat complex movie to follow. There are eleven sex scenes for you to enjoy! They have a good amount of variety in the sex scenes for you also. They have allot of actors and actresses; So something in this film should spike your interest.

Speed brings out the biker in you. Join four, sexy, L.A. biker gangs on their journey through sex, danger, and crime. Who will come out on the other end? Who will have screaming orgasms? Who won't make it? You have to watch to find out.

This is a lot of movie. Not only is the feature film 3 hours long, but you're looking at another 4 hours in the 3 other DVDs. With lots of actors and actresses, you can't really go wrong with this one.

SPEED has it all: gorgeous women, high production values, a decent plot, and great locations. If it weren't for the smoking hot sex you might not think you were watching porn.

This is one long, complex movie. While there is a lot to the plot, it can be hard to follow until the movie is well under way. While there are eleven sex scenes, including two orgies, there isn't a scene with one woman and two or more men, nor is there any rough sex. While the lead character is beautiful, she is not one of the better actors.

This is a big budget porn with hours of content and a huge cast. It has a plot and the actors perform their parts well, but the story didn't interest me at all. There's a good amount of variety in the sex scenes, and lots of extras as well.

If you're looking for a variety of sex scenes with hot people, tattoos, bikes, killer costumes, group sex and high production value, Speed should be right up your alley. With 3+ hours of film and 3 disks of extras, you get your money's worth. If you're looking for something more specific (sex positive, fetishes, hardcore) you'll want to keep looking. Made primarily with hetero folks in mind; if you fit the target audience, you're sure to find at least one scene to rev your engine.

"Speed" is an interesting feature film that incldues a lot of group sex and an interesting storyline that focuses on a motorcycle club and the members. I wish it had more of a main premise to the storyline, but it definitely had a sexy premise and good sex scenes.

Speed is an action packed movie with some amazingly hot sex scenes. They hold nothing back in this bad ass movie. You get lots of threesomes, foursomes, twosomes, orgies, anal, DP, girl on girl... everything you can think of. This is going to be one of our new favorites to pop in! I recommend this one to anyone who likes a little bit of everything in their porn.

Overall a pretty good movie. Its a little long for my taste but a believable storyline and a lot of diversity in the characters and sexual acts.

Speed is a high octane movie from Wicked Pictures that features a diverse and attractive cast in an epic production. The sex scenes are varied and entertaining with just a touch of kink, as long as you don't mind condom use. Speed is a keeper and delivers a lot of "bang" for your buck.

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