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A Must-Read for New OR Experienced Players, Bottom OR Top!

Although I have some experience as a bottom, and am familiar with much of the safety and other basics covered in this book, I came away feeling as though I had gotten to know myself better and come to understand the deeper parts of myself as a submissive and masochistic bottom.
An absolute joy to read. I couldn't put it down.
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This is my first time reading a book written by Dossie Easton or Janet W. Hardy, but let me tell you... I'll be seeking out their other works as soon as possible. These two are delightful and their personalities and anecdotes and years of experience are injected beautifully into this book.

Content / Style / Audience

This book is specifically geared towards bottoms, but I feel that it is a wonderful insight into the minds and inner workings of a wide variety of bottoms and would highly recommend that tops read this book as well!

The New Bottoming Book is entertaining, heartfelt, and well-written, with vivid visuals and accurate metaphors. It is downright, laugh-out-loud funny. The book is incredibly informative and thought-provoking, but not at all technical. This is not a how-to guide. If you're looking to learn about techniques or specific tools and their uses, look elsewhere. This book is a peek into the minds, hearts, and souls of bottoms, filled with plenty of takeaway wisdom for players who are new and curious or who have years of experience under their belts. It is an eye-opening trip through a major part of the BDSM lifestyle.


Well, I have to say, the little image on the front cover creeps me out just a tad. It could be the cartoon armpit hair or it could be the terrifyingly large grin of... pleasure/pain? on the character's face. Luckily, it's only a tiny picture. The title is in the style of a crossword puzzle, with "bOttoming" and "BoOk" sharing an "O". The cover of this book is very discreet and inconspicuous (minus the aforementioned little handcuffed man who resides inside the "O"). It doesn't scream "THIS IS A BOOK ABOUT KINK". I read it at the doctor's office and on the train without being even slightly apprehensive about attracting strange looks.

Personal comments

This book had an incredible impact on me, and I will pass it on to as many fellow players as possible. I have another of their books, The Ethical Slut, on my shelf waiting to be read, and will be hunting down a copy of The New Topping Book as soon as I have the chance.
Follow-up commentary
I've since started passing this book around to my kinky or kink-friendly friends so that they can better understand me and bottoming in general :) I've not heard one foul word about it. Every one who's read it has enjoyed it thoroughly and has learned immensely from it. Please pick up this book! It's a great read and will open up doors to better understanding yourself and those around you.
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  • Juliettia
    The New Topping Book wasn't as good as the Bottoming book in my opinion. It just wasn't focused the same way.

    I loved The New Bottoming Book. What were some of your favorite aspects/scenes/chapters from this book? Do you feel that Dossie and Janet have any background in the BDSM field?
  • lexical
    Yes, I believe they both have considerable background and continue to be involved in the lifestyle, as far as I've read!

    My favorite aspect of this book is the fact that it helped me to qualify and define and better understand some of the things I feel when I submit and reasons I love to do so. I also thoroughly enjoyed all of their little anecdotes and stories about the things they've done or heard about.

    I think the best chapter was Chapter 10, which covers the different types of scenes and which I found inspirational in more ways than one Winking

    Thanks for commenting! I'll keep that in mind when I check out the topping one!
  • lexical
    I just finished The Ethical Slut and will be reviewing it soon!
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