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Speed is a high octane movie from Wicked Pictures that features a diverse and attractive cast in an epic production. The sex scenes are varied and entertaining with just a touch of kink, as long as you don't mind condom use. Speed is a keeper and delivers a lot of "bang" for your buck.
Attractive actors/actresses,
Dramatic storyline,
Lots of bonus features,
Tats and piercings
Condom use for all penetrative sex,
Annoying soundtrack
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Speed is a three hour action packed epic that revolves around four rival LA bike clubs. The film is directed by Brad Armstrong and features a star studded cast of over forty adult film stars, headlined by Wicked Pictures exclusives Jessica Drake, Kaylani Lei, Kirsten Price, and Alektra Blue. There are a total of eleven (yes ELEVEN!) sex scenes. I was skeptical as to the quality of such a long movie. Would it be entertaining enough to hold my interest for so long? Or would it suffer from the buffet syndrome and be a case of quantity over quality?

The movie offers you a glimpse into the world of competitive bike racing. The movie develops two different storylines that are intertwined. One involves a girl (Kirsten Price) who reluctantly agrees to become a snitch for the LAPD in order to free her father from prison. She goes undercover to get information about the illegal activities the clubs are involved in. The second storyline is a lesser one but culminates in a tragic ending. One of the club leaders, Spyder Jonez, owes $20,000 and has to find a way to pay it back. As you might guess, he doesn’t get a job at McDonald’s but instead plots a quick fix to his dilemma.

The easiest way to review this movie is to give a brief summary of each of the sex scenes, highlighting a few notables while mentioning the main stars. The length of each scene is noted in parentheses.

Scene 1 (15:00) We find Barrett Blade escorting Jessica Drake “home” to her man Dylan (Derrick Pierce). She was just released from prison after serving a four year sentence for a crime committed by Dylan. She enters the clubhouse to find two blondes sitting on top of him showing him a good time. This scene features girl on girl and MFF action. Needless to say, Jessica storms out in a rage.

Scene 2 (6:00) A party is thrown to celebrate Jessica’s release. It involves a large crowd drinking and watching five scantily clad women “dance” on stage. One woman from the crowd, Alektra Blue, decides to get the party started and joins the women on stage. The six engage in some heavy girl on girl action featuring oral sex and finger fucking.

Scene 3 (13:30) Keni Styles, the leader of the Asian bike club, gets it on with two Asian women, one of whom is Kaylani Lei. The girls are playful with one another and Keni. There is some anal fingering from Keni while the girls go one on one. The setting of the Asian clubhouse was tacky in a stereotypical way. Really, do you think a bike clubhouse would have a pair of golden lion statues? I half expected to see a giant gong in the corner.

Scene 4 (11:00) After brief racing scene, we find ourselves inside the black bike clubhouse. There are three couples there, each engaged in their own business. The sex is somewhat typical and featured both oral and PIV sex.

Scene 5 (21:00) Jessica and Barrett join a pool party at the local motel. Barrett quickly finds a woman and immediately gets busy while Jessica decides to take it slowly. Not one minute later a woman approaches her and begins licking her clit. Good thing she took it slowly! The scene follows sixteen people engaged in various positions. All four leading ladies participate in this scene. Jessica finds herself paired with two guys and experiences double penetration twice during the scene. Note: there is a thirty minute extended cut of this scene on a bonus disc.

Scene 6 (15:30) Jessica is riding the streets of LA and comes upon Manuel Ferrara and his girl, Tori Black. Manuel challenges Jessica to a race; if she wins, she gets the girlfriend’s watch, but if he wins, she comes back to his place. They call the race a tie and Jessica goes back with them, making everyone a winner. This MFF scene is hot and is made better by the actors involved. All three are really good and obviously enjoy themselves.

Scene 7 (11:00) Kirsten is in her bike shop when LAPD detectives enter. One of the detectives, played by director Brad Armstrong, stays behind to work with her undercover. Kirsten is not happy with the situation, but offers little resistance when Brad makes a move on her. She backs onto a bike and he moves in; he does a lot of anal fingering while giving oral. The scene features oral and PIV, and the two have good chemistry.

