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Body heat lotion reviews

11 reviews
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11 reviews

This is a lovely warming lotion for couples looking to use this for a long relaxing massage. Its warming properties also makes this a very nice product to pick up when you want to add to the experience or are looking to have a bit of sensory play fun. It can also be used as an oral enhancer, due to it being edible.

It's good for intimate massages and foreplay, but definitely hits the nerve that drives you crazy in all the right ways. I'd suggest it for just about anyone looking to amp up their foreplay or intimate massages.

This was ABSOLUTELY a fabulous product for me, I love how there are many flavors to choose from you aren't just stuck with the regular flavors either if you aren't into Strawberry or Cherry. I would rate this five stars but since it contains Glycerin and gets really sticky I just can't.

This product is ok, about average, and is nothing too exciting. It is useful for making your sex life slightly more pleasurable. I did not like the flavor at all and the packaging is not discreet. I would try this again but in another flavor

This product is very much worth buying and trying. It will give your partner and yourself a great warming and cooling sensation. Its taste is so bad.

It warmed nicely, had no unpleasant aftertaste, was sweet and spread well. The stickiness and lack of real cinnamon flavor was a little disappointing, however, if you like sweet cinnamon without the fierceness of "real cinnamon", you may enjoy this. Otherwise, you may prefer a different lube.

Body Heat warming massage lotion is more like an oil than a lotion. It is runny and makes the skin slick and smooth to help glide your hands or a massager along your partner's body better while giving a massage. This massage lotion is edible and the cinnamon flavor was tasty and smelled just like what it is supposed to. A little bit goes a long way and lasts a fair amount of time. Licking or blowing activates the warming component but it isn't very intense.

Warming massage oils are tricky to nail down. Some get too warm, others can't be felt at all, but this one lets you know it's there, and then stops as soon as you want it to. It can be activated by rubbing the skin or by blowing on it. It will leave you feeling greasy and you'll probably want to wash it of afterwards, but it lasts longer that many of the other oils on the market.

With how much I go though massage oil and lotion, I had to give Body Heat a try after hearing wonderful things about it. It warms up fast and tastes and smells wonderful.

The Peaches N' Cream Warming Massage Lotion was a pleasant product to work with. I was discouraged by the fact that they call it a lotion when it is runnier than some oil massage products. Also, without going to the website itself, you would not know how to activate the warming sensations it is to produce, as there are no directions located on the bottle.

The Body Heat lotion is a really great product, but the cherry flavor is way too strong. If the flavor and smell weren't so strong, I would've given this four stars. It glides super easily and is a great way to turn a regular massage into a sexual one!

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