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The New Bottoming Book The New Bottoming Book

Book by Greenery Press

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The New Bottoming Book reviews

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12 reviews

The New Bottoming Book is a great guidebook for bottoms and subs to better understand themselves. It is an empowering explanation of bottoming in an accessible manner. If you buy this product, regardless of your experience level or even if you are not a bottom, you will not regret your decision.

This is a must read, whether you are a Top or Bottom in your BDSM world. It gives great, psychological insight into the world and mindset of a bottom, whether you play scenes, or live in a 24/7 BDSM relationship.

An excellent plethora of knowledge between the pages, informative and queer friendly. Make your way through the pages and discover aspects of BDSM that will catch your eye, whether you're just beginning or an experienced guru yourself. Janet and Dossie are lighthearted, entertaining and best of all, professionals that educate in the most non judgmental fashion while introducing play concepts and fantasies that are wilder than your imagination!

This book helped me learn not only about BDSM and becoming a better bottom, but I learned a lot about myself. The authors are funny and sexy and it kept my attention well. This is hard for most books to do, as I have ADD. I strongly suggest this for anyone curious about BDSM or for a beginner who wants to be a better bottom.

This book in not only informative, but interesting. It teaches important information about the safety you need to know in the BDSM lifestyle. It also teaches how to respect your feelings as well as the feelings of those around you during a scene. This is an amazing guide for any beginner.

This well written book is one of the first “Overground Books” to discuss, in depth, the D/S, M/s, BDSM Play with no judgment. It defines commonly used terms and phrases used in Sensation and Rough Play and even goes into Sex Magic and introduces some Tantric Principles. It is not the end all or be all of this Lifestyle, but is a good introduction or useful as an “explanation” for those who misunderstand the reasons some choose this as part or all of their lives.

This is considered one of the essential books for learning about BDSM. It does include a lot of great information you should know if you're a beginner - but only if you're a beginner. If you've been doing BDSM for awhile, you may want to look for a different book. For beginners, it's great though.

The Bottoming Book is a fantastic primer for a person just dipping their toes into the BDSM pool. By no means is it the all-inclusive bible on the topic of bottoming, but it's a damn good starting point.

Although I have some experience as a bottom, and am familiar with much of the safety and other basics covered in this book, I came away feeling as though I had gotten to know myself better and come to understand the deeper parts of myself as a submissive and masochistic bottom.

I highly recommend this book, as well as its companion, The New Topping Book, for anyone in the scene, whether you've been practicing for years or not. There is nothing like a book that puts kink into perspective to make a person start accepting their sexuality, rather than questioning their sanity.

It’s a fantastic psychological guidebook for anyone who wants to understand themselves or others as bottoms, and the world that goes with it. Including how to stay healthy, safe, control power, and feel proud of who you are as a bottom. I'd like to say that this book will help you become a bottom, but that isn't quite true. It will help you become a better bottom if you're already interested, but it won't turn your life around if you're not.

Excellent book that covers a wide variety of topics while emphasizing that bottoming is about your own sexual power and needs.

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