Beaded tweezer clamps - bondage toy by Spartacus - reviews

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Beaded tweezer clamps reviews

11 reviews
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11 reviews

These are the first nipple clamps I tried, and they were perfect for a first (and second, and more) try. They can be adjusted for mild or sharp sensations, depending on how you like it. They stay in place, no matter how much you move, and are very pretty in sunlight. Just beware of leaving them on too long, or the blood returning to your nips is uncomfortable.

If you're looking for a set of clamps that will grow with you as you experience the beginning stages of light BDSM, these are a great option. They're lightweight, easy to use, and are absolutely beautiful! The paint does come off fairly easily, but that's a small thing that can be overlooked when you consider how well these preform!

Just dipping your toes into the world of kink? Not sure about it altogether? These tweezer style clamps are a great starting point. They offer lighter sensations that anyone can enjoy. Whether you're just introducing nipple play into your routine or a fervent player, these adjustable clamps will find their place in your sexy time arsenal.

A great buy for the price. They are super fun to wear, and are perfect for attracting attention to your already attention-getting bits. They don't have much bite. So, I'd put them more on the jewelry side of the nipple clamp ouchie-scale.

I really like these nipple clamps. The adjustable pressure is reason enough for me to keep these in my toy collection for a long time.

If you've never tried nipple clamps before, but really want to figure out whether they are your thing or not, these clamps might be a good option. Affordable and adjustable, they are just screaming about being beginner-friendly. More advance users, though, might still find Beaded tweezer clamps a nice addition to their toy collection as they are beautiful and well-made.

These tweezer style nipple clamps are great for beginners and those who want a little less pressure, and they look great as body jewelry, but the intensity factor is very low.

The beaded tweezer clamps from Spartacus are a fun and affordable way to experiment with nipple clamps. They are very beginner-friendly. They're so cheap that I found myself saying, "Why not get a pair of these to see if I like the nipple clamp sensation?" The difference between using clamps like these and, say, your fingers is that these can hold on for longer periods of time with ease. They also look pretty cute.

These are absolutely beautiful metal tweezer nipple clamps with removable rubber tips and plastic beads that will transform anybody into a goddess. They are suitable for both beginners to more advanced users wanting a little more stimulation, and they also work on inverted nipples and clitoral hoods as well!

These saved my partner and I from a very disappointing night, when our playtime just wasn't turning out as we wanted. If you're having one of those nights where it's just not working, put some clamps on! These are more than worth the price.

These black Beaded Tweezer Clamps from Spartacus are the perfect adornment to your perfect pair. They're user friendly, ultra-lite, and designed for the goddess in all of us.

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