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Try Turning Up the Heat

The Peaches N' Cream Warming Massage Lotion was a pleasant product to work with. I was discouraged by the fact that they call it a lotion when it is runnier than some oil massage products. Also, without going to the website itself, you would not know how to activate the warming sensations it is to produce, as there are no directions located on the bottle.
Variety of different flavors.
Unique container design.
Dispensing of the product can get messy.
Screw-lid cap.
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This Peaches N' Cream Body Heat Warming Massage Lotion was used as a new addition to our relaxing late night evenings. This product can be used by anyone who doesn't have specific allergies to the ingredients.

The ingredients are located on the bottom of the eight ounce container. They include Glycerin, Water, Sodium Saccharin, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Flavor, and Citric Acid.

When I received a massage with this, we chose to stay away from my more sensitive areas for the first few massages. (That will be changing as you read further into the review.) My husband and I stayed with massaging backs, legs up to thighs, arms, and chest/breast area.
    • Foreplay
    • Massage

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

The Peaches N' Cream Body Heat is extremely smooth and very similar to a runny oil-based massage product. While both giving and receiving massages, never did either of us feel anything but a wonderful silky glide in motion.

The massage lotion does not resemble a "lotion" under any circumstances when it comes to consistency and texture. I quickly realized that after taking off the cap and puncturing the whole silver foil seal. I had made a grave error. This is only a screw top lid and the full opening for dispensing the Body Heat Warming Lotion is measured just shy of 1 inch.

This design makes it this easy to pour. With its very runny consistency, I ended up pouring out way too much. Once you pour it into the palm of your hand, it will begin seeping through your fingers. I advise not pouring this directly on you or your partner's body as it will run off.

I noticed that when giving the massage it did seem to get a "tacky" feel to it after about fifteen minutes, although it was not awful and my husband did not feel "tacky". I think it was due to having started off with too much.
    • Smooth
    • Thin

Taste / Aroma

The Peaches N' Cream Body Heat Warming Massage Lotion did initially have the scent of peaches, although the more deeply it is breathed in (from directly over the bottle), the more it had an underlying cough medicine smell. It reminds me of Vick's Cough Medicine. However, when using it for massaging, it does not permeate the room with a cough medicine smell. It leaves the subtle aroma of freshly sliced peaches.

The taste had the resemblance of peaches, but it was not prominent. I felt it was a "fruity" taste, but if you didn't know what it was or couldn't smell it, you would not pinpoint an exact flavor. The Body Heat Massage Lotion is on the sweet side, but not overpoweringly sweet. There is also really no noticeable aftertaste to this product.

At Eden, you do have an assortment of different flavor choices such as: Peaches N' Cream, Strawberry, Cherry, Raspberry, Green Apple, Watermelon, Passion Fruit, Pina Colada, Cinnamon, and Chocolate Cherry Body Heat.
    • Light smell
    • Light taste


For a change of pace, I used this on my husband. He begged for a massage! The massage lotion is extremely runny, so it was a bit difficult to keep control of it on the first and only application. The massage lotion does absorb into the skin slightly, but leaves a tacky feeling and I recommend a shower afterwards.

I would suggest attempting to use very little of this massage lotion for a full body massage. A dab of approximately 1/4 teaspoon should be more than enough. Err on the side of caution when first using this lotion, otherwise you will be spending more time wiping it off than actually relaxing with a massage.

The Body Heat Warming Lotion did not seem to absorb into the skin very well (again could have a lot to do with the amount we used), but it lasted well over 30 minutes for one side of my husbands body. This is a product that you do not need to keep reapplying.

Each of us did have to wash our hands once or twice for the fact that we used too much. When I went to rinse my hands, it took only a splash of water to wash away the excess lotion. I was amazed that it cleaned up so easily. There is no fear when it comes to spilling this stuff, as clean-up is easy. We both ended up getting this on the bedding, but a normal wash of laundry took care of that.

I love the fact that it is so easy to clean, because the bottle design is not user friendly. The warming lotion itself is hard to control once you begin pouring it and spills are going to happen.

I had no issue with the fact that the Body Heat Warming Massage Lotion had difficulty living up to what its claims of warming are, whether it be licking or blowing. However, I did have issue with the way the bottle dispenses. I wish there was more control over how much pours out. With the lotion being so thin, I cannot figure out why the opening needs to be that big.

I did end up giving this 4/5 stars because it is a product I will use again, but I will use it in more limited areas. I would also buy this product again as well as some other flavors they offer.
    • Long lasting


The Peaches N' Cream Body Heat Massage Lotion is not something you can leave out and think nobody will notice. There is a picture of a couple in a romantic embrace in the background of all the words on the label. It clearly states "Body Heat" at the top of the label with smaller text saying " Warming Massage Lotion". Then underneath the couple's, almost kissing, heads is the words "Peaches N' Cream.

Aside from the fact that maybe someone wouldn't be drawn to the label alone, it is a clear eight ounce bottle of orange-ish liquid. Honestly, it looks very nice with a light behind the bottle, giving a orange glow effect. The shape of this clear orange liquid filled bottle is going to give away your secret. It is in the shape of a torso which includes a shapely pair of butt cheeks that help stabilize the bottle.

The bottle is made of a very sturdy plastic. This makes it nice for not being able to crush it. The unique design of the bottle helps in keeping it upright.

The cap is a screw on, which does make it difficult to close after dispensing. The top of the bottle opening is covered by an "aspirin bottle" foil seal, this opening is a bit shy of 1".

The only warnings on the container of Body Heat Warming Massage Lotion is "discontinue use if irritation occurs". Please keep in mind of the ingredients in the product and if you are unsure of any allergies, you can always test a small area on your skin.

I would store this in a Ziploc bag if you plan on doing any travel with this product. Even though the bottle is sturdy plastic, the bottle could leak. I have not had it leak on me but I wouldn't want to take chances.

Special Features

This is an edible product and does have a warming effect. This warming effect is activated when you or your partner blows on it or if you lick it. When I blew on it after applying it to my arm, it lasted only mere seconds after I stopped blowing. So as quickly as I felt sensation of warming, it also left just as quick.

As for licking it, I did not notice any change in sensation. On the spot I did taste, I blew on it for a comparison and as the breath hit the same spot the warming sensation began again, at least until I ran out of breath.

Unless you have great lungs or use a fan running the length of your body, I can only assume that is the only way to keep the warming sensation consistent throughout the massage.

Now, for my husband's comments:
    • Warming

Personal comments

Yes, I did bug my wife for a massage. I didn't have a particular oil or lotion in mind, if any. I just wanted to feel her loving hands work away the tensions of the day. She chose Body Heat for that particular time. I have to say that I never really did experience the great warming effect it claimed. Now, to me, I would find it hard to state that is a major quality of it, especially when it is a massage lotion. Now if it were reclassified as an edible liquid specifically for the special areas, I believe it would fulfill that claim. I would also remove the lotion from the name, as it really doesn't have lotion properties. It would be much more of a liquid in a true description.

Overall, it was a great massage liquid (without the heat). It did not feel sticky in use, but it did feel tacky after a while. I don't think much of it absorbed into my skin, but I think most of it evaporated. What was left behind was the edible ingredients, which left the tacky feeling (friction when rubbed, as compared to actual sticking).

All that being said, I will be using this product in the future,but maybe not as a massage liquid with the massage as the key factor,unless it is on my wife's specific excitement parts.
    • Edible
    • Warming when licked or blown on
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