Scene 8 (11:00) After losing a race, Keni kicks Kaylani out of his posse and she winds up riding off with Dylan. The two end up back at his place, where he “comforts” her. This scene has nothing new
to offer in terms of variety, but is good nonetheless, and there is a surprise that follows.

Scene 9 (9:00) Jessica and Barrett find themselves out in the desert, and the chemistry between the two heats up. They have a playful game of “What if?” What if you and I were together? What if I tried to kiss you? What if I let you? You get the picture. Jessica reclines on her bike and Barrett begins to lick her clit, and from there it proceeds to oral and PIV. The scene is visually appealing and features the outdoor backdrop of oil pumps on a hilltop.

Scene 10 (13:30) We are introduced to the fourth club leader, Spyder Jonez, and his plan to get the money he owes, by robbing an armored car. His sister, Alektra Blue, and Tommy Gunn are part of his group, and confess their desire for one another the evening before the heist. Alektra dominates this scene and is the undeniable aggressor. The scene features oral, PIV, and anal sex.

Scene 11 (5:00) Spyder is celebrating his successful heist with two blondes. The scene is short and features girl on girl and oral. As the girls leave, they call the leader he owes money to who then sends his men. Spyder meets a gruesome end at the hands of an industrial power drill. As the movie concludes, we see scenes of SWAT teams raiding the rival clubhouses, Kirsten’s father getting released from prison, and Jessica and Barrett riding off into the sunset.

There are three bonus discs included with the movie. The first bonus disc includes background on the California bike scene and a forgettable bloopers reel. Bonus disc two included a deleted scene featuring Keilani Lei and Asa Akira. This 20+ minute scene includes the use of vibrators anally and a heavy chain being used as anal beads. It is definitely kinkier than the rest of the movie. Bonus disc three included clips at the AVN awards in Las Vegas.

Although the sound quality was adequate, the background music of electronic thrash was a distraction during the sex scenes. Fortunately, there is an option to disable the music. Wicked Pictures clearly states that they support safe sex practices at the beginning of the movie. I applaud their use of condoms in the movie for all penetrative sex. However, I did not care to see them, especially during the oral scenes. Another observation is that the actors were often clothed during the sex scenes. My preference would be to see naked bodies, but this was a minor annoyance.

Ultimately, we gave this movie 4 stars. We found it refreshing to watch a multi-racial cast. We liked that the scenes offered variety including oral, anal, DP, lesbian, group and even interracial pairings. The storyline was believable and could easily have been the basis of a non-porn production. While we probably wouldn’t watch the movie in its entirety due to the length, we will probably revisit some favorite scenes.
Follow-up commentary
We still both like this movie, although my wife probably likes it a little more than I do. There are some really good scenes that we like to watch. The main issue is still the overall length of the movie. Three hours is just not realistic for us to watch the entire movie in one sitting. I would probably keep this movie at 4 stars while my wife would probably bump it to 4.5 stars if possible.
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  • Mr. E
    Wow, 3 hours long. Nice review.
  • leatherlover
    Sounds interesting. Thanks for the great review.
  • Kindred
    It's the longest movie I've seen yet. Thanks for the comments.
  • Selective Sensualist
    That IS a long porn movie! Hmmm . . . I'm not sure about this one, but using bikes as props could be interesting . . .
  • Kindred
    It really is long. We had to break up viewing over three nights. I would say it could have definitely been shorter, there are some scenes that don't necessarily add anything to the story or movie. However, there were also some very good, worthwhile scenes.
  • Redboxbaby
    Interesting flick it sounds like. I love a movie with a storyline. Might have to check it out! Thanks. Nice review.
  • Kindred
    The storyline is what you might expect from a mainstream action flick without quite as many details. However, it's familiar and makes enough sense. I would have enjoyed it more if not for the condoms.
  • Joie de Cherresse
    I can't wait to watch this one! Great review! Thanks!!
  • Kindred
    Thank you!
  • M121212
    Props to you for reviewing all those scenes! There are so many of them!
  • Kindred
    My first draft was almost 2000 words which I had to edit down to 1300 words to fit the template!
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