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Speed, mayhem, sex

This is one long, complex movie. While there is a lot to the plot, it can be hard to follow until the movie is well under way. While there are eleven sex scenes, including two orgies, there isn't a scene with one woman and two or more men, nor is there any rough sex. While the lead character is beautiful, she is not one of the better actors.
Some good sex scenes, involved plot, safe sex practices
Very long, poor acting
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This is one long movie with many plots and subplots. I found it difficult to follow until the second half of the movie. It might have helped if it were shorter so I could have watched it all in one sitting. Even though the movie was long, I thought the plot was a bit too complex to fit into the brief scenes between the sex scenes.

Sadly, Jessica's acting skills were the worst of all the actors in this movie. If this had been a goofball comedy, that could have been ok, but this film had a serious plot. It detracts from the movie that its so long, yet simultaneously doesn't spend enough time developing the plots and subplots fully. It can be commended though for attempting such an ambitious story line.

Safe sex was practiced in this movie. I was pleased that condoms where used throughout, even during some blow jobs.

Speed begins as the main character is released from prison. Her character's name is never mentioned in this movie. She'll be referred to by her real name, Jessica, here. She is taken to her boyfriend Dylan's (Derrick Pierce) place by a friend, only to find that he has just finished having sex with two women. Such a burn! Especially after Jessica spent years in prison for Dylan's crime. That sex scene is the first of eleven in this movie.

Scene 1 - Two women, one man, impossible positions

Next there is a scene with Kirsten Pierce and two men - the start of some later intrique. She has made a deal with the cops. She is apparently infiltrating a biker gang to obtain information. In return the cops will help her father get out of jail sooner.

Scene 2 - Six women
This scene takes place during Jessica's welcome home party. The women all appear to be incredibly into each other, loudly moaning and exclaiming at every touch. Each woman sported fake breasts. It did not seem believable to me. This scene did nothing for me.

An asian woman enters to find a man, Tommy (Keni Styles), with two other asian women, one of whom is Kaylani Lei. She argues with one of the women, who is then silenced by Tommy, a take-charge man.

Scene 3 - MFF (the people just mentioned) - all combinations of activities. One of the women is far too loud. It ends with one woman spitting into the other's mouth. Ugh.

Tommy and another man race, then two others race at a bikers party.

Scene 4 - Switch to an apartment of the black bike club with 3 couples having sex. A large brick of drugs is on the table. There was far too much time spent on closeup shots in this scene. The scene includes Jada Fire. OMG, I love her. Other than the close-ups, the sex in this scene was quite good.

Spyder (Spyder Jonez) and the other race winner visit Mark in this same apartment. They pay him the 2K they won in the races, but are told they have 2 weeks to come up with the other 18K they owe.

Scene 5 - Jessica and her friend are invited to a pool party. Another orgy, this time with 10 or more people. Jessica is DPed in this scene, minutes after she told Blake that she wanted to take her re-entry into sex slow. She awakens the next morning in Blake's trailer. Over breakfast she tells him that during her ride when she borrowed his cycle, she raced a guy and slept with him and his girlfriend.

Scene 6 - MFF, Jessica, another women and Manuel Ferrara. This scene happens right after the car-bike race. Even though the race was a tie, she 'pays up.' This scene was just ok.

Scene 7 - Kirsten and Thompson (Director Brad Armstrong), who is working with the cops in auto shop. Kirsten resists him, but soon is into it. They don't try to go to the back where they won't be seen. They just stay in the shop near the wide open garage door. I'm sure this is exactly what would happen in real life.

Cops return right after this to have another chat with Kirsten. The cops are always tough with her. She's just as tough back.

One of the Asian women, Kaylani, approaches another about why she is in a biker gang. She apologizes. She doesn't want to be enemies. She receives a cool response.

Kirsten and Jessica race, which ends in a tie. Fighting ensues between the males after which Derrick and Keylani drive right into his apartment. Apparently being in a bike club immunizes you against exhaust fumes.

Scene 8 - Derrick and Keylani. They are both so beautiful.
The first of two shocking, violent scenes happens after this. Kirsten then tells the cop, Thompson, she wants out. The violence is too much. Thompson asks for her father to be released. Then she reveals what she knows about a planned robbery.

Scene 9 - Sex in the oilfields with Barrett and Jessica. Its interesting to watch her give a blow job after watching her blow job instruction video.

After this is over, Brendon receives a call where he is told that Dylan and a girl he was with were shot. He declares his love for Jessica after this scene. Kaylani is visited in the hospital by the Asian girl she talked to earlier, the one who had been hostile to her. She's advised to get out while she can. Then Barrett and Jessica tell Dylan that Jessica is with Barrett now.

Scene 10 - Right before the robbery, Tommy Gunn and Alektra Blue. This scene includes anal. She moans annoyingly throughout even after the action is over. Its as though she's on autopilot.

After this, even more violent action occurs. Thankfully, blood and gore aren't shown.

Scene 11 - Spyder and two blonde women. The best part is when he pours champagne on them as they rub their breasts together - so hot. The expressions on Spyder's face during this scene are priceless. There was no PIV. Both women are excellent at giving blow jobs. This and the orgy were my favorite scenes in the whole movie.

This scene is followed by numerous rapid-fire clips of scenes, one of which is violent, which attempt to tie the whole movie together. The movie ends with Jessica and Barrett riding off into the sunset.

Disc 2:
Bike Culture - Derrick discusses LA bike culture
Girls of Speed - Video of the photo shoots of all the women in this film
Shiny Side Up - Jessica can Ride - she talks about riding a motorcycle, Desert Rats - Shots of motorcycle riding, Kicks on 6th - shows the shooting of the 6th St bridge race scene.
Speed Freaks - The making of Brad Armstrong's speed - video of shooting selected scenes.
Box shoot - video of photography for the box cover.

Disc 3:
Deleted Scenes - two deleted scenes
Extended Orgy Scene - 27 minutes
BTS Sex - Four scenes from other movies featuring the stars of Speed
Bonus Sex Scenes
Speed Trailers and Teasers
Promo Reel- clips of the stars at the AEE 2010 show
Digital Copy - a copy of Speed that you can download to your PC.

Disc 4:
Scenes and trailers from many other Wicked movies.
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