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8 reviews

One of the most vibrant and vivacious vampire-themed collections around, reminding us just what it is that's so alluring about fang bangers to begin with.

If you are an avid fan of Vampire stories that include sex then this anthology should appeal to you. The stories are short, easy to read and have a flow to them that will keep you reading long after you thought you would go to sleep.

I'd recommend this book more for people who enjoy the vampire aspect more than the erotica aspect. Some of the stories don't quite spark, however they're all well written and anybody who enjoys a good general vampire story should enjoy this book as well.

The Sweetest Kiss: Ravishing Vampire Tales, edited by D. L. King includes 19 erotica vampire tales from 19 contributing authors. It has 195 pages of erotica that has one thing in common: sex with a bite. It is a deep, cold, and exciting collection of vampires tales that will leave the hair standing up on your neck.

"They'll help you forget that not minutes before, your immortal soul rested in the drooling mouth of a predator ... " Predators of the night, fangs flashing white, feral, primal sex. Smouldering, brooding vampires looking for some kind of connection to a life they once had. This book? I like it.

If you like reading about vampires and want to discover their lustier side, The Sweetest Kiss is a good book to pick up. The 19 stories in this collection all express that erotic side you may have wondered and fantasized about when watching them on the screen. The stories are a good combination of hot blood and hotter sex, over a variety of time periods and situations. Recommended if you enjoy edgier vampires, and stories with a bit of bite.

The Sweetest Kiss is an erotica book that focuses on sexual tension between humans and vampires. The vampires are always portrayed erotically as beautiful, strong, and seductive.

Though I'm not a fan of vampires myself, I decided to check this book out just for the heck of it. What I found is that I'm still not into vampires and it might just be that every story I've ever read about them has been poorly written. Bad writing turns me off and this book was full of it, save for a few stories.

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