Male attractant pheromone bracelet - oil by Evolved Novelties - reviews

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Male attractant pheromone bracelet reviews

9 reviews
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9 reviews

This is a really cute bracelet that no one knows what it is just by looking at it. It has a bright bubblegum pink color that just stands out. It's pretty small, while it may fit most wrists - it is tricky to get over the hand. It doesn't really serve it's purpose of attracting men at all. It is purely just a bright pink, cause-looking bracelet with no scent or affects.

If you're looking for a bracelet that will make you an instant sex goddess to all the men who have the pleasure of being close to you, keep looking. If you want a cheap pink bracelet and have fairly small wrists, this may be just the thing you were looking for!

Although the science of pheromones is iffy, I'd still buy this bracelet again. It's trendy because of its design (very similar to the cause bracelets), it's inexpensive, and I like the bright color of the male attractant bracelet. In addition, I liked going to work and wearing this as a reminder of my naughty side. It made me feel like my work place doesn't own me!

This is an adorable pink bracelet. Does it work? I am not sure but I love the novelty of the bracelet. It would make a great bridal shower gift to go along with the other sexy items. Overall I like the pheromone bracelet... but as a bracelet not as a male attractant.

At the very least, this will make a cute bracelet that you can pass off as a cause bracelet. There is a possibility that you might benefit from a placebo effect, but I recommend buying this only if you're looking for a pretty pink bracelet.

I know a lot of people that would have paid good money if Evolved's Male Attractant Pheromone Bracelet actually worked at attracting men. But it's a cute and comfortable bracelet that can pass for a cause bracelet.

While we did have a good experience with the Female Attractant bracelet, the male one doesn't work like that one at all. It barely smells and when it does, it doesn't smell good. The mold is bad making the bracelet scratchy and it won't fit larger wrists. Don't waste your money. Do get the other one though. That one works.

The Male Attractant Pheromone Bracelet doesn't seem to work at all. However, it's possible that the bracelet would provide the placebo effect and increase your confidence, so it might be worth checking out. At the same time, it's still a cute bracelet.

This is a cute silicone bracelet intended to make one more attractive to men through the use of pheromones. The pheromones did nothing for either men or women in my vicinity but it's a cute pink silicone bracelet, so all in all, not bad.

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