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Petite oil of love Petite oil of love

Oil by Kama Sutra

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Petite oil of love reviews

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10 reviews

The Petite Oil of Love is a teeny tiny glass bottle full of sweet, strawberry dreams. With an amazing smell that takes you to another world and a heating sensation when blown upon, this oil takes an intimate massage to the next level. What starts out innocent may just become the best intercourse ever.

This was a great massage oil. It has a warming sensation, it isn't supposed to stain, and a small bit goes a long way. The downside is that some of the ingredients can cause allergic reaction if you were to have an allergy. It also can't be used with condoms, and it can have somewhat of a bitter taste. All in all, as a warming oil it is great, but using it as something else is going to be at your discretion and knowledge.

Kama Sutra's Petite Oil of Love (in the original scent) comes in an eye-catching bottle, and the chocolate and cinnamon combination might be pleasant to smell and taste if you can't tell the difference between sodium saccharine and real sugar. Unfortunately, the stickiness and unsuitability of this 'oil' for massage are enough to make this better off unopened on the shelf---it makes much better eye candy than body candy.

Personally, I don't like this oil and definitely wouldn't buy it again. But other people have enjoyed this product, so it's different for everyone. Maybe you'll like it. I guess it all comes down to whether or not you want to spend the money on something you may or may not like enough to actually use.

Not an oil, not a lube, but a warming, lickable treat for the skin in a tiny, cute glass bottle. This is a fun, sensual product, but I think they changed the flavor formula because it tastes much more chocolatey now, and I like it less. This product may be hit or miss for people, since it isn't particularly versatile: it's too sticky to use as lube or massage oil, and contains sugar, so cannot be used on the vaginal area.

This product is high quality and works well. Although the cork degrades and can break off and become lodged in the bottle you can easily remove it and replace it. It's well worth dealing with the possible cork breakage for the pure quality of the product.

This lovely oil is an indulgence for the senses that is better savored in small doses over small areas of skin. It has a slight warming property that adds just a hint of spice to some hawt oral sex!

This is a must have product! The only flaw with this specific bottle is that it is too small. It is good for travel, but the regular size is more than triple the size for only about three more dollars.

I recomment Kama Sutra's Oil of Love for those looking for a subtle, less-harsh warming flavored lubricant than many of those found on the market today. Just be careful to test it for product compatibility if using with toys!

I enjoyed the product but wasn't amazingly impressed. The qualities that make it nice (rubbing in well, not transferring) also make it hard to use for extended massage oil.

